Category: Meta Decks


Riven Vi Deck Guide

If you have always liked combo decks in card games and are looking for something new to play, Agigas recommends this very fun and competitive archetype.


Zoe Vi Deck Guide

Although Zoe Vi has never been a meta dominant deck, in the hands of a good player, it will hold its ground against many popular meta decks.


Jayce Lux Deck Guide

Jayce Lux is the best-performing version of Jayce’s deck in the current meta – learn how to pilot it in the in-depth guide by Sorry.


Glorious Shellfolk Deck Guide

If you have the ambition to play what is arguably the most skill-intensive deck in this meta, dig into the new Glorious Shellfolk guide by Den!


Teemo Swain Deck Guide

This guide by Agigas is dedicated to Teemo Swain – an archetype that emerged as a counter to Zed Poppy and is showing impressive results so far on the ladder.


Draven Viktor Deck Guide

Draven Viktor is still the new kid on the block, but it has proven itself in the current meta. Den breaks down all that you need to know about this Tier 2 archetype.


Taric Poppy Rally Deck Guide

Taric Poppy is a fun Tier 2 deck in the current meta that can take your opponents by surprise with the raw amount of board pressure it can apply.


Draven Sion Deck Guide

Updated for ‘Between Worlds’ Ranked Season! Draven Sion guide will teach you all you need to know about one of the best decks to climb with.


Dragons Deck Guide – Patch 2.18

Den brings you his take on the Dragons archetype – he believes in the current ladder meta you can’t afford be greedy with your build.


Bandle Tree Deck Guide

The Bandle Tree is one of the most dominant archetypes in this meta! The guide is updated for ‘Between Worlds’ Ranked season.


Ezreal Vi Shellfolk Deck Guide

Outsmart them, prank them, and drown them in value. If you’re ready to commit and beat the high learning curve of this deck, Shellfolk will pay you off.


Fizz Nami Deck Guide

Fizz Nami is less popular than Zoe Nami, but Den believes that in terms of power level – it is fully on par.


Zoe Nami Deck Guide

Zoe Nami is a unique spell-based Elusive archetype that has suddenly risen to dominance over the course of the season.