Ashe LeBlanc Reputation Deck Guide – April 2023

Ashe LeBlanc Reputation deck guide to help you pilot the deck and how to approach different matchups.

Ashe LeBlanc Frostbite midrange deck has experienced a surge in popularity since the release of Patch 4.3 Glory in Navori expansion. Dating back to the Beta season, Ashe midrange is one of the oldest archetypes in the game. It has achieved a remarkable first-place play rate and solid win rate, cementing its status as one of the strongest decks in the current meta. In this guide, I will present an updated version of Ashe LeBlanc, which includes the newly added cards and updated matchup tips.

The primary strategy of Ashe LeBlanc is to establish a dominant board presence through the deployment of units capable of exerting early pressure, such as LeBlanc, Avarosan Trapper, Enraged Yeti, and Trifarian Gloryseeker.

LeBlanc’s Quick Attack keyword forces your opponent to kill her using a damage spell or a challenger unit. Once leveled, she’ll create a Mirror Mage, which is extremely useful when played on units such as Ashe, Trifarian Assessor, and Incisive Tactician.

To maintain control over the board, the deck includes a range of combat tricks, such as Brittle Steel, Elixir of Iron, and Flash Freeze. These can be used to keep important units alive and gain the upper hand by forcing an unfavorable trade.

Moreover, Avarosan Hearthguard is a crucial unit to play on turn 5, providing an additional +1|+1 stat boost to all your units. Additionally, a Trifarian Assessor with +1|+1 can be played to draw an extra card.

Once Ashe is leveled up, all frozen units on the opponent’s board will be rendered useless during your attack turn. The inability to block provides you with the opportunity to unleash a powerful attack that could potentially destroy the Nexus. If you still cannot close out the game, Incisive Tactician‘s Rally effect will provide you with another chance to secure victory.

Techs and Options

Reckless Trifarian: A 5-power unit that pressures early game. Cut Avarosan Trapper for it, but be cautious since it can’t block and may not fare well against aggressive decks.

Three Sisters: A flexible card that can adapt to different scenarios. Flash Freeze and Furry of the North are two great options to pick with Ashe LeBlanc deck. Add only one or two copies of Three Sisters, and cut one Brittle Steel and one Reckoning.

The Darkin Spear: This card gives additional health to equipped units and buffs units in the deck. In the late game, it can summon an Anaakca that brings out a unit from the deck after attacking. Add no more than two copies and cut Brittle Steel and Here to Help.

Frostcoat Cub: This card can be either played in the early or late game. Frostcoat Cub helps you keep up with aggressive decks, whereas Frostcoat Mother can put pressure in the late with its Overwhelm damage. You can cut out two Omen Hawk for Frostcoat Cub.

Legion Marauder: This card can be a win condition if not dealt with early on. Add Strength in Numbers as well. You will focus on keeping Marauders alive to gain more stats on every attack. Cut Avarosan Trapper, one Reckoning, Revna, the Lorekeeper, and Omen Hawk.

General Tips

Use combat tricks reactively. Wait until your opponent has committed an attack or block before casting spells such as Brittle Steel or Flash Freeze.

Use Mirror Mage on the right units. You want to combo Mirror Mage with Ashe, Trifarian Assessor, or Incisive Tactician. For example, you’re able to set up another Rally with Incisive Tactician. Whereas, copying Ashe allows you to Freeze an additional unit and level her up faster, creating a stronger attack.

Reckoning and Freezes. Reckoning is a potent removal tool that can deal with your opponent’s board. Freeze units with 5+ power to ensure they are killed by Reckoning. If your opponent manages to kill or freeze your 5+ power unit, Reckoning will get shut down. Have more than one unit with 5+ power on the board before casting Reckoning to make it more difficult for the opponent to interrupt your play.

Ashe can be extremely powerful with a Freeze. You can break the first general tip if you’re setting up a lethal attack. Use Brittle Steel, Flash Freeze, and Harsh Winds to Freeze your opponent’s units before committing your attack with Ashe. This will prevent your opponent from using their units as blockers, paving the way for more of your units to hit the Nexus.

