The Path of Champions

The Path of Champions 2.0 Guide and Walkthrough

The Path of Champions is Legends of Runeterra’s single player (PvE) adventure mode, allowing you to traverse the world of Runeterra and walk in the footsteps of your favorite champion. You can conquer enemies, earn and equip powerful Relics, and upgrade your champion on brand new challenges. The Path of Champions 2.0 is the latest major update to the play mode, released on May 25, 2022 with Patch 3.8.0 and the Worldwalker expansion.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. What’s New in 2.0?
  3. Champions
    1. Jinx
    2. Annie
    3. Bard
    4. Darius
    5. Garen
    6. Illaoi
    7. Jhin
    8. Lee Sin
    9. Lux
    10. Miss Fortune
    11. Vi
    12. Yasuo
  4. World Adventures and Champion Campaigns
  5. Legend Level
  6. Champion Level and Champion Stars
  7. Champion Fragments
  8. Relics
  9. Strategy


  • The Path of Champions is a single player campaign game mode (PvE) in Legends of Runeterra, located under “Labs” (the only one available). It unlocks for new players once the tutorial is completed.
  • Players guide their chosen champions through their adventures, and upgrades their powers and deck with additional cards as they progress. Players have 30 nexus health for the duration of the adventure, as they go through a series of encounters.
  • The first adventure will start with Jinx, guiding you through some introductory encounters with a small premade deck. Once completed, you’ll gain access to the full Path of Champions experience and the World Map.
  • The World Map acts as your main hub, where you can select your champion, navigate the regions of Runeterra, and jump into World Adventures or a Champion Campaign.

What’s New in 2.0?

The Path of Champions 2.0

As announced previously, all progression from the version has been reset for the last time and some adventures have been temporarily retired with a plan to bringing them back. Riot is continuing to explore forms of monetization in this game mode. From the Patch 3.8.0 Notes:

Worldwalker brings a major update to The Path of Champions:

  • New Regions – Noxus & Demacia
  • New Permanent Progression Systems:
    • Legend Levels that power up your whole champion roster
    • Champion Star Levels that grant your champions unique abilities and unlock new legs of their personal adventures
    • Revamped & expanded Champion Levels to power up your favorite champs to extraordinary new heights
  • Unique Champion Adventures
  • World Adventures to test your power & skill with any of your champions

There’s so much to discover in The Path of Champions 2.0 that it wouldn’t all fit in the patch notes – be sure to check out The Path of Champions Re-Explained video, as well as this FAQ article for the full rundown.


There are 12 Champions in The Path of Champions 2.0 (more to be added later). They are unlocked with 30 Champion Fragments each. Players can earn them through quests, Champion Campaigns, and World Adventures, allowing you to also use them to increase their star rating and gain new powers (see below for further information).

Check out our guides dedicated to each of the Champions:

  1. Jinx
  2. Annie
  3. Bard
  4. Darius
  5. Garen
  6. Illaoi
  7. Jhin
  8. Lee Sin
  9. Lux
  10. Miss Fortune
  11. Vi
  12. Yasuo

World Adventures and Champion Campaigns

There are a two types of modes to choose from when playing The Path of Champions: World Adventures and Champion Campaigns.

World Adventures

There are ten World Adventures in The Path of Champions 2.0 – one for each region, with each adventure having specific requirements to fulfill before they can be completed.

To unlock World Adventures of higher difficulties, you need to complete at least one World Adventure from the previous tier. So, to unlock 1.5-Star World Adventures, for example, you’ll have to first complete all requirements in a 1-Star World Adventure.

To complete a World Adventure, you’ll need to win using champions that fit the requirements under the Completion section.

When attempting a run, be sure to choose your champion wisely, as you can only beat one slot at a time and each champion can only fulfill one slot – even if the requirements overlap. Also, if a champion fulfills the requirements for an empty regional slot, it will count towards that slot first.

Each World Adventure is different, and has different completion requirements. Some will have one slot, others two slots, and others still three slots. Plus, future World Adventures may have even more!

While you can use any champion to play a World Adventure, you won’t be contributing to its completion unless you win with a champion that fits one of the slots. This means you may have to beat some World Adventures multiple times with various champions to complete it.

Any attempt with any champion will always earn CXP based on how far you get. So even if you don’t make it through to the end, you’ll at least be rewarded for the progress you made.

For each slot you beat, you’ll receive a bundle of rewards that can include:

  • Legend Points
  • Cosmic Vaults
  • Relics
  • Champion Fragments

If you won the Adventure, you’ll receive a rank based on your remaining health. You’ll also receive a badge to commemorate your achievement, so you can compare your progress to future runs with the same or other champions.

Guide coming soon!

