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Miss Fortune Guide – The Path of Champions 2.0

DragonGuy is here, bringing you an in-depth guide on how to beat the Path of Champions PvE mode with Miss Fortune.

Hello everyone, DragonGuy here today with my second guide for The Path of Champions 2.0, this time for Miss Fortune. Miss Fortune has an aggressive archetype with a focus on attacking the opponent.

For this article, I’ll just be focusing on Miss Fortune and her items. If you’re looking for more information about some of the systems behind Path of Champions, you can follow this link here. Now, let’s dive in and break down her star level powers.

1. Star Levels

Level 1: Nothing but Powder Monkeys

Here we have Miss Fortune’s level 1 star power, which summons a Powder Monkey when you start the turn with the attack token. You’ll always have a unit to attack with, and it chips in 1 damage with its last breath effect.

While not the strongest power, the extra unit on all your attack turns helps you stay wide and aggressive, and the damage will add up over the game.

Level 2: Most Wanted

Miss Fortune’s level 2 star power draws a unit every time you attack. Without extra attacks, this is an extra draw every other turn, which is alright. Since triggers for every attack, however, if you have ways to attack multiple times, you get to draw a lot of units from your deck. Scout, Rallies, and free attacks are all ways to trigger this ability more often.

With the extra unit draws you have access to, you’ll find your champions more consistently. Additionally, the +1 mana makes your curve much better, and lets you get onto the board much earlier.

Level 3: Nothing but Powder Monkeys II

On level 3, Miss Fortune now summons a Powder Monkey every turn. This gives you a free blocker on your defensive turns, which is very helpful for saving HP. You also get to ping face every turn, which adds up as the game goes on. While not as powerful as some other level 3 powers, a free unit every turn is nothing to scoff at.

2. Starter Deck

Here we have Miss Fortune’s starting deck. Miss Fortune has some good early drops like Jagged Butcher and Hired Gun to play early. Petty Officer and Island Navigator help go wide, with Island Navigator being quite important since she is a scout. Make it Rain gives you some removal, and a way to trigger plunder for Monster Harpoon and Monkey Business. Slippery Waverider rounds out the top end, closing out games through elusive damage.

Miss Fortune has quite a few good cards she has access to right off the bat, especially once you start leveling her up and getting items for the cards. However, she has a few duds. Monster Harpoon is really slow for Path, and only really useful at killing specific boss threats like Karma and Azir. Slippery Waverider is big, but he’s also pretty slow, and can be awkward to fit into the lower curve the deck wants to swarm with.

If you have options to cut the starter cards, I would say Monster Harpoon first, unless you need it to kill a specific threat in a fight like Karma. After that, Slippery Waverider is the next best cut, as it’s a bit too slow for the speed the deck wants. If you can still cut more cards, then it’s down to personal preference.

3. Champion Level Breakpoints

Miss Fortune will gradually get stronger as you level her up. Here, I wanted to highlight some of the important breakpoints in her level up progress.

Level 7: +1 Revive

Begin every adventure with +1 Revive Token for a second chance on a lost combat.

The first major breakpoint, you receive a second chance should you fall. This is great for when you get an unlucky fight, getting a second chance for redemption. While you only revive with half your starting HP, having a second chance can get you through tough fights, and is often all you need to complete a run.

Level 8: Rare Relic Slot 1 + Epic Chance

You can equip a Rare Relic to your relic slot.

+2.5% to find Epic items and powers.

Miss Fortune has some good rare relic options, so getting access to them is a pretty big breakpoint. Additionally, at this level you get access to epic items and powers, which lets you pull off some pretty cool combos.

Level 10: Stamina + Legendary Chance

Game Start: Heal your Nexus 2.

1% chance to find Legendary power.

This power will give you a small amount of healing at the start of each combat, and unlocks access for the incredibly powerful legendary powers.

Level 13: Common Relic Slot 2

You can equip an additional common relic to your champion.

Here, you finally get to assemble double relic items. This is incredibly powerful, letting you pair relics together, such as an aggressive and defensive relic. Since Miss Fortune is an important win condition in the deck, accelerating her while protecting her will make your runs more successful.

Level 15: Deck Upgrade 6

Monkey Business starts with Hextech Fabricator II

An item for your cards might not seem like a big deal, but after playing with the item for a bit, this level up is strong enough to be noteworthy. Hextech Fabricator II will give your strongest ally a random rare item for the rest of the game upon resolution. This is a neat bonus, buffing up your big units with better items.

