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Legends of Runeterra Metagame Tier List

We’re happy to present RuneterraCCG.com’s Metagame Tier List! This is the page that will help you find a footing in Legends of Runeterra’s ever-changing ladder meta.

The rankings and decks presented here are curated by Agigas – a consistent top player on the EU Masters ladder since Beta, and Empires of the Ascended Seasonal Tournament Top 4 finisher.

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Last updated: July 31.

Update overview - Patch 2.11 Week 2

Since patch 2.11, Lurk quickly became the most popular deck by a large margin. Turbo Thralls, an archetype that was already a strong contender before the expansion, asserted itself as a dominant deck – it can destroy anything that would try to take things slow. The ladder environment evolved to counter those strategies, and we now have one of the most aggressive-focused metas of all time.

Zed Sivir, pioneered by Steve Rubin, has one of the highest win rates in Plat+. While the original Rubin’s list still performs well, more recent versions, featuring Spirit’s Refuge to answer the high amount of aggressive decks, are showing impressive win rates and becoming more popular every day. Irelia Azir is going up both in win rate and popularity – the archetype is still very much alive, and it comes back to Tier 1. Pirate Burn and Discard Aggro don’t move one bit from their Tier 1 position. Some new aggro decks are also emerging: Scouts, Jinx Lulu, and Riven Draven are all showing good win rates and increasing play rates.

Midrange decks seem to do just fine into this aggressive surge, and don’t move too much in the standings. Reputation‘s win rate caught players’ attention and so its Tier 1 Dark Horse status has been converted into a Tier 1 Staple. Thresh Nasus is remaining as one of the best decks of the meta and it currently is still underplayed.

Control decks are struggling to keep up with all these meta shifts. Turbo Thralls is one of the most popular archetypes and will punish any control deck, and most of the rising aggro archetypes also prey on control – Azir Irelia, plus Sivir and Ruin Runner in particular. The only control archetype featured in the tier list is FTR control, a Tier 2 Dark Horse deck. Ezreal Karma is also seeing some play and finding success for some players, but with its overall bad results I can’t recommend it even as a Tier 2.

Turbo Thralls‘ win rate decreased over time, and it is now placed into the Tier 2 category alongside Lurk. Over time, I expect the play rate of Turbo Thralls to decrease unless players switch away from this aggro madness.

In that case, Nasus Thresh should rise once again, as it finds success against all these aggressive decks but struggles against Thralls. However, with the Sentinels of Light event and its new cards coming on July 14, the meta will once again be shaken, so we probably won’t have enough time to see the current aggro-centric meta state evolve naturally and predictably.


Patch 2.12 (Sentinels of Light)
July 31

Elusive Rally added.

July 29

Ezreal Draven decklist updated

July 27

Swain TF decklist updated.

July 26

Zed Sivir changed into Akshan Sivir. Pirate Burn, Lurk, Riven Draven decklist updated.

Karma Ezreal, Sejuani Gangplank, Elusive Burn, Jinx Lulu go from Tier 2 Dark Horse to Tier 2 Staple.

Swain TF goes from Tier 2 Staple to Tier 2 Dark Horse.

Sivir Demacia, Shurima Burn, Pirate Midrange added.

Teemo Elusive, Ashe Noxus, Overwhelm, Scouts removed.

July 22

Jarvan Shen decklist updated.

July 21

Akshan Lee added. Viego Nasus added in Thresh Nasus' description.

July 20

Sivir Zed goes from Tier 1 Pick of the Patch to Tier 1 Staple.

Akshan Sivir added in Sivir Zed's description.

July 18

Jarvan Shen goes from Tier 2 Staple to Tier 1 Dark Horse. Zed Sivir goes from Tier 1 Staple to Tier 1 Pick of the Patch. Irelia Azir goes from Tier 1 Dark Horse to Tier 1 Staple. Ashe Noxus goes from Tier 2 Dark Horse to Tier 2 Staple.

Reputation goes from Tier 1 Staple to Tier 2 Staple. Zoe Lee, Thresh Nasus go from Tier 1 Dark Horse to Tier 2 Staple.

