10 Lulu Jinx Counters for Ranked Ladder | Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.0

In this article, Raphterra features 10 Lulu Jinx counters that you can use for climbing the ranked ladder.

Hey all, Raphterra here again! The post-hotfix meta has been quite open for the most part, but as usual, some decks are already making their claims as the meta’s strongest. Leading this race is Lulu Jinx, the most-played deck with a 56.4% winrate in the past three days. In this article, I’ll be featuring 10 Lulu Jinx counters that you can use for climbing ranked ladder.

Aatrox Midrange

Despite the hotfix nerfs, Aatrox is still proving to be a potent aggro counter. His decks usually have enough early game presence to survive the aggression against Jinx decks. In the mid-game, Aatrox decks start stabilizing through the Darkin General’s heal effects. These decks also have access to strike spells to prevent Level 2 Jinx from snowballing out of control.

Aatrox Kayn

Aatrox Kayn is currently the most consistent Darkin deck in the meta. This double Runeterra-champion combination currently has a 54.7% winrate against Lulu Jinx. The cultist package has reliable early game units as well as healing effects from Kayn and Keeper of the Box. Furious Wielder, Kayn‘s Shadowstep, and Aatrox‘s Deathbringer Sweep are the deck’s tools to kill Jinx.

Aatrox Vayne

The previous meta’s strongest deck, Aatrox Vayne, has fallen in terms of overall winrate (~50%), but its matchup winrate against Lulu Jinx is impressive at 56%. Demacia‘s challenger units have generally done well against swarm decks because of their ability to get two-for-one trades against smaller units. The combination of Valor + The Darkin Harp can be very crippling against aggressive strategies in the early game. Challengers, Fish Fight, and Aatrox‘s Deathbringer Sweep are the deck’s answers to Jinx.

Noxus Bilgewater Control

Noxus Bilgewater Control / Tempo lists have historically done well against early swarm strategies. These decks have early units and enough cheap removal spells for the early game, as well as Ravenous Flock to deal with Jinx.

Twisted Fate Swain

Twisted Fate Swain is currently one of the hardest counters to Lulu Jinx with a 67% matchup winrate. The overall winrates for Twisted Fate Swain is quite impressive too at 55.2%. The list I featured is the best-performing list with a winrate of 62.4% in 200+ games. Lulu Jinx‘s followers can be answered with early units and spells (Watchful Idol, Fortune Croaker, Make it Rain, Heavy Metal), while Ravenous Flock deals with champions. Level 2 Swain is often a win button since there aren’t any clean answers once he goes on board.

Ravenbloom Conservatory

Annie Twisted Fate Ravenbloom Conservatory is another Noxus Bilgewater deck that has a slight edge against Lulu Jinx with a 52.1% matchup winrate. The deck’s overall winrate is promising at 54% in 2000+ games. This deck’s win conditions are Tybaulk and Riptide Rex, both of which are slightly slower than Level 2 Swain. Nonetheless, these two cards still do the job of closing out games instantly against Lulu Jinx.

Shadow Isles Control

To no surprise, control decks from Shadow Isles do well against an aggressive archetype like Lulu Jinx. The combination of Vile Feast as an early anti-aggro tool and Vengeance as a clean answer to Jinx makes Shadow Isles the perfect counter region against Lulu Jinx. Surprisingly, Feel The Rush control isn’t favored against Lulu Jinx, probably due to lacking early game units in today’s popular builds.

Norra Veigar

Norra Veigar is the most reliable Shadow Isles control deck right now, with an overall winrate of 56.3%. Its matchup winrate against Lulu Jinx is 64.2%, and above is the my recommended build with a decklist winrate of 57.1% in 2000+ games. Norra‘s Mysterious Portal package makes it very difficult to push Nexus damage through attacks, while Vengeance stops any significant damage from Jinx in the later turns.

Heimerdinger Jayce

Jayce Heimerdinger is another viable control deck to use in the current meta with an overall winrate of 55% and a matchup winrate of 63.9% against Lulu Jinx. Jayce Heimerdinger doesn’t have as many early chump blockers as Norra Veigar has, but it makes up for that with wide variety of removal spells. This deck has it all from Mystic Shot, Vile Feast, and Thermogenic Beam in the early game to Shock Blast, Piercing Darkness, and Vengeance in the later turns.

Heimer Norra

Heimerdinger Norra plays very similarly to Veigar Norra. Instead of having Veigar and Dess & Ada as late game finishers, this deck wins through Heimderdinger’s Turrets + Sneezy Biggledust!. The playrate of Heimerdinger Norra isn’t that high yet, but it currently has a respectable overall winrate of 54.8% and a matchup winrate of 54.9% against Lulu Jinx.

Off-Meta Counters

In this section, I’ll be featuring off-meta counters to Lulu Jinx! All of these decks have small sample sizes at the moment; only time will tell if they can remain consistent with more pilots playing them in ranked ladder.

Gwen Sejuani

Red Gwen hasn’t been performing well against Lulu Jinx, but another Gwen deck rises to the occasion in this post-hotfix meta. Gwen Sejuani has a Lulu Jinx matchup winrate of 54.4%. This midrange-aggro archetype races down Lulu Jinx through Overwhelm units strengthened by Hallowed stacks. This deck also has its fair share of early chump blockers, as well as helpful drain effects from Gwen and Doombeast. Oh, and I almost forgot, it also has Vengeance and Sejuani to remove Jinx! There’s nothing more that you could ask for if you’re looking for Lulu Jinx counters.

Braum Vladimir

A viable Vladimir deck in the modern meta? This Vladimir Braum list is holding its own with an overall winrate of 50.6% and a Lulu Jinx matchup winrate of 52%. This might not seem high enough to be considered a counter, but I played this list for a few games myself, and I didn’t lose a single game against Lulu Jinx. Spirits Unleashed and Bellows Breath do a fine job at clearing 1-health units, and Scorched Earth is a decent answer for Jinx.

Mono Kai’sa Demacia

Mono Kai’sa Demacia in 2023? This Demacia / Shurima list is showing promise with a Lulu Jinx matchup winrate of 53.3% and a respectable overall winrate of 53.1% (very small sample size, so proceed with caution). This list aims to level up Kai’sa as fast as possible, and Lulu Jinx can’t really do anything against a Level 2 Kai’sa with Scout on Turn 5/6. Getting aggro-ed down by Lulu is still possible, but this list has a decent amount of early units to hold the line until Kai’sa comes down.

Closing Words

Compared to the early contenders of the past patches, Lulu Jinx seems to be very counterable for the most part. If it continues to be the most-played deck of the meta, its winrate would likely start to go down as more and more players use meta counters in ranked ladder.

What other decks have you found success with when playing against Lulu Jinx?

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