The 5 Best Evelynn Decks in Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.2

Evelynn finally transforms into a competitive meta contender! Join Raphterra as he features the Best Evelynn Decks in Patch 4.2.


Hello everyone, this is Raphterra! It has only been three days since the launch of Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.2, but it is already evident that this update is a gamechanger for Evelynn. The patch has transformed Evelynn archetypes from mediocre low-tier decks to competitive meta contenders. In this article, I will be showcasing the 5 Best Evelynn Decks in Patch 4.2 so far. All of the featured Evelynn archetypes have competitive winrates and are likely strong enough to reach Master rank.

Why Is Evelynn Popping Off in Patch 4.2?

Evelynn archetypes have found success in the current meta thanks to three consecutive buffs in Patch 4.1 and Patch 4.2. The first buff came to Evelynn in Patch 4.1, where Hate Spike‘s damage was increased from 2 to 3. This helped slightly with the archetype’s removal capabilities, but it was not enough to significantly boost Evelynn‘s success.

However, the rework of Steem in Patch 4.2 is the primary factor in Evelynn‘s current competitive success. This buff transformed Steem from an unplayable, expensive Husk generator into a high-impact, vulnerable engine. The new low-cost Steem allows Evelynn decks to smoothly curve out into the mid-game and provides several combo plays with different champions.

The third buff to Evelynn‘s archetype is the increase in Domination‘s health from 1 to 2. This change places her out of range of 1-damage pings, which is particularly beneficial since she serves as a buff engine for Evelynn‘s Husks. I rated Steem‘s and Domination‘s buffs as high-impact in my assessment of Patch 4.2, and it seems that I was correct!

With that out of the way, let’s proceed to decklists!

The Most Popular – Evelynn Kai’sa

The most popular Evelynn archetype currently is Evelynn Kai’Sa, which has an overall winrate of 51.3% in 3400+ games. The decklist provided above boasts an impressive winrate of 56.5% in 250+ games.

This archetype utilizes Husk generators to accumulate keywords and advance Kai’Sa‘s level up requirement. Steem‘s buff is especially significant in this deck as it allows for a direct curve into Kai’Sa on turn 5, enabling Kai’Sa to copy Steem‘s Scout keyword.

This was the first archetype that I experimented with as soon as the patch went live. If you’re seeking an alternative list, below is the version that I used.

Raphterra Evelynn Kaisa created by Raphterra • last updated 7 months ago

When constructing this deck, my priority was to include fun cards, particularly Void Gate and Void Abomination. When played early, Void Gate can transform average units such as Ruin Runner and Belvethi Elder into multi-keyword threats!

My personal winrate using this version is 75%. However, the overall winrate for this specific build did not match my personal results, as it currently stands at a decklist winrate of 49% in 700+ games. If you would like to see the deck in action, below is my full video guide for Evelynn Kai’Sa.

The Most Effective – Lucian Evelynn

The most successful Evelynn archetype thus far is Evelynn Lucian! This is likely the best Evelynn deck, with an overall winrate of 55.3% in 2000+ games. The build provided above is also performing strongly with a decklist winrate of 58.8% in 500+ games.

Lucian Evelynn underwent some experimentation waves after Lucian‘s buff in Patch 4.1. The buffs to Evelynn‘s package in Patch 4.2 ultimately propelled this archetype to become a top-tier contender. Evelynn‘s Husks can promptly advance Lucian‘s level up, resulting in quick victories against unprepared opponents. Moreover, Husk deaths activate Dawnspeakers‘ buff effect, which can generate overwhelming board pressure.

The Old Guard – Evelynn Viego

Next up is an old favorite from previous patches, Evelynn Viego. This archetype has a respectable overall winrate of 52% in 1800+ games. The decklist above has a winrate of 56.3% in 200+ games and is a stall/control deck that uses Evelynn‘s Husks as reliable death triggers for Viego‘s effect. By getting the Spellshield Husk on Viego, it can be difficult for opponents to remove him.

Neverglade Collector can provide an alternative burn win condition for the deck with its drain effect. This list also includes one of the new cards from the variety set: Ceaseless Sentry. However, if you plan to take this to your ranked games, be aware that Atrocity‘s recent nerf significantly affected this deck’s ability to close out games.

Not Doing Well (For Now) – Evelynn Renekton

Evelynn Renekton created by Raphterra • last updated 7 months ago

Next up is an alternative Shurima Evelynn list, Evelynn Renekton! So far, this list has displayed a below-average overall winrate of 48.4% in 600+ games. Despite the disappointing overall winrate, the decklist above shows promise with a winrate of 66.7%, although the sample size is still very low.

This build utilizes Steem‘s Vulnerable effect to deal huge damage with Overwhelm units like Renekton and Ruin Runner. The Absolver and Curse of the Tomb are combo spells that can further increase the damage output of your units.

An Unexplored Concept – Evelynn Norra

The final Evelynn archetype covered in this article is the unexplored Evelynn Norra. This deck was one of the early Evelynn decks in Forces From Beyond, but it quickly fell out of favor after the meta settled down. However, following the Evelynn buffs in Patch 4.2, it is showing some signs of life again! The decklist above boasts a respectable winrate of 57.1%, but the sample size is still too small to draw any final conclusions.

This deck follows a stall and swarm strategy, utilizing Yordle Captain as a buff engine for Husks and other small units. The decklist featured in this article also includes a new card from the variety set: Banana Blaster. Although I haven’t tested this archetype myself yet, I would suggest including more copies of either Eclectic Collection or Sneezy Biggledust! to increase the number of win conditions.

Closing Words

That’s it for the article! Evelynn is one of the champions I eagerly anticipated upon her release, yet she never truly shone in the meta. It’s heartening to witness the Husk package now achieving success across various regions, and I’m eager to witness even more creative and exciting builds in the future.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on YouTubeDiscord, or Twitter!

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