Matchup Tips

DemaciaShadow Isles Gwen Quinn – favored

Mulligan for: Omen Hawk, Avarosan Trapper, LeBlanc, Trifarian Gloryseeker

  • Try to take value blocks and keep your units alive even if you take additional Nexus damage. You want to get as much out of your units as you can.
  • Trifarian Gloryseeker should be kept to kill either Gwen or Quinn. Those two champions can become a win condition if allowed to remain on the board.
  • Reckoning can wipe out all your opponent’s board as they all have less than 5 power. Your opponent could save units with a Form Up!, a Flash Freeze can shut it down. If you only have one unit with 5+ power when casting Reckoning, make sure you can keep it alive from a Hate Spike shutdown play.
  • Watch out for Relentless Pursuit or Cataclysm. Bloody Business can kill a unit and shut down a Cataclysm.

RuneterraDemacia Aatrox Vayne – favored

Mulligan for: Omen Hawk, Avarosan Trapper, LeBlanc, Trifarian Gloryseeker

  • Trifarian Gloryseeker should be used to kill Vayne, Ranger-Knight Defector, or Valor. Those three units can become problematic if left unanswered.
  • A challenger unit like Fleetfeather Tracker or Valor equipped with a The Darkin Harp can pick off your units and win the board presence for your opponent. Keep a Brittle Steel or Flash Freeze ready to shut down their attack and kill the challenger unit. Icevale Archer can shut down a unit for one specific turn until you find an answer in the upcoming turn.
  • Ashe can win you the game. Freezing and shutting down the opponent’s blockers can set up a lethal attack, especially with an Incisive Tactician follow-up. Your opponent has two spells to kill your Ashe: Fish Fight and Aatrox’s Deathbring Sweep. A Flash Freeze or Harsh Winds can be a solid answer to keep Ashe safe.

Demacia Garen Jarvan – favored

Mulligan for: Omen Hawk, Avarosan Trapper, LeBlanc, Trifarian Gloryseeker

  • You’re playing against a deck that relies on dominating the board to win the game. This should be your playing field, as the freezes can secure winning trades.
  • Trifarian Assessor and an Ashe on the board can be a nightmare for the opponent. It allows you to freeze and kill a unit while keeping Trifarian Assessor alive. Have a Brittle Steel or Elixer of Iron ready to help Ashe survive the blocker.
  • Garen and Jarvan IV are two units you want dead as soon as possible. Jarvan IV can become a problem when leveled, starting to pick off your units with the Cataclysm he creates.
  • Make sure to keep their board in check, don’t allow them to go wide. Reckoning can be the perfect spell to deal with multiple units on the board and shut down any attempt to set up Champions’ Strength. If they do play Champions’ Strength, Icevail Archer can make sure one of their buffed units is useless.

TargonNoxus Samira Leona – favored

Mulligan for: Omen Hawk, Avarosan Trapper, LeBlanc, Trifarian Gloryseeker, Icevail Archer

  • You’re against an aggressive deck that wants to stun your units and set up powerful attacks.
  • Try to take value trades if possible. Keeping units alive will help you keep up with the opponent’s board development.
  • Leona can become a problem with her stuns. Try to kill her with Trifarian Gloryseeker or Bloody Business. Your opponent can keep her alive with Pale Cascade.
  • Might is a powerful play to push Overwhelm damage. Your Brittle Steel, Flash Freeze, and Harsh Winds can be the perfect answers to shut down their plan. If your opponent is holding onto three mana during their attack, expect a Might and have the mana needed to counter it.
  • Noxian Fervor is their only burn tool. Try to keep your Nexus’ health above 3 HP and keep a Bloody Business ready to interrupt any attempt to sneak Nexus damage with Fervor.

FreljordNoxus Ashe LeBlanc – even

Mulligan for: Trifarian Gloryseeker, Avarosan Trapper, Ashe, Brittle Steel.

  • This match relies on winning the board presence. The winning side doesn’t only present the threat of destroying the Nexus but can also get additional value out of Trifarian Assessor.
  • Ashe and Trifarian Gloryseeker can dominate the board with Freeze + Challenger. Have a card like Brittle Steel or Elixer of Iron ready to protect Ashe while attacking.
  • Additionally, Brittle Steel can be a solid answer to shutting down an attacking LeBlanc. You want to avoid allowing her to level up, as the Mirror Mage creates additional value for the opponent.
  • Avarosan Heathguard is a great play to start winning the late game. The additional stat buff can provide stronger units capable of blocking and staying alive.
  • If your opponent goes for the Reckoning play, you can either shut it down with your Freeze cards or make sure to take down a couple of their units along with yours. Keep in mind, your opponent can do the same if you’re casting Reckoning!

