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Updated for Patch 4.4 Glory in Navori Expansion!

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Seasonal Lineups from RCCG writers

Hello everyone, I hope you’re ready for the Darkin Saga: Awakening seasonals! This is the final seasonals before the worlds, and for many people it could be their last chance to get into Worlds qualifiers…

Norra Level 2

Rotation in Legends of Runeterra

In 2023, Legends of Runeterra will be undergoing its rotation system for the first time since its release 2 years ago according to the latest roadmap. There are now over 1200 cards currently in the…

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Patch 4.3.0 Notes

This patch introduces the first expansion of 2023: Glory in Navori. Join Sett, Samira, and Jack in the Navori Arena. In addition to brand new cards, we introduce the Monthly Challenge for The Path of Champions, Rotation, as well as the Dragonmancer skins available from an all new in-game Event.

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