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  • Metagame Tier List
Legends of Runeterra (LoR) Metagame Tier List

We’re happy to present RuneterraCCG.com’s Metagame Tier List! This is the page that will help you find a footing in Legends of Runeterra’s ever-changing ladder meta.

The rankings and decks presented here are curated by Agigas – a consistent top player on the EU Masters ladder since Beta, and Empires of the Ascended Seasonal Tournament Top 4 finisher.

Feel welcome to stop by our Discord for discussion, questions, and feedback!

Last updated: January 19.

Meta Overview - Patch 3.0 January 16

Not even a week ago, we were hyping up the rise of the control playstyle, that starting to overperform on the ladder after the downfall of Iceborn Poros. Players really missed control it seems, as the ladder very quickly became populated with Darkness, Feel the Rush, Sentinel Control, and other variants. However, being over popular is generally a curse if you’re not named Kennen Ahri, and it is the exact reason why the win rate of all 3 of these archetypes has fallen down to a Tier 2 status.

With Control becoming omnipresent for a while, anti-control archetypes have seen their win-rate skyrocket. Sivir Demacia, Taliyah Ziggs, and Iceborn Poros are all pretty good into the current control meta and show strong results despite their low play rate. Lurk also seems to be performing very well and is on the high-end of Tier 2.

The biggest story of these last few days however is Scouts, which, after performing really well as a Tier 1 Dark Horse for a few days, has been taking the ladder by storm. With its well-balanced matchup table, the deck is able to give a beating to both control archetypes and Ahri Kennen, making it a force to reckon with.

Speaking of Ahri Kennen, nothing new there – the deck still deserves its meta king status. That said, I will add that the meta has been slightly more difficult for the archetype in the past few days as neither control nor Scouts are good matchups for it.

I personally usually expect that by now the meta would start settling a bit after so many evolutions. However, control being overplayed has induced a rise of anti-control strategies, for yet another shift in the environment. In the coming days, I expect control archetypes to lose a bit of their play rate in favor of anti-control decks.

This is once again a transitionary meta, and I don’t expect things to stay the way they are now for long. Anti-control will get weaker once the control’s play rate drops, which will then induce even more meta changes. We will keep track of all changes on the ladder in this tier list and will keep you updated on every evolution.

Thanks for reading!


Patch 3.0
January 19

Taliyah Ziggs goes from Tier 1 Dark Horse to Tier 2 Dark Horse. Iceborn Poro goes from Tier 1 Dark Horse to Tier 2 Staple.

Yordes in Arms goes from Tier 2 Dark Horse to Tier 1 Dark Horse.

Yordles in Arms decklist updated.

January 16


Scouts goes from Tier Dark Horse to Tier 1 Staple. Taliyah Ziggs goes from Tier 2 Dark Horse to Tier 1 Dark Horse. Sivir Demacia, Iceborn Poros goes from Tier 2 Staple to Tier 1 Dark Horse.

Zilean Xerath decklist added in Taliyah Ziggs' description.

Iceborn Poro decklist updated.

January 13

FTR Control goes from Tier 1 Dark Horse to Tier 1 Staple.

Sentinel Control goes from Tier 1 Dark Horse to Tier 2 Staple. Lulu Poppy, Lulu Ahri, Yordles in Arms go from Tier 1 Dark Horse to Tier 2 Dark Horse.

January 11


Spider Burn goes from Tier 1 Staple to Tier 2 Staple. Pirate Burn goes from Tier 1 Dark Horse to Tier 2 Dark Horse. Zoe Lee, Turbo Thralls go from Tier 2 Staple to Tier 2 Dark Horse.

FTR Control goes from Tier 2 Dark Horse to Tier 1 Dark Horse. Darkness goes from Tier 2 Staple to Tier 1 Staple. Viego Kindred goes from Tier 2 Dark Horse to Tier 2 Staple.

Scout added. Fizz Lulu is now out of Lulu Ahri's description to have its own category. Ahri Kennen Noxus replaces Ahri Kennen Demacia in the Ahri Kennen archetype's description.

Gangplank Sejuani removed.

Sentinel Control decklist updated.

January 10

Sentinel Control goes from Tier 2 Dark Horse to Tier 1 Dark Horse.

Iceborn Poros goes from Tier 1 Staple to Tier 2 Staple.

January 9

Anivia Control added.

January 8

Nightfall added.

January 7


Lulu Poppy added.

Bandle Tree, Glorious Shellfolk, Zoe Shellfolk, Pantheon Riven, Feel the Minah, Jayce Heimer removed. Mono Pantheon and Taric Pantheon merged into one archetype.

