Best Kayle Decks in Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.1

In this article, Raphterra lists down the best Kayle decks so far in Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.1.

Hey everyone, it’s Raphterra here! In today’s article, we’ll be covering the best decks for Kayle in Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.1. With the latest balance patch, Kayle has seen a significant improvement, transforming from one of the weaker champions to having multiple decks with win rates of over 50%.

Let’s begin!

The Most Popular – Kayle Zed

I’ll start this article by introducing the most popular Kayle deck: Kayle Zed. This archetype has an overall winrate of 50% in over 3000 games. The decklist above has been the most successful, with a winrate of 53.1% in over 500 games. Kayle Zed is an aggressive combo deck that uses Ionia‘s wide board buffs to quickly level up Kayle.

The decklist above places a high emphasis on disrupting opposing units, with 3 copies of Will of Ionia likely included to counter other midrange decks such as Jax Ornn.

Below is an alternate decklist, which is my personal take on the Kayle Zed archetype:

This is the decklist I used to climb from Diamond to Masters earlier this season with a 75% winrate (18 wins, 6 losses). My decklist is more focused on protection, with copies of Memory’s Cloak and Twin Disciplines, and only Celestial Wonder as my disruption tool.

Note that this decklist has worked well for me due to my play style, but it has been mediocre in terms of overall stats, with a winrate of 49% in over 700 games.

Earlier this week, I published an article on how to play Kayle Zed, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested in learning more!

The Most Successful – Kayle Leona Aggro

Moving on, we have Kayle Leona Noxus, the most successful Kayle archetype so far, with an overall winrate of 57.4% in over 1600 games. The decklist above is my suggested build, with a winrate of 57.8% in over 1000 games.

This is an evolution of the Leona Noxus archetype, which previously ran Katarina as its second champion. However, after Katarina‘s nerf and Kayle‘s buff, Kayle has become the primary finisher for this aggressive archetype. Multiple Daybreak units in the deck can buff themselves upon play, making them ideal for leveling up Kayle. This version also includes Wandering Shepherd for flexibility with Improvised weapons.

The deck utilizes Noxus for its strong early units, such as Crimson Pigeon, Legion Rearguard, and House Spider. With Katarina now removed from the deck, Shunpo serves as an alternate way to make multiple attacks. These attacks can quickly end games if you have a leveled up Leona or Kayle on board.

It’s No Longer A Dream! – Kayle Garen

Next up is Kayle Garen Elites, the Demacia deck that has been performing impressively, with an overall winrate of 53.7% in over 1300 games. The featured decklist in this article has a winrate of 55% in over 800 games.

Before Kayle‘s buffs, Kayle Garen was probably the only successful Kayle archetype, so it’s not surprising that the deck is doing even better in the current patch. Elites have several efficient ways to level up Kayle, such as Trusty Ramhound‘s self-buffs and board buffs from Battlesmith, Garen, Vanguard Sergeant, and Vanguard Bannerman. The deck also includes Single Combat and Concerted Strike for interaction, Pale Cascade for card cycling, and a copy of Champions’ Strength for a game-ending instant win button.

It’s great to see classic allegiance archetypes like Elites and Mistwraiths making a comeback in the competitive scene after the impactful balance patch!

Elusives Will Always Exist – Kayle Zoe P&Z

Early versions of Kayle decks used Targon‘s Elusive units to bypass enemy blockers and deal direct damage to the opposing Nexus. Kayle Zoe in Piltover & Zaun will be the next archetype in this article, with an overall winrate of 52.7% in 600+ games. The featured decklist above has a respectable winrate of 52.5% in 400+ games.

This archetype uses permanent buffs from Esmus, Breath of the World, Wandering Shepherd, and The Darkin Lodestone to buff up cheap Elusive units like Zoe, Lunari Shadestalker, Sparklefly, and Winged Messenger. Attacking with these buffed Elusive units can consistently progress Kayle‘s level-up.

Piltover & Zaun gives the deck access to Acorn, the Hextechnician, another Elusive unit and an engine to discount the deck’s main finisher spell, Give It All. Give It All is an amazing tool to power up your small Elusive units to match your Kayle‘s stats and keywords.

Kayle Zoe Bandle City

There’s also another version of the Kayle Elusive archetype with Bandle City! Kayle Zoe Bandle City is also doing decently with an overall winrate of 53.9% in 400+ games. The best-performing decklist for this region combination is also pretty decent, with a winrate of 55.8% in 200+ games.

This version lacks the explosiveness and finishing power from Piltover & Zaun‘s Give It All, but instead prioritizes having utility and flexibility with Bandle City’s Pokey Stick and Wallop. It’s still worth noting that Chimes from Byrd, the Bellringer can start an early snowball for this deck with multiple cheap units.

Not Too Hot – Kayle Bard

While Bard and Kayle have an obvious synergy due to both champions benefiting from stat buffs, it is unfortunate that Bard isn’t strong enough in the current meta. It is possible that we may need to wait for balance changes or new support cards for Bard‘s card package before we can see him return to competitive play.

Nevertheless, for those of you who are eager to play the Bard Kayle archetype, I will feature the most promising decklist available.

Closing Words

That concludes the article! Kayle‘s buff has certainly been a success. She is now a fair and versatile champion that fits well in several regions and decks. It’s exciting to see what new Kayle decks and strategies will be discovered in the future.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on YouTubeDiscord, or Twitter. Thank you for reading, and I hope this article helps in your journey to climb the ranks of Legends of Runeterra!

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