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Top New Decks from Day 1 of Patch 4.2

The long-awaited patch 4.2 is finally here, introducing a couple of new cards to the game along with buffs and nerfs for different cards to shake up the meta. The nerfs mainly targeted aggressive archetypes like Leona Kayle, Teemo Tristana…

6 Top New Decks from Week 1 of Patch 4.1

Patch 4.1 changed the meta field quite drastically. Jax Ornn, Illaoi Twisted Fate, and Ryze IO started strong but were quickly put in their place with the increase of aggressive decks. Lord Broadmane has been seeing more play in different…


Kai’Sa Sivir Deck Guide

As it is expected with every new expansion, new cards come and shake up the metagame, creating new decks to be competitive and others out the door. The early days of Forces from Beyond expansion have confirmed this trend, with…

Nami 1 cover

Nami Twisted Fate Shadow Isles Deck Guide

Introduction Spell based combo decks can be very difficult to evaluate properly in Legends of Runeterra. At times, they are the best decks in the game with their synergy working perfectly, both in terms of available tools and in the…

Annie Full

Annie Twisted Fate Deck Guide

Hey friends, Sorry here! Annie Twisted Fate has been a staple meta deck ever since Riptide Rex received a buff, it’s currently the most played deck on the ranked ladder. The archetype relies on buffing up your spells and skills’…


Scouts Deck Guide – July 2022 Update

Miss Fortune and Quinn is a duo that never gets old. Sometimes, Scouts disappears for a bit, as counters to the deck make it difficult to play due to the deck being rather inflexible in its core mechanics. For the…

fizz cover 4

Fizz Riven Deck Guide

Introduction While it didn’t get any specific cards from the latest release apart from the Noxian Tellstone, a card that isn’t included in every list, Fizz Riven has made quite a comeback in the current patch, establishing itself as one…

viego cover

Viego Deserter Deck Guide

Introduction Being able to make Katarina relevant as a champion is an impressive enough feat to credit the Viego Deserter deck. Also achieving one of the best win rates in the metagame ever since the Worldwalker set was introduced, is…

Jhin Level 2

Annie Jhin Deck Guide

Annie Jhin got to a very bad start, but keeps improving as its build gets refined and is now a serious meta contender! Den shares his version of the deck and his tips in this in-depth guide.
Annie Level 2

Annie Ezreal Deck Guide

Ezreal Annie quickly became one of the players' favorite decks to play Annie in thanks to its versatility. Sorry shares his expertise on the archetype in this in-depth guide!

Zed Bard Deck Guide

Zed Bard is among the most popular new archetypes, and is performing well in the current meta! Den took the archetype all the way to the Master rank, and shares his knowledge in this in-depth guide!

Solo Nautilus Deep Deck Guide

Hey there, Raphterra here! Deep is an old archetype that might be finally back to high-tier status, as I used the list featured in this article to climb from Platinum to Diamond at 70% win rate (33 Wins – 14 Losses).

Mono Viego Shurima Deck Guide

Mono-Viego is one of the breakout decks of the past few weeks and is now standing strong in Tier 1. Sorry shares everything to help you play the deck better in this in-depth deck guide!