6 Off-Meta Decks for Your Ladder Climb

Sorry shares 6 off-meta Runeterra decks for you to try out.

If you’re bored of the popular meta-dominant decks that we see on a daily basis, then get your popcorn ready, because I’m here to share a couple of off-meta decks that have been seeing success on the ranked ladder these last couple of days.

Aatrox, Seraphine, and Gwen/Katarina have been extremely popular on the ranked ladder, so I went on the hunt to find off-meta decks that can hold their own and have been keeping a positive win rate on the ranked ladder.

Let’s get started! Here are 6 off-meta decks you can pick up!

Darius Overwhelm

Darius Overwhelm is one of RickoRex’s newest choices for the ranked ladder. The aggressive Overwhelm deck has been crushing the ladder and gaining popularity quickly!

This deck wants to set up early units like Legion Rearguard, Legion Saboteur, Crimson Pigeon, Ruthless Raider, and Tusk Speaker to put pressure on and squeeze Nexus damage.

Ancient Yeti is an Overwhelm unit you want in your opening hand. As the game goes on, your Yeti’s mana cost will reduce, allowing you to play the 5|5 unit at a cost of 3 or less mana, giving you an aggressive turn your opponent might just not be ready for.

Bone Club is expansive equipment but can become a win condition when played on one of your Overwhelm units. You should ideally use it on one of your weaker Overwhelm units, such as Ruthless Raider or Tusk Speaker, allowing you to set up more than one threat on the board.

If your opponent’s Nexus is down to 10 health, Darius is looking forward to slamming the Nexus with 10 damage! He acts as a finisher that needs to be dealt with.

I’ve tested the deck on Master ladder, and it performed extremely well against popular decks like Aatrox Vayne Quinn and Seraphine Ezreal (BC).

Jayce Lux

Jayce Lux is a midrange deck that uses spells to gain value from both champions.

Spells that cost 6+ mana will advance the level up of your champions. Lux will create a Final Spark, allowing you to pick off units on the board and chip away at the opponent’s Nexus.

On the other hand, Jayce can challenge and kill units, and once leveled up, he’ll empower Lux with his double cast ability, letting you create an additional Final Spark and laying the groundwork for a powerful attack with Acceleration Gate.

The list runs Silence and Suppress and Hexibliterator to deal with all the Aatrox decks on the ladder. Silence and Suppress lets you deal with Darkin weapons on the spot before they become problematic. As for Hexibliterator, the 6-cost spell synergizes with your champions and lets you obliterate Aatrox.

Norra Ziggs

Norra Ziggs is a swarm deck that wants to take over the board and start hitting the Nexus. Both Norra and Gruff Grenadier will set up wider attacks that are difficult for your opponent to keep up with.

The deck also runs burn tools like Noxian Fervor and Electro Harpoon to deal the little damage you need to close out the game.

The fact that your deck runs a lot of cheap cards means we’ll have only a few cards left in your hand in the late game. This can be used to your advantage when casting Treasured Trash; the random cards you create can potentially set up a powerful turn or at least find the tools to end the game.

Fizz Gwen

Gwen Fizz has been popular on Twitter, but is the deck good enough to hold its own on the ladder? According to the stats, the archetype has been keeping a positive win rate, managing to hit a 55% win rate over the last two days.

“Gwizz” is an archetype that uses the hallowed keyword to set up its game plan. It runs a lot of hallowed cards like Boisterous Host, Phantom Butler, Redeemed Prodigy, and Opulent Foyer to put board pressure and gain more Hallowed stacks.

Fizz and Zap Sprayfin allow you to deal elusive damage to the opponent’s Nexus, and combined with the hallowed stacks, you’ll be dishing out some good damage.

Moreover, Fizz isn’t there just for the elusive damage, he’s quite difficult to kill thanks to his ability to dodge direct removal spells, and with Buhru Leader in the list, you’ll be able to set up another attack with Fizz and trigger the hallowed stack another time.

Buhru Leader also synergizes with the unit Island Navigator summons. The scout keyword on the 1-drop lets you trigger your attack token on defensive turns, setting up an attack with the rest of your units.

Garen Jarvan IV

Garen Jarvan IV Elites is a midrange deck that heavily relies on a strong, buffed-up board to win the game.

Cards like Battlesmith, Vanguard Bannerman, Cithrea the Bold, and Garen can create a frightening board that will force resources out of your opponent.

A strong board of units swinging means the opponent will be forced into bad trades, and some units might be successful in landing a Nexus hit.

Jarvan IV can burst join the battle once you commit your attack, putting an immediate threat on the board. Pulling away a bothersome blocker and giving more space for your units to directly hit the Nexus.

A leveled Garen and Golden Aegis provide Rally, which accelerates your game plan and stops your opponent from keeping up with your units.

Additionally, this list runs one Champions’ Strength, an expensive spell that can end the game on the spot if played on a wide board of units.

Twisted Fate Swain

The good old Twisted Fate Swain makes the list! The deck fell out of popularity but has been slowly making its comeback. The list is running 3 Heavy Metal to combat all the Aatrox decks.

The archetype runs powerful cheap damage spells like Death’s Hand, Make it Rain, and Ravenous Flock that help you keep the board in check while also working on leveling up your Swain.

With his Overwhelm keyword, a leveled Swain can apply a lot of pressure, threatening to wipe out the opponent’s board and deal Nexus damage.

A Swain can also stun units every time you damage the opponent’s Nexus. The Leviathan and Swain can set up a stun lock, which paves the way for a strong attack on your upcoming turn.

Closing Words

Off-meta decks can catch your opponent off guard, giving you an edge in the match.

With Aatrox decks roaming around, your deck choice should be able to hold its own against the World Ender champion if you want to find success with your deck.

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