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Spooky Karma In-Depth Deck Guide

Hello, Agigas here! I am a master player since beta, with several #4 peak and tournaments win. I am also TSM/Blitz.gg LoR consultant. Today, I’m revisiting the deck I’ve got the most success with, Spooky Karma!


Championless Undying Deck Guide

Midrange Shadow Isles decks have been favorites of mine since I started playing Legends of Runeterra in the Closed Beta. I love the idea of using your followers as a resource – in addition to the usual resources like mana...


Relentless Raiders Deck Bundle: Is It Worth to Buy as a New Player?

Along with the new spirit blossom event, the LoR devs introduced us to a new type of purchasable, which should be very useful for beginners: Deck Bundles. These are pre-built decks with a specific theme for you to play around with, if you are tired of the free starter decks and don’t mind spending money on the game.


Spirit Blossom Festival Guide

Patch 1.6 brings with it the Spirit Blossom Festival, a month-long thematic experience featuring a new Lab, event pass, special quests, and a ton of new personalization items. The first Legends of Runeterra limited-time event starts July 22, approximately at 10...