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Author: Sorry


Pantheon Shyvana Deck Guide

Pantheon Shyvana has recently seen a rapid surge on the competitive ladder, making it one of the best-performing Pantheon Demacia versions.


Pantheon Demacia Deck Guide

Pantheon has found the most success when paired with Demacia. There are two popular versions that co-exist in the meta – Taric build, and Mono Pantheon.


Zoe Vi Deck Guide

Although Zoe Vi has never been a meta dominant deck, in the hands of a good player, it will hold its ground against many popular meta decks.


Jayce Lux Deck Guide

Jayce Lux is the best-performing version of Jayce’s deck in the current meta – learn how to pilot it in the in-depth guide by Sorry.


Taric Poppy Rally Deck Guide

Taric Poppy is a fun Tier 2 deck in the current meta that can take your opponents by surprise with the raw amount of board pressure it can apply.


Bandle Tree Deck Guide

The Bandle Tree is one of the most dominant archetypes in this meta! The guide is updated for ‘Between Worlds’ Ranked season.