Spider Burn goes from Tier 2 Staple to Tier 1 Staple. Pirate Burn goes from Tier 2 Dark Horse to Tier 1 Dark Horse.

Viego Kindred goes from Tier 1 Dark Horse to Tier 2 Dark Horse. Lulu Ahri goes from Tier 1 Staple to Tier 1 Dark Horse.

Darkness and Sentinel Control decklists updated.

All matchups updated.

January 6

Iceborn Poros, Viego Kindred, ARAM Spiders, FTR Control added.

Nami TF, Draven Sion, Gangplank TF, Swain Teemo, Yordle Burn removed.

Darkness goes from Tier 1 Staple to Tier 2 Staple. Sivir Demacia goes from Tier 1 Dark Horse to Tier 2 Staple.

Patch 2.21 (Magic Misadventures Expansion)
Patch 2.19 (Jayce Champion Expansion)
Patch 2.18 (New Ranked Season & Balance Update)
Patch 2.14-2.17 (Beyond the Bandlewood)
Patch 2.12-2.13 (Sentinels of Light)
Patch 2.11 (Rise of the Underworlds)
Patch 2.9 (Guardians of the Ancient mid-season update)
Patch 2.7 (Guardians of the Ancient)

36 Responses

  1. dracofulmen says:

    Can you add yasuo malphite?

    • Agigas says:

      Unfortunately no, Yasuo Malphite is performing far too badly to make it to the tier list – this list is only about competitive decks. 🤔

  2. John Taxpayer says:

    Can you add yasuo malphite?

  3. ALFRED - CLAVITE says:

    How about matron cithria?

  4. himari says:

    thank you so much for the ui update, now i no longer almost crash from loading all decks at once

  5. Shaq says:

    Would appreciate if the Nasus Thresh Deck could get a Matchup Guide for Azir Irelia.

  6. Prof. Flex says:

    Thanks for the update

  7. mirciup says:

    What do you think about Leona/Yasuo or any Leona variations? Would she perform at least slightly decent? Would she be at a tier 2 or lower or is she unplayable in the meta?

    • Agigas says:

      I don’t think it’s unplayable, but I don’t consider it as competitive – I would place it in tier 3. However, be aware that Legends of Runeterra is a pretty skill-intensive game with not that big of a gap between tiers. A strong player can climb all the way up to master with a tier 3 deck, especially when he has the power of surprise. What I’m saying is, if you like Yasuo Leona, don’t let a tier list dissuade you from playing it, unless what’s most important to you is to play the very best archetypes.

      For what is the strongest Leona version, there are tons of pretty decent Leona archetypes. Leona Asol and Leona Karma are looking to be the strongest control ones, but you can also find some more aggressive daybreak decks, like Leona Lucian or Leona Draven!

  8. Kris says:

    Yeah, as a new player I would really like to see a somewhat optimized decklist for Droplet, Yasuo, Leona. These are basically my only cards 😀

    • Agigas says:

      Well, if you really want a deck that features all 3 of these cards, I think you’ll have to do a homebrew because Droplet isn’t usually featured in Yasuo Leona lists. 🤔

      • Jeri says:

        Hmm… that gives me an idea for an Iona Targon deck with Ahri and Droplet for draw engine and Leona Yasuo for a finigher combo

  9. TorrasqueCR says:

    What about Ez/Teemo freljord?

    • Agigas says:

      It has a low play rate and isn’t very successful right now because of the high amount of aggressive deck on the ladder. I wouldn’t recommend it outside of specific targeting strategies.

  10. Targon563 says:

    I just want to take a moment to thank you Agigas for all the work you’re doing on the meta analysis! Everything is very in-depth and well documented & Runeterraccg helped me a lot with my performance. I’m really grateful that you’re updating the tier list constantly with new information and I wanted to say thanks to you and to the Runeterraccg team! 😁

    • Robert says:

      I second this! Thank you Agigas, and all those that contribute to this website. Thank you thank you thank you!! I have improved tremendously as a LoR player from your content.

    • Agigas says:

      Thanks a lot, I’m really happy you like the content and that it helps you! 😄

  11. Sam says:

    What’s the best deck with Viego in it right now? Is it Viego Nasus, or is there not really one worth mentioning right now?

    • Agigas says:

      Viego Nasus does seem like the most successful Viego deck so far, other builds for the champ are performing pretty badly. Viego Nasus is performing sightly worse than Nasus Thresh, which is a very similar deck, and that’s why it doesn’t have its own spot. I’m going to include it in Nasus Thresh’s description.