Champion Campaigns

There are 24 Champion Campaign Adventures in The Path of Champions 2.0, two for each Champion.

Unlike World Adventures, Champion Campaigns are unique for each champion and have their own champion-specific rewards.

You can only have one adventure of any kind in progress at a time. You won’t be able to start another until you’ve finished your current run.

Each time you unlock a champion, you unlock their Campaign.

Each Champion Campaign has multiple Adventures to play through of varying difficulties and unlock requirements. Each Adventure will clearly state what you’ll have to do to unlock it.

Any attempt at a Campaign Adventure is rewarded with Champion XP based on how far you get in your run. So even if you don’t make it through to the end, you’ll at least be rewarded for the progress you made. If you complete a Campaign Adventure, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a variety of loot, including:

  • Legend Points
  • Cosmic Vaults
  • Campaign-Exclusive Relics
  • Champion Fragments

If you won the Adventure, you’ll receive a rank based on your remaining health. You’ll also receive a badge to commemorate your achievement, so you can compare your progress to future runs with the same or other champions.

Guide coming soon!

Legend Level

The Legend Level icon.

Your Legend Level is your overall progression status on The Path of Champions. You level up by gaining Legend Points, obtained the first time you complete an adventure and whenever you complete a quest. Anything from World Adventures, Champion Campaigns, Chapter Quests, Daily Quests, and Weekly Quests, will earn you Legend Points.

Each time you level up, your champions will be buffed, depending on the level. More levels are to be added at a later date:

11 Reroll
2Chapter Quests unlocked
3PoC Daily and Weekly Quests unlocked
4Rare adventure content unlocked
5Guinsoo’s Rageblade Relic
6Shop upgrade
7Silver Cosmic Vault
82 Rerolls
9+10% Gold acquisition
10Healer upgrade
11100 Starting Gold
12Rare Relic
13Shop upgrade
14Gold Cosmic Vault
15Healer upgrade
16+20% Gold acquisition
17Gold Cosmic Vault
183 Rerolls
19Platinum Cosmic Vault
20Healer upgrade

Champion Level and Champion Stars

An infographic explaining Champion Levels and Champion Stars.

Your Champions have two mode of progression – levels and stars. More details are provided in a character’s respective guides.

  • Champion Levels: Champion XP (CXP) is earnt based on the adventure’s difficulty level. As your champions gain levels, they’ll earn permanent buffs such as deck upgrades, items, Relic slots, and more. The current maximum level is 30, with a plan to expand in the future.
  • Champion Stars: Use Champion Fragments to grant your champions Stars to award them game-changing Powers or upgrade abilities.

Champion Fragments

A Jinx icon with the Champion Fragment icon beneath it.

Champion Fragments are resources that are unique to each champion. You can use them to:

  • Unlock champions: 30 Fragments (other than Jinx)
  • Increase a champion’s Stars:
    • 10 Fragments for 1 Star
    • 20 Fragments for 2 Stars
    • 40 Fragments for 3 Stars

You can get Cosmic Vaults contain Champion Fragments. They are obtained by:

  • Completing Daily and Weekly Quests
  • Raising your Legend Level
  • Completing Champion Campaign Adventures and World Adventures
  • Completing Chapter Quests (Jinx, Lux, or Yasuo Fragments guaranteed)


The Relics screen with a Jinx champion card.

Relics are items your champions can equip that provide them with upgraded stats and passive abilities. The rarer the relic, the stronger its power.

The Relics feature unlocks at Legend Level 5. Relics themselves can be unlocked on their own or found within reliquaries (relic chests) by playing World or Campaign adventures and completing quests. Here are some of the reliquaries you can come across when completing content:

  • Bronze Reliquary – Contains a guaranteed Common relic with chance of upgrading to a Rare relic
  • Silver Reliquary – Contains a guaranteed Rare relic

Complete the second adventure of each champion’s Campaign to be awarded an exclusive relic you won’t find anywhere else.

You can own up to three copies of the same relic. Any extra copies after the third will turn into a number of Green Shards based on the relic’s rarity (much like when you have extra copies of cards).

More relics and reliquaries will be added as The Path of Champions expands.

Champions typically have three relic slots. As long as you’re at least Legend Level 5, a champion’s first relic slot becomes available as soon as they are unlocked. The other two unlock at Champion Levels 13 and 25.

Each slot begins as a Common relic slot, meaning they can only take Common relics. As your champion levels up, those slots become Rare relic slots that can be used to hold either a Common or Rare relic. The three slots upgrade one-at-a-time at champion levels 8, 19, and 25.

Each common and rare relic can be equipped to any number of champions at the same time even if you only have one copy.

Guide coming soon!


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