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Legends of Runeterra Articles, Decks and Guides

Scouts Deck Guide
Scouts are back into the meta, boasting an impressive win rate, and popularity that is ever climbing.

Lulu Ahri Deck Guide

This guide by Agigas is dedicated to a unique Lulu Ahri Flame Chompers archetype – currently it is one of the best-performing decks in the meta.


Pantheon Demacia Deck Guide

Pantheon has found the most success when paired with Demacia. There are two popular versions that co-exist in the meta – Taric build, and Mono Pantheon.


Yordle Darkness: Exploring the Dark

You thought Darkness was a solved archetype? In this deck of the day article, Random7 is here to share a new version with a unique Yordle twist that has performed lately!