  12. GloriousBeardGuy says:

    The only think I’d like to you to add to these tier lists are some “Bonus Decks.” Kinda like TLG adds to theirs. Maybe decks with great win rates but small sample sizes, or decks that you might have your eyes on that haven’t caught on (Elusive Rally) yet. Other than that, I find your list to be most helpful of all that are published regularly. Thanks again for all your hard work Agi. 😀

    • Agigas says:

      Thanks a lot for the feedback! 😄
      For that I do feature some bonus decks in the tier list, they are in the dark horses. For example, Sivir Demacia (Tier 1 Dark Horse), Riven Draven (Tier 2 Dark Horse), Shurima Burn (Tier 2 Dark Horse), and Pirate Midrange (Tier 2 Dark Horse) all have great win rates for very low play rates. 🙂

  13. Alonshow says:

    I know that this is a very basic question, but I just wanted to confirm: Tier 1 Dark horse decks are supposed to be stronger (in general, of course) than Tier 2 Staple decks, right?

    • Agigas says:

      Yes! The Tier (1 or 2) is an indicator of the power of the deck, whereas the category (Staple or Dark Horse) is an indicator of how much the deck has been played. 🙂

  14. ABDULRAHMAN says:

    What will u recommend more zombie Anivia or Veigo Ionia( with thresh to summon veigo)

    • Agigas says:

      I personally like Anivia control more because it has a higher amount of draw and consistency. However, both decks are pretty close in power level, so I think it mostly comes down to personal preferences. 🙂

  15. Tristan says:

    Fantastic job on making and updating these tier list decks frequently. One question I did have however. I’ve noticed that the ‘Elusives Rally’ deck that has just been updated has changed from Lulu/Poppy to Zed/Poppy. What’s the benefit of replacing Lulu with Zed? Or is it just a meta call? Intrigued because it’s been Lulu/Poppy for weeks and now Lulu’s been replaced.

    Also, a while ago when you wrote the deck articles, you would (and still do) add a rough percentage to how the deck matched up against other meta decks. Most of the other authors who publish deck articles use terms varying from ‘heavily favoured’ to ‘heavily unfavored’ and everything in between. Just out of curiosity, what are the parameters for determining the matchups? For example, I’m guessing an ‘even’ matchup would be about 50% but what percentage separates a deck that is slightly favoured, favoured or heavily favoured? Similarly, what percentage separates a deck that is slightly unfavoured, unfavoured or heavily unfavoured?

    • Agigas says:

      Thanks a lot! 😄

      Zed currently does better into the current meta that keeps accelerating. Also, Zed Poppy was not a very popular combination early in the season, so we had very few stats on it, but now that it’s getting more popular it’s the version finding the most success.

      30-35% = heavily unfavored, 40% = unfavored, 45% = slightly unfavored, 50% = even, 55% = slightly favored, 60% = favored, 65-70% = heavily favored.

  16. Morrow says:

    Hey there! What do you think about Nightfall in the current meta? I’ve been playing it quite a bit and at least from personal experience its powerlevel seems to be on par with most tier 2 decks of yours.

    • Agigas says:

      Hey! Nightfall does seem fine, it’s not popular and I don’t have enough data to tell where it lands exactly, but I could see it take a Tier 2 spot yes! 😉

  17. RCosta says:

    I believe Leona/A Sol are stronger than Shyv. With Leona you got strong units in early with daybreak (dragons early really s*cks), control the mid game with Leona effect and evoked cards from solari priest, then you close the game with A Sol and evoked 9-10 cost units. You have heal against aggro, obliterate against Sion or FTR. It’s my favorite deck by far…

  18. Vellian says:

    I noticed every deck on the list features a “Strong Against / Weak Against” section in the quick description other than Viego Ionia. What would you say about its matchups in the current meta?

    • Vellian says:

      Posted my comment one day too early. RIP Viego

      • Agigas says:

        Oops! 😅 Yeah I try to add the matchup section as often as possible but for decks with a low playrate and that I don’t play I would rather don’t add anything than write things that might be wrong. That said I might have not known Viego’s matchup table at the time I added it to the tier list but I do know it now. The deck struggles against Darkness, Tree, and Nami TF, and does pretty well against Gangplank Sejuani and Zoe Lee. It does have slightly unfavored matchups against tons of other decks though and a bad overall win rate, which is why I decided to remove it though it is still viable as a Tier 3 option if you like the deck.

  19. alienix2 says:

    What do you think about Rally elusives with Zed/Lulu?

  20. Dmiau says:

    I think a deck that could be here is Thresh Viego, quite good in my opinion

  21. MiauMan says:

    I think Viego Thresh could be here, quite the nice deck

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