Ezreal Karma, Sejuani Gangplank, Elusive Burn, Teemo Elusive added.

Yeti, Zoe Vi, Nightfall, Malphite Taliyah, FTR control, Deep removed.

Jarvan Shen decklist updated.

July 15

Lurk decklist updated.

Patch 2.11 (Rise of the Underworlds)
Patch 2.9 (Guardians of the Ancient mid-season update)
Patch 2.7 (Guardians of the Ancient)

19 Responses

  1. dracofulmen says:

    Can you add yasuo malphite?

    • Agigas says:

      Unfortunately no, Yasuo Malphite is performing far too badly to make it to the tier list – this list is only about competitive decks. 🤔

  2. John Taxpayer says:

    Can you add yasuo malphite?

  3. ALFRED - CLAVITE says:

    How about matron cithria?

  4. himari says:

    thank you so much for the ui update, now i no longer almost crash from loading all decks at once

  5. Shaq says:

    Would appreciate if the Nasus Thresh Deck could get a Matchup Guide for Azir Irelia.

  6. Prof. Flex says:

    Thanks for the update

  7. mirciup says:

    What do you think about Leona/Yasuo or any Leona variations? Would she perform at least slightly decent? Would she be at a tier 2 or lower or is she unplayable in the meta?

    • Agigas says:

      I don’t think it’s unplayable, but I don’t consider it as competitive – I would place it in tier 3. However, be aware that Legends of Runeterra is a pretty skill-intensive game with not that big of a gap between tiers. A strong player can climb all the way up to master with a tier 3 deck, especially when he has the power of surprise. What I’m saying is, if you like Yasuo Leona, don’t let a tier list dissuade you from playing it, unless what’s most important to you is to play the very best archetypes.

      For what is the strongest Leona version, there are tons of pretty decent Leona archetypes. Leona Asol and Leona Karma are looking to be the strongest control ones, but you can also find some more aggressive daybreak decks, like Leona Lucian or Leona Draven!

  8. Kris says:

    Yeah, as a new player I would really like to see a somewhat optimized decklist for Droplet, Yasuo, Leona. These are basically my only cards 😀

    • Agigas says:

      Well, if you really want a deck that features all 3 of these cards, I think you’ll have to do a homebrew because Droplet isn’t usually featured in Yasuo Leona lists. 🤔

  9. TorrasqueCR says:

    What about Ez/Teemo freljord?

    • Agigas says:

      It has a low play rate and isn’t very successful right now because of the high amount of aggressive deck on the ladder. I wouldn’t recommend it outside of specific targeting strategies.

  10. Targon563 says:

    I just want to take a moment to thank you Agigas for all the work you’re doing on the meta analysis! Everything is very in-depth and well documented & Runeterraccg helped me a lot with my performance. I’m really grateful that you’re updating the tier list constantly with new information and I wanted to say thanks to you and to the Runeterraccg team! 😁

    • Robert says:

      I second this! Thank you Agigas, and all those that contribute to this website. Thank you thank you thank you!! I have improved tremendously as a LoR player from your content.

    • Agigas says:

      Thanks a lot, I’m really happy you like the content and that it helps you! 😄

  11. Sam says:

    What’s the best deck with Viego in it right now? Is it Viego Nasus, or is there not really one worth mentioning right now?

    • Agigas says:

      Viego Nasus does seem like the most successful Viego deck so far, other builds for the champ are performing pretty badly. Viego Nasus is performing sightly worse than Nasus Thresh, which is a very similar deck, and that’s why it doesn’t have its own spot. I’m going to include it in Nasus Thresh’s description.

  12. GloriousBeardGuy says:

    The only think I’d like to you to add to these tier lists are some “Bonus Decks.” Kinda like TLG adds to theirs. Maybe decks with great win rates but small sample sizes, or decks that you might have your eyes on that haven’t caught on (Elusive Rally) yet. Other than that, I find your list to be most helpful of all that are published regularly. Thanks again for all your hard work Agi. 😀

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