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Riven Vi Deck Guide and Matchups

Hello, Agigas here! I am a Master player since beta with several #4 peaks and tournament wins. I love sharing my knowledge about the game and I have been a regular writer at RuneterraCCG. I write in-depth deck guides, articles...


Ezreal Vi Shellfolk Deck Guide

Outsmart them, prank them, and drown them in value. If you’re ready to commit and beat the high learning curve of this deck, Shellfolk will pay you off.


Gangplank Twisted Fate Bandle Deck Guide

Initially, we’ve seen mixed evaluations of Gangplank Bandle’s power, but now, after the surprise factor is fully gone, there’s no doubt it is a Tier 1 deck.


Fizz Nami Deck Guide

Fizz Nami is less popular than Zoe Nami, but Den believes that in terms of power level – it is fully on par.