Additionally, if you have multiple copies of your strongest unit in play, they all get buffed. However, if you cast this with Powder Monkey as your strongest unit, then that will be the unit buffed. This is quite powerful, as you summon a lot of Powder Monkeys thanks to your star power. Since you also summon a Powder Monkey for the spell, you can guarantee it gets buffed if cast on an empty board.

There are some pretty strong items in the rare pool, which can quickly snowball a game in your favor. Even if not buffing up a Powder Monkey, the rare power this gives is incredibly strong, increasing the power of the deck. 

Level 20: Heroes’ Welcome

Game Start: Draw a champion.

Champions provide powerful win conditions in Path of Champions, and games can be won or lost depending on if you are able to draw them. Guaranteeing a champion draw will greatly increase your consistency, and really let you lean into them as win conditions. Since Miss Fortune is important for this deck’s strategy, having access to her consistently makes runs easier.

4. Nuances

Here, I want to go over some interactions with Miss Fortune that can improve your play with the deck before going over her synergies.

Scout + Free Attack

The first interaction I wanted to go over was with Scout and Free Attack. While this interaction will almost never happen in PvP, there are some scenarios where you can assemble this combo in Path of Champions. If you do manage to assemble the combo, it is incredibly strong. If played on your opponent’s turn, you can play the unit and rally, as the scout will trigger. If played on your turn, make sure you attack first before deploying the unit.

If you play it first, its scout ability will trigger, which will essentially fizzle since you already have the attack token. If you attack first, however, then Scout will trigger and you will ready your attack token again. Remember though, you can only trigger scout once per turn, so you can’t use multiple of these in a turn to constantly refresh your attack token.

5. Relic Items

For relic items, I believe the best route to go for Miss Fortune is protection and combo items. Miss Fortune can output a lot of damage, and her level up is game ending. If she can stay alive and level up, you will win your games. You can try to run some protection relics to protect her long enough to level up, where she will end the game. Or, you can opt to try and power her up with powerful items, but leave her more vulnerable to removal. Once you hit level 13, you can start dipping into both sides, getting an item to protect and power her up. With that out of the way, here are some of the decks that pair well with Miss Fortune.


Armadillo Shell

Armadillo Shell helps protect Miss Fortune with 1 extra health and tough. This makes her much more durable, and will help her survive damage based removal and challenger units. Additionally, it helps her attack more often, as she is not vulnerable to dying on the attack. If you want an item that protects Miss Fortune while also letting her attack more often, then you want an Armadillo Shell.

Banshee’s Veil

Banshee’s Veil protects Miss Fortune from the first enemy spell of skill played against her. This makes it difficult for the AI to kill off with their spells, especially since they’re not great at popping spell shield. Against enemies with 1 hard removal spell, this can save you the game by keeping Miss Fortune in play long enough to level. If you want to beat the 1 hard removal tool your opponent has, then Banshee’s Veil is a great option.

Lost Chapter

Miss Fortune has a pretty low, aggressive curve, so banking mana can be difficult. With Lost Chapter, you’ll refill your spell mana when she is summoned. This can let you play a spell after you summon her, or set up a bigger spell to play next turn. Make it Rain and Monkey Business get more powerful as she gains champion levels, so it can be nice to play them the same turn you summon her without having to bank mana first.


Luden’s Tempest

Luden’s Tempest is one of Miss Fortune’s best items. It increases the damage of all of your spells and skills by 1, making her attack skill now deal 2, as well as her champion spell Make it Rain. This lets you push more damage while empowering your attacks, especially if you can find a way to summon multiple copies of Miss Fortune.

The Grand General’s Counterplan

The Grand General’s Counterplan creates a fleeting copy of your champion in hand every round start. This means if your champion should die, you’ll be able to replay them right away.

Otherwise, you’ll get a copy of their champion spell in hand that you are able to cast. Miss Fortune’s champion spell, Make It Rain, is a card in your deck, and gets an item at level 12, Hextech Fabricator I. This gives your strongest unit a common item the rest of the game, which gives you interaction for the board while buffing up your strongest unit.

