13 Deck Builds for Day 1 of Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.2

In this article, Raphterra shares 13 Deck Builds that you can play on Day 1 of Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.2.


Hello everyone, it’s Raphterra, and I’m back with my second article for the day! Patch 4.2 is set to go live in less than two days, which means now is the perfect time to start brewing and theorizing new deck builds for the upcoming update. In this article, I’ll be sharing 13 decks that you can play on the first day of Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.2. These will be a mix of my own creations and decklists from members of the LOR community.

Please note that these are experimental decklists and will likely require multiple iterations and testing before they can be fully optimized. Patch 4.2 looks very promising, with several new cards presenting intriguing deckbuilding possibilities! In case you missed it, here’s the link to my personal breakdown and assessment of all the new cards and changes in the patch.

Let’s dive in!

4.2 Blocking Badgerbear Elites

Let’s start with the most predictable option, the Blocking Badgerbear Elites. Kayle Garen Elites was the second most popular Kayle deck in Patch 4.2, and it had a respectable win rate during the patch. The inclusion of Blocking Badgerbear should provide an even stronger early curve for the deck. To serve as the main finishers for this deck, I am still including two copies of both Champions’ Strength and Xolaani the Bloodweaver.

4.2 Evelynn Viego

Moving on to the next deck, we have a new version of Evelynn Viego that utilizes newly buffed cards from the variety set. We’re including the new cycle unit from Patch 4.2, Ceaseless Sentry, along with three buffed cards: Steem, Wraith of Echoes, and Vaults of Helia. The goal of this deck is to level up Viego quickly by buffing Encroaching Mists multiple times through Wraith of Echoes. Additionally, Evelynn‘s Husks provide easy death triggers for Viego. Although Vaults of Helia is a fun inclusion in the deck, it might be more practical to include a few copies of Neverglade Collector instead.

This archetype is poised for a grand return, as it also utilizes cards from Patch 4.1, such as Soul Cleave and the buffed Hate Spike.

4.2 Viego Elise Spiders

This is another variant of Viego Wraith of Echoes! Instead of using Evelynn, this version employs Freljord‘s permanent buffs to strengthen Spiderlings. By using Wraith of Echoes, Iceborn Legacy, and Spirits Unleashed, players can apply permanent buffs to Encroaching Mists or Spiderlings. This grants the deck versatile options for buffing units depending on the cards in hand.

4.2 Ionia Feel The Rush Ramp

This is a straightforward ramp deck that employs the latest ramp card from the variety set, Winter’s Touch. The deck’s late-game payoffs are Feel the Rush and She Who Wanders. I’m currently experimenting with Ionia‘s Serene Sky-Singer and Scattered Pod, which could lead to exciting late-game scenarios. However, it’s worth noting that the regular Shadow Isles version of Feel the Rush may ultimately prove to be a superior option.

Formula Jayce Lux

Jayce Lux was a powerhouse deck that I highly recommended during Patch 4.1 (check out my guide on how to play this deck!). The recent addition of Formula should make this archetype even stronger. In this version, I replaced Flash of Brilliance with three copies of this new 6-cost staple spell. Based on my experience, Jayce Lux is poised to become one of the top-tier contenders in the upcoming meta. If your goal is to win games early in the patch, this is likely the strongest list featured in this article.

Steem Evelynn Kai’sa

Next up is an intriguing combination, Evelynn Kai’sa! This champion pairing was initially explored during the early days of Forces From Beyond but failed to achieve any competitive success. However, the changes introduced in Patch 4.2 might provide the necessary boost for this archetype to thrive. For instance, players can now play Steem on Turn 4 and Kai’sa on Turn 5, potentially leading to explosive turns if Kai’sa can copy Steem‘s Scout keyword. I’ve also included 2 copies of Void Gate, which should lead to some exciting moments!

Aphelios Norra Banana

Closing off my personal brews is Aphelios Norra Banana Blaster! This is a swarm tempo deck that leverages spells with Generous Gemcrafter to power up Banana Blaster. A well-boosted Banana Blaster can cause significant tempo swings when used at the right moment. ApheliosMoon Weapons and low-cost spells like Drop The Bomb, Pokey Stick, and Pale Cascade, among others, can reliably trigger Generous Gemcrafter‘s effect. In case Banana Blaster isn’t in hand, Mihira, Aspect of Justice and Kayle could serve as alternate win conditions..

Patch 4.2 Community Deck Builds

The decklists that follow are from community members that I found interesting, and I think may have some potential either for fun or for competition.

Drisoth Sky-Singer Infinite Mill

This is an infinite mill decklist I got from Drisoth. Its objective is to create an infinite loop of card cycling into your deck while simultaneously milling your opponent’s deck. The strategy is achieved through a combination of Serene Sky-Singer, Drum Solo, Evil Imperfectionist, Counterfeit Copies, and Insider Knowledge.

4LW 4.2 Karma Yi

Moving on, we have a decklist from the creator of Karma Yi himself, 4LW. The initial build for Karma Master Yi includes three copies of Ceaseless Sentry and a copy of Serene Sky-Singer. Ceaseless Sentry is a great unit to smoothen out the early game for Spooky Karma, serving as an early blocker and a deck cycle all in one card.

Cephalopod Marai Go Hard

Up next is Cephalopod‘s intriguing list that incorporates Mischievous Marai to strengthen the control gameplan of Twisted Fate Go Hard. The constant supply of Powder Kegs should increase the damage output of Shadow Isles‘ control spells.

Shadawx Dragonling Echoes

This one is a fun build from Shadawx that utilizes Wraith of Echoes to boost Ionia‘s Dragonlings, making them bigger and stronger. I personally don’t think that this archetype will be competitive. If you enjoy decks with this combo play style, you can always revert to the Hallowed Gwen Irelia deck!

Zinke Vaults of Helia Nasus Taliyah

This is a deck by Zinke that revolves around the recently buffed landmark, Vaults of Helia. The main goal is to leverage Vaults of Helia‘s ability to cheat out Nasus by triggering a chain of summons, starting from 5-cost units like Grumpy Rockbear and culminating in Nasus as a 6-cost unit, followed by The Rekindler as a 7-cost unit. With Vaults of Helia now playable on Turn 4, this strategy can be executed more efficiently with a smoother curve.

Rusticles Karma Crystal Sky-Singer

Wrapping up this article is another Serene Sky-Singer deck from Rusticles. This particular deck is designed to thrive in the late game. It’s ultimate goal is to repeatedly cast Hexite Crystal using level 2 Karma. Serene Sky-Singer plays a crucial role as a combo enabler, setting the stage for explosive turns in the late game.

Closing Words

That concludes the article! I’m personally excited to start testing and refining the decks I’ve featured here. As always, stay tuned for my upcoming guides in the days following the patch release.

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