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The Darkin Saga: Awakening

Meta Tier List

Updated for the Darkin Saga: Awakening expansion Patch 3.15.0!


Legends of Runeterra’s upcoming expansion, The Darkin Saga: Awakening, is set to release on August 31st, 2022! This expansion adds five new champions including Kayn as the new Runeterran champion with unique deckbuilding rules, a new card type Equipment, and 65 new collectible cards.

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Zed Bard Deck Guide

Zed Bard is among the most popular new archetypes, and is performing well in the current meta! Den took the archetype all the way to the Master rank, and shares his knowledge in this in-depth guide!
Pulsefire LoR 2022

Pulsefire 2022 Event Guide

To mark the launch of the Worldwalker expansion, Legends of Runeterra’s Pulsefire event is running from May 25, 2022, 10:00 AM PT to June 29, 2022, 10:00 AM PT! You can score some sweet futuristic looking…


Solo Nautilus Deep Deck Guide

Hey there, Raphterra here! Deep is an old archetype that might be finally back to high-tier status, as I used the list featured in this article to climb from Platinum to Diamond at 70% win rate (33 Wins – 14 Losses).
Origin Keyword

Origin Keyword and Cards

Origin is a new keyword first being introduced in Legends of Runeterra with the Worldwalker set on May 25, 2022. They are attached to certain Champions that grant them special abilities and unique deckbuilding rules.…

Mono Viego Shurima Deck Guide

Mono-Viego is one of the breakout decks of the past few weeks and is now standing strong in Tier 1. Sorry shares everything to help you play the deck better in this in-depth deck guide!

Feel The Rush Deck Guide

Feel the Rush control is now widely considered as the meta king thanks to its high power level and numerous good matchups. Learn how to play the deck better with Den in this in-depth deck guide!

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