Laurent Bladerack

Laurent Bladerack gives all of your units challenger while your champion is in play. You get to set up some really good attacks with this, and can pull units to die to Miss Fortune’s attack skill. The Powder Monkey you summon on attack can be used to pull away units too big for your other units to kill, opening the way for the rest of your board.

6. Reinforcements

Miss Fortune has solid pairing with any of the reinforcements that offer early units to play. You want to be going wide with your board early to push more damage, especially since you get a free attacker every attack token. There aren’t really pairings with Miss Fortune that stand out too much, she has solid options with many of the champions.

Getting skill units like Annie or Jhin can be pretty good if you have Luden’s Tempest. But overall, opt for reinforcements that help you establish a lower curve so you can get out on the board and push damage early.

7. Powers

Now, let’s go over some powers that synergize with Miss Fortune.

CommonHigher EducationWhen you draw a card, give allies +1|+0 this round.
CommonQuick DrawCards you draw cost 1 less this round.
CommonDuelistWhen you summon an ally, give it Challenger this round.
RareDominationRound Start: Rally.
RareStabilizeWhen you summon a champion, summon an exact Ephemeral copy of it.

Higher Education: Synergizes incredibly well with Miss Fortune’s level 2 star power, Most Wanted. This means that you’ll give all your allies +1 power every time you attack in a round, which will let you quickly push a lot more damage.

Quick Draw: Decreases the cost of cards you draw for the round by 1. Thanks to Most Wanted, you can draw multiple cards in a turn. This can let you drop your big units a turn early, or enable you to swarm more effectively with multiple unit plays.

Duelist: Combined with Nothing But Powder Monkeys, this gives you a 2|1 challenger every attacking turn, which is pretty solid. This power lets you create profitable trades across the board, and drag units to die to Miss Fortune’s attack trigger.

Domination: Miss Fortune is all about attacking, so a power that lets you attack every round is excellent. Important to note: you will NOT receive a Powder Monkey every turn if you don’t have the level 3 star power, as the check to summon it happens before you rally. Still, being able to attack every turn is powerful, as it gives you more card draw and levels Miss Fortune quickly.

Stabilize: This power is really strong with Miss Fortune, as it lets you double up her attack skill when allies attack. It gets especially lethal if you have Luden’s Tempest on Miss Fortune, as the item transfers to the copy, giving you 2 skills that each deal 3 damage.

8. General Tips 

Finally, let’s go over some general tips to help you get through your Miss Fortune runs with Guns Blazing.

Look for Navori Quickblade 

Navori Quickblade is a rare item that says “Play: I start a free attack.” This item does everything you want for your deck. It triggers her level 2 power, drawing you more followers from the deck. You get +1 progress for Miss Fortune level up, accelerating her level up. And as mentioned in the nuances section, if you can high roll it on a scout unit, it lets you pseudo rally.

Try to see if you can pick up units with this power, especially cheaper units. If a unit cost over 4 mana, don’t take the unit solely for the item, as then it’s a bit slow.

Focus on going wide

With an extra attacker every round, you can often go wider than the opponent in the early game, which lets you push for early damage. This early damage can often be enough to help you cross the finish line later, so squeeze in that damage early on.

Think about which units will get items from Hextech Fabricators

Miss Fortune has a few of her spells get equipped with Hextech Fabricators when she levels up. These provide your strongest unit with an item for the rest of the combat. Being able to get an item on a unit you have multiple of will let you buff many at once, gaining a large advantage.

One of the best units to get this on is Powder Monkey, especially if your Miss Fortune is level 3. This will buff every Powder Monkey you summon the rest of the game, which adds up, especially when roll a good item.

9. Closing

Miss Fortune was the first champion I was able to 3 star in the new Path of Champions, and has felt pretty strong for me. While her power isn’t the strongest, summoning a free unit that also pings the opposing Nexus when it dies is still pretty good. Miss Fortune’s deck can explode out of the gates, or play a longer game thanks to the amount of card draw you get from Most Wanted. The deck feels very functional, and has a nice balance between the champion’s power and your star levels.

You don’t rely solely on Miss Fortune to win, but she really accelerates your game plan. And unlike Jinx, you are really leaning into your champion, rather than the star powers at your disposal.

Thank you all for reading this far, I truly appreciate it, and had a blast playing Miss Fortune. Have a great rest of your day everyone, and good luck out there with your runs!


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