Power Rankings Patch 4.3 – 8 Best Decks To Climb – April 2023

In the Power Rankings, Sorry is here to share his best 8 decks for a serious ladder climb.

If you’re finding it difficult to climb the ranked ladder, then it’s time to turn to the Power Rankings for some guidance on the best decks to use for a serious ladder climb.

The Standard format has breathed new life into many old archetypes, making for an enjoyable experience for the majority of the community. The meta has been experiencing frequent changes, with decks like Fizz Samira dominating early on in Patch 4.3, before Karma Sett and Ashe LeBlanc took over. Now, Fizz Samira is on the rise again, meaning that these three decks should be taken into account when choosing which deck to use for climbing.

In this article, I will rank decks based on my own ladder experience and employ matchup data to give a more precise ranking. Without further ado, here are my top eight decks for a serious ladder climb:

1- Samira Leona

Samira Leona is my top pick for the Power Rankings!

The Leona Noxus archetype has been in existence in various forms. With Samira’s addition, players quickly paired the two champions and found success with the deck. Samira Leona can set up a wide board of units ready to chip away at the Nexus. Samira Leona can set up a wide board of units ready to chip away at the Nexus. The Daybreak package allows you to start stunning your opponent’s units with Leona and Solari Sunhawk, paving the way for more of your units to connect with the Nexus.

The aggressive nature of the deck can close out games before your opponent manages to set up their game plan. Might and Noxian Fervor allow you to push additional Nexus damage and potentially end the game.

Samira Leona and Fizz Samira have been battling for the title of the best deck in the meta. However, a quick look at the matchup table shows that Samira Leona is currently better positioned in the meta, and the fact that it beats Fizz Samira seals the deal. In general, Samira Leona has a good matchup against most of the meta decks like Karma Sett, Gwen Quinn, and Jack Seraphine. It struggles against Ashe LeBlanc, Heimerdinger Jayce, and Norra Veigar.

2- Fizz Samira

Fizz Samira created by Sorry • last updated 8 months ago

The archetype had a powerful early season, with players labeling it a Tier 0 deck. While it has lost some of its early popularity, it remains one of the best decks on the ranked ladder and tournament scene.

The archetype can have an explosive early game, which makes it difficult for most decks to keep up with its elusive prowess. In the right hands, Samira Fizz can beat almost all decks on the ranked ladder; it has an amazing matchup table, and the unfavored matchups are close.

Decks like Fizz Samira can get punished quite easily for misplays. It’s important to adapt to different matchups, know when to develop on the board, and the right time to commit spells like Stylish Shot or All Out!.

Fizz Samira has a good matchup against decks like Karma Sett, Ashe LeBlanc, Aatrox Vayne, and Deep. It’s slightly unfavored against Samira Leona and Quinn Gwen. You’re unfavored against Annie Caitlyn, Jack Seraphine, and Samira Varus.

3- Illaoi Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV Illaoi created by Sorry • last updated 8 months ago

Illaoi Jarvan IV is a midrange deck that has recently gained popularity. This deck can push Nexus damage by utilizing Tentacle and Illaoi’s Overwhelm ability, forcing the opponent to commit their resources to eliminate Illaoi. Cataclysm can accelerate the deck’s gameplay, allowing an additional attack with Illaoi and threatening to win the game.

Illaoi Jarvan IV is particularly strong against slow archetypes such as Karma Sett, Annie Caitlyn, and Seraphine decks, as it can close out the game before the opponent can set up their strategy. It is also effective against the popular Fizz Samira deck. The early board pressure combined with the Overwhelm win condition is challenging for the Fizz Samira deck to withstand.

Keep in mind that this could be a risky choice for the ladder if you’re matching a lot against Ashe LeBlanc, as the Frostbite midrange is capable of crushing Illaoi Jarvan IV.

4- Karma Sett IO

Karma Sett is my personal favorite deck to take to the ranked ladder. The archetype can be highly skill-intensive, and you’re able to turn difficult matchups in your favor.

This is a slow deck that relies on Sett and his support package to help you through the early and midgame. Prolonging the game until Karma levels up is key to victory, but mistakes early on can be costly. Karma provides you with the additional value to dominate the late game.

Karma Sett is a good choice to beat decks like Ashe LeBlanc, Jack Seraphine, and Annie Caitlyn. It’s slightly unfavored against Fizz Samira and Gwen Quinn, but the matchups are winnable if played correctly. Leona Samira and Vayne Aatrox are two difficult matchups you want to avoid.

5- Riven Samira Varus

Riven Samira Varus is an underdog in the meta but has shown promising results on the ranked ladder. The deck pushes more value out of Samira and can turn her into a win condition with the help of The Darkin Ballista, allowing you to pick off units much easier.

The spells generated by Samira and Riven will help you level up Varus faster, turning him into an Overwhelm win condition. Samira’s Rally can help you set up a second attack if Varus is still unable to end the game with one swing.

Remarkably, Samira Varus has an amazing matchup table, beating popular decks like Karma Sett and Fizz Samira. Overall, it has a slightly favored matchup against most of the meta and only loses hard to Ashe LeBlanc.

6- Ashe LeBlanc

Ashe LeBlanc deck has been one of the best decks in the current patch due to its ability to dominate midrange decks like Vayne Aatrox, Quinn Gwen, and Illaoi Jarvan IV.

The deck has become more popular with the fall of aggressive decks like Annie Jhin and Miss Fortune Twisted Fate and can deal with Samira Leona with the help of its Freeze cards.

However, the deck struggles against control decks with removal cards such as Karma Sett, Seraphine Caitlyn BC, and Seraphine Jack.

Becoming the most-played deck has its downsides. Players must be prepared to face counter-matchups and mirror matchups if they choose to play the most popular deck on the ranked ladder.

7- Caitlyn Jayce

Caitlyn Jayce is an anti-meta deck that aims to dominate specific popular decks in the meta. The deck utilizes a significant number of removal cards to eliminate pesky units, while simultaneously applying aggression to the board with Caitlyn, Burgeoning Sentinel, and Bhuru Sentinel.

Early damage is crucial, as it sets the stage for Jayce and Albus Ferros to threaten the Nexus. A leveled-up Jayce can deal more Nexus damage with Shock Blast, and the double cast increases the damage output of Albus Ferros once it attacks.

Caitlyn Jayce is an excellent choice for beating decks such as Fizz Samira, Leona Samira, Ashe LeBlanc, and Annie Caitlyn. However, the Karma Sett matchup is quite challenging due to their ability to protect their champions with Deny and Tag Out!.

8- Aatrox Vayne Quinn

Aatrox Vayne Quinn is a midrange deck that excels at removing units with Valor, Fleetfeather Tracker, and Petricite Broadwing. Equipment like The Darkin Harp and The Darkin Spear assist in keeping challenger units alive and makes them more intimidating.

The deck’s ability to impose mid-game pressure makes it a good choice against slow archetypes like Karma Sett, Annie Caitlyn, and Jack Seraphine. Furthermore, the deck can put up a fight against Fizz Samira with the help of challenger units. Some players have even included Blocking Badgerbear to deal with early elusive pressure.

Ashe LeBlanc is an extremely challenging matchup to win, and players may need to switch off Aatrox Vayne if they face the midrange Frostbite deck frequently.

Closing Words

The meta has mostly settled down after the Rotation format dropped, making it easier to identify the best decks for climbing the ranked ladder. Personally, I have found Karma Sett and Fizz Samira to be my favorite choices for climbing, as both archetypes require a high level of skill and can adapt their playstyle according to different matchups.


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