Category: Meta Decks


Gangplank Twisted Fate Bandle Deck Guide

Initially, we’ve seen mixed evaluations of Gangplank Bandle’s power, but now, after the surprise factor is fully gone, there’s no doubt it is a Tier 1 deck.


Fizz Nami Deck Guide

Fizz Nami is less popular than Zoe Nami, but Den believes that in terms of power level – it is fully on par.


Bandle Tree Deck Guide

The Bandle Tree is one of the most dominant new archetypes – learn to pilot the popular version featuring Noxus as a splash region.


Zoe Nami Deck Guide

Zoe Nami is a unique spell-based Elusive archetype that has suddenly risen to dominance over the course of the season.


Draven Sion Deck Guide

Draven Sion took the meta by a storm, and it currently is one of the decks to beat in the Beyond the Bandlewood season.


Lulu Jinx Deck Guide

Lulu has been waiting for a long time to finally get her slice of the meta pie – and combined with Jinx, she now has a solid Tier 2 archetype.