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Legends of Runeterra Articles, Decks and Guides

Kindred Lux Matron - Freshlobster's Quick Guide
The new Matron Cithria build uses the help of Kindred and Lux, who allow this classic combo archetype to be more consistent in the mid-game.

Pantheon Shyvana Deck Guide

Pantheon Shyvana has recently seen a rapid surge on the competitive ladder, making it one of the best-performing Pantheon Demacia versions.


Scouts Deck Guide

Scouts are back into the meta, boasting an impressive win rate, and popularity that is ever climbing.


Draven Rumble Deck Guide

Discard has left Sion in the dust and cloud of fumes being dispersed by the engines of the Mechanized Menace himself.


Spider Burn Deck Guide

This guide is dedicated to Elise Spider Aggro – an evergreen deck mixing the aggressive power of Fearsome units and burn damage.