IoniaPiltover & Zaun Karma Sett – slightly unfavored

Mulligan for: Avarosan Trapper, LeBlanc, Trifarian Gloryseeker, Ashe, Avarosan Hearthguard.

  • You want to close out this game as soon as possible. Develop your board and start swinging.
  • Your opponent wants to kill Ashe and LeBlanc as soon as possible with cards like After Shock, Mystic Shot, and High Note. Elixer of Iron or Here to Help can keep key units alive, which imposes more pressure on the opponent.
  • Sett can be a problem with his Barrier ability, which allows him to pick off one of your units and remain on the board. Bloody Business or Reckoning can be an answer for Sett. Your opponent can protect Sett with either Deny or Tag Out!.
  • This match will require a lot of resources. Set up a powerful board to draw as many cards as you can with Trifarian Assessor.
  • Avarosan Hearthguard and Revna, the Lorekeeper will buff up the units in your deck and create more powerful future plays. This will make it more difficult for your opponent to deal with units.

BligewaterNoxus Fizz Samira – slightly unfavored

Mulligan for: Omen Hawk, Avarosan Trapper, LeBlanc, Trifarian Gloryseeker

  • Samira puts early pressure with her Flair Challenger. She can pick off units like Trifarian Gloryseeker and LeBlanc. Brittle Steel or Elixer of Iron can shut her down; however, your opponent can retaliate with an All Out!.
  • Elusive units are the main threat; they strike the Nexus and start dropping its health. Trifarian Glory Seeker and Bloody Business can pick off pesky elusive units like Fizz, Father Fury, or Fleet Admiral Shelly. It’s important you don’t allow Fleet Admiral Shelly to stick on the board, or it’ll buff all the opponent’s units, ensuring you lose the game.
  • Reckoning can be extremely powerful to wipe out the opponent’s board. Removing the threats of elusive units while switching the board presence to your favor.
  • Fizz Samira doesn’t have powerful burn tools, so as long as you have 3-4 Nexus health left, you’re able to set up one powerful turn and end the game with the help of Ashe and Incisive Tactician.

NoxusPiltover & Zaun Annie Caitlyn – unfavored

Mulligan for: Avarosan Trapper, LeBlanc, Avarason Hearthguard.

  • This is a slow matchup where your opponent will focus on removing all the threats on the board with their damage cards and the help of Lord Broadmane.
  • You need to kill Lord Broadmane, as he’ll make it difficult for you to develop your board. Cards like Trifarian Gloryseeker, Bloody Business, and Reckoning can threaten to kill him.
  • Try and impose as much board pressure as possible. You want to end the game quickly, as you might lose the value game if Tifarian Accessor doesn’t draw you enough cards.

BligewaterPiltover & Zaun Jack Seraphine – unfavored

Mulligan for: Omen Hawk, Avarosan Trapper, LeBlanc, Avarason Hearthguard.

  • You’re against a value-oriented deck that wants to prolong the game until they have Back Alley Bar on the board and level Seraphine.
  • Reckoning is a powerful play to kill off units like Jack, Seraphine, and Mischievous Marai. The longer those cards are allowed on the board, the more problematic they’ll become.
  • Trifarian Assessor is important in this matchup for the card draw she provides. This is a value matchup, and your opponent runs a lot of damage spells to deal with your units. This is why any buffs from Omen Hawn or Avarosan Heathguard will make it a challenge for the opponent to kill your units.
  • Your opponent doesn’t run a lot of units, which means they don’t have a lot of blockers. Try to keep Ashe alive. Her ability to freeze and disable units from blocking can be just what you need to end the game.

Closing Words

Ashe LeBlanc has slowly risen to popularity and has now solidified its position as the most-played deck on the ranked ladder. The archetype is being included in tournaments and Gauntlet lineups, where it boasts an impressive performance due to its favorable matchup spread within the current meta.


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