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5 Lineups for Gauntlet – Patch 2.18 Week 1
Get a leg up on competition in this week's Gauntlet - pick up one of these lineups recommended by Agigas!
Anivia 0

Anivia Control Deck Primer

Anivia is a deck that has been around forever but has not been considered top tier for a while now. Occasionally it rises to a top tier 3 or tier 2 kind of power level when the metagame calls for it....

Mountain Sojourners 1

Taric Poppy Deck Primer

Hello all, it’s DragonGuy here today to bring you a new take on the ever present Poppy deck concept. For this deck, I’ve combined her with Taric to create a deck that has an incredibly potent win condition: Going face!...


Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.17 Notes: Battle Academia

Battle Academia is coming to the next game update on Legends of Runeterra! Cosmetics from this popular theme from League of Legends will also be available for champions such as Lux, Ezrael, Poppy, Caitlyn and Leona. Of course, there will...


Riven Vi Deck Guide and Matchups

Hello, Agigas here! I am a Master player since beta with several #4 peaks and tournament wins. I love sharing my knowledge about the game and I have been a regular writer at RuneterraCCG. I write in-depth deck guides, articles...


Ezreal Vi Shellfolk Deck Guide

Outsmart them, prank them, and drown them in value. If you’re ready to commit and beat the high learning curve of this deck, Shellfolk will pay you off.