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Legends of Runeterra Articles, Decks and Guides

4 Line-ups for Gauntlet - Worldwalker Week 1
The first Gauntlet of the season can be a challenging one because of how open the meta still is. Den is here to help you find an interesting lineup in this premium article!
Origin Keyword

Origin Keyword and Cards

Origin is a new keyword first being introduced in Legends of Runeterra with the Worldwalker set on May 25, 2022. They are attached to certain Champions that grant them special abilities and unique deckbuilding rules. This Champion counts as one...


Udyr LeBlanc Reputation Deck Guide

Introduction and Deck Stats Hey there, Raphterra here! Today, I’m bringing to you a guide on a Reputation deck featuring two champions that were buffed in the last balance patch: Udyr and LeBlanc. I used the deck list featured in...


Tellstones: What Are They?

Today Riot revealed the Tellstone cards: A new set of burst speed 1 mana spells for every region except Freljord, meant to bring them their own variations on the well-loved card Three Sisters and completing the cycle. In League of...


Spawn Keyword & Support Cards

Spawn is a new keyword introduced for the Worldwalker set today, and with it speculation that a new Champion is about to be revealed! Illaoi incoming? We’ll find out soon! Read on to find out about more Spawn archetype cards...

Mono Viego Shurima Deck Guide

Mono-Viego is one of the breakout decks of the past few weeks and is now standing strong in Tier 1. Sorry shares everything to help you play the deck better in this in-depth deck guide!

The Return of Karma: Karma Viktor

Karma Viktor is the latest Karma deck, and is peforming great in the current meta. Random7 climbed to the top 20 with an impressive record with the deck and is here to introduce you to the archetype!

Taliyah Ziggs Deck Guide – Patch 3.6

Taliyah Ziggs has been an underestimate deck for most of the season, and is know at the top of the meta. Learn to play the deck better with Den in his in-depth deck guide!

Caitlyn Ezreal Deck Guide – Patch 3.6

The fan favorite Tri-beam archetype is back – and this time it has the backing of Piltover police. Learn how to better pilot the deck in this in-depth guide by Sorry!

Feel The Rush Deck Guide – Patch 3.6

Feel the Rush control is now widely considered as the meta king thanks to its high power level and numerous good matchups. Learn how to play the deck better with Den in this in-depth deck guide!

Pirates Burn Deck Guide – Patch 3.6

Pirate Burn is one of the best archetype for a fast climb on the ladder. Today, Den is here to help you find the right mindset and perfect your plays with the deck thanks to this in-depth deck guide!