Top 4 Lineups for Gauntlet and Tournaments – Patch 4.0 Week 2

Sorry shares a variety of lineups for the Last Chance Gauntlet and Seasonal Tournament.

Hello everyone, Sorry here! The Last Chance Gauntlet is approaching, providing an opportunity to qualify for the seasonal tournament. This means it’s the perfect time to share different lineups to take on your run.

The meta has been seeing a lot of Jinx Lulu (BC) and Trundle Tryndamere (SI) on the ranked ladder. It’s safe to assume that players will consider adding one of those two decks to their lineups or try to counter them.

Building a lineup where your decks synergize with each other is important! You can use a Matchup Table to help you find decks that work well together.

I’ll share a variety of lineups with varying playstyles in the hopes that you’ll find one that works for you. Let’s get started!

Countering Aggro

Other Fitting Decks: Aphelios Leona instead of Trundle Tryndamere (SI) (better against aggressive decks, Lurk, and Gwen Katarina.)

Norra Veigar, Kayn Aatrox, and Trundle Tryndamere (SI) is the perfect lineup to combat the popular Jinx Lulu deck. All three decks can manage to keep the swarm board in check and also have the healing capabilities to survive the burn in the later stages of the game.

Additionally, you perform well against other aggressive decks like Katarina Leona and Pirates. Katarina Leona has been quite successful on the ranked ladder, which means we could potentially see a lot of lineups that include the deck.

You can also put up a good fight against Gangplank Sejuani, Ekko Jinx, and Gwen Katarina. Those matches are close to even, so knowing how to pilot your decks efficiently in these matchups is essential to winning your games.

Both Norra Veigar and Kayn Aatrox struggle against Trundle Tryndamere (SI) so you’ll be forced to ban that deck.

Keep in mind that a Trundle Tryndamere (SI) list that isn’t teched for aggressive decks can have a difficult time keeping up. You could add Kindly Tavernkeeper as an additional anti-aggro card.

Triple Shurima: Anti-Shadow Isles

Other Fitting Decks: Mono Kai’Sa (You can switch Taliyah Ziggs or Ekko Jinx for Mono Kai’Sa. It synergizes with the lineup and can beat aggressive decks)

Akshan Varus, Taliyah Ziggs, and Ekko Jinx. The triple Shurima lineup wants to prey on Shadow Isles decks that are trying to beat Jinx Lulu.

Decks like Trundle Tryndamere (SI), Norra Veigar, and Norra Heimerdinger (SI) are great matches for you. All three of your decks run Right of Negation, a tool to keep key units alive or shut down Feel the Rush.

Both Ekko Jinx and Akshan Varus are solid against the popular Jinx Lulu deck. However, Taliyah Ziggs can be the weak link against an aggressive lineup but can still win with a good early hand.

Gangplank Sejuani is a difficult matchup that you’ll likely want to ban. The plunder deck can beat all three of your decks, especially Akshan Varus. You heavily rely on Varus’ damage to win the game, and a leveled Sejuani can shut down your plan.

Safe Lineup

Sejuani Gangplank created by Sorry • last updated 10 months ago

Other Fitting Decks: Lulu Jinx

Gwen Katarina, Gangplank Sejuani, and Ekko Jinx.

When unsure which popular deck you want to counter, it’s best to pick a safe lineup that holds an almost even matchup against a wide variety of decks in the meta field. This can also be a wise decision in the open seasonal tournament, as you’ll be facing 9 different opponents.

This lineup has an almost even matchup against the two most popular decks, Lulu Jinx and Trundle Tryndamere (SI).

Gangplank Sejuani is slightly unfavored against Trundle Tryndamere (SI) but capable of sneaking wins against the control ramp deck.

Your Plunder deck loses to Shadow Isles swarm decks such as Norra Veigar or Norra Heimerdiner, as they withstand your early pressure and deal with your champions using Vengeance.

Moreover, you will have to ban Leona Katarina because Gwen Katarina and Plunder have a rough time against the aggressive deck. Its stun ability can shut down your attacks or make it difficult for you to defend your Nexus.

Aggressive Lineup

Lulu Jinx created by Sorry • last updated 10 months ago

Other Fitting Decks: Annie Jhin

Katarina Leona, Jinx Lulu, and Miss Fortune Twisted Fate.

This is a risky lineup to bring into the current meta, as many players will be trying to counter Jinx Lulu with Shadow Isles swarm decks or Kayn Aatrox, which inevitably will counter your other aggressive decks.

The aggressive lineup wants to go wide on the board and start chipping away at the opponent’s Nexus. All three decks have a burn plan to follow up the early pressure and close out the game.

This lineup beats Taliyah Ziggs, Zed Hecarim, Akshan Varus, and Gwen Katarina. You can also beat Trundle Tryndamere (SI) if they’re not teched against aggro.

Kayn Aatrox, Vayne Aatrox, and Shadow Isles swarm decks (Norra Veigar, Norra Heim) are bad matchups you want to avoid.

Closing Words

This week’s Gauntlet is a great place to start your practice before the Last Chance Gauntlet opens! Picking a solid lineup is important, but it’s also essential that you play decks you’re comfortable with. Understanding how to play each matchup goes a long way, especially in a long tournament.

Good luck with your gauntlet and tournament run!


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