8 Early Master Eternal Decks – Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.5

Sorry shares 8 Eternal decks that made it to Master early on in Patch 4.5

The Eternal ranked ladder has become an intense battleground as players give it their all to reach Master rank and discover the most dominant competitive decks available.

In the initial days, the meta has been in a state of constant flux, with various archetypes performing well. Aggressive decks made a triumphant return, recapturing the glory they had lost in the Standard format.

Let’s delve into some of the remarkable decks that swiftly made their way to Master in Patch 4.5.

RickoRex’s Renekton Frejlord

Renekton created by Sorry • last updated 4 months ago

RickoRex has made an early Master climb with this Renekton Frejlord deck, boasting an impressive 71% win rate. Astoundingly, his journey did not halt there but continued all the way to claim rank 1 on the EMEA server.

The Overwhelm deck can end games quite fast with the pressure it exerts using Renekton, Ruined Runner, and Ancient Yeti. The list also runs cards like Shaped Stone, Cursed of the Tomb, and Battle Fury to amplify the damage of overwhelm units.

Tilted2211’s Nasus Thresh

Tilted piloted the old Nasus Thresh archetype for the majority of their Master climb, holding a win rate of 68% over 125 games. This is an aggressive version that thrives on early pressure, relentlessly pounding the opponent’s Nexus.

The deck runs minimal removal tools, relying only on Vile Feast and Hate Spike. Cards like Soul Harvest, Vengeance, and Black Spear have been cut out in favor of enhancing early aggression with Cursed Keeper, Ravenous Butcher, and Baccai Keeper.

Blight Caretaker contributes to the deck’s wide-board aggression, enabling you to challenge the opponent’s units with summoned Saplings and creating opportunities for further strikes against the Nexus.

CasterGem’s Poppy Ziggs

The formidable Poppy Ziggs deck resurges in Patch 4.5 with a vengeance. CasterGems accomplished their journey to Master with this aggressive archetype, boasting an exceptional 77.1% win rate across 57 games.

This deck swiftly floods the board and initiates a relentless assault on the opponent’s Nexus, forcing them to promptly address the persistent threat posed by its pesky units. Ziggs, a substantial presence on turn 3, proves to be a difficult unit to block. Additionally, Poppy’s ability to buff the entire board amplifies the damage potential.

The deck incorporates one of the new Glory in Navori cards, Pirouette, which can stun a blocker and potentially eliminate a low-health unit, setting the stage for more aggressive attacks.

Leandro’s Annie Katarina

Katarina Annie created by Sorry • last updated 4 months ago

The control Lord Broadmane has exhibited remarkable prowess in the Eternal meta. Leandro92 skillfully navigated this deck to Master, boasting an impressive 75% win rate across 56 games.

This control-oriented deck aims to maintain board control and gradually exhaust the opponent’s resources. Katarina, Aloof Travelers, and Ravenous Flock have proven to be invaluable additions to the deck within the Eternal format. Aloof Travelers aids in outvaluing the opponent, while Katarina and Ravenous Flock assist in eliminating enemy units and ensuring board dominance.

BlackBoss’ Poppy Miss Fortune

Despite The Grand Plaza receiving a buff in Patch 4.5, BlackBoss made the shrewd decision to forgo the landmark in their Poppy Miss Fortune deck. Their success on the ranked ladder validates this choice, as they attained an outstanding 76.52% win rate across 115 games.

This version of Scouts cuts out Quinn for Poppy and looks to win the early board presence and level up both Poppy and Miss Fortune. The list adds Captain Arrika to further fortify its board control, preventing the opponent from gaining an advantage.

Remarkably, BlackBoss’ list doesn’t run any Rally cards, simply relying on Scout units to level up Miss Fortune as soon as possible.

Griffin’s Norra Kindred Elise

Griffin skillfully maneuvered the Norra Kindred Elise deck to Master rank, showcasing an impressive 67.68% win rate across 164 games. This deck prioritizes value, capitalizing on Mysterious Portals to continuously expand its board presence.

Kindred proves to be a crucial asset for eliminating opposing units, particularly when paired with The Undying, a perfect target to slay. The Undying‘s ability to resurrect and pose a renewed threat on subsequent turns increases the pressure on the opponent’s Nexus.

Scathus’ Annie Jhin

With access to Decimate in Eternal mode, Annie Jhin rapidly gained popularity as an aggressive burn deck, resulting in remarkable success on the ranked ladder. Scathus scaled the ranks to Master with Annie Jhin, maintaining an impressive 67.31% win rate across 104 games.

The deck excels at overwhelming the board early on, inflicting substantial damage, especially with the aid of Solari Sunhawk and The Stagehand‘s stun ability. Decimate and Noxian Fervor serve as potent burn tools in the late game to close out the game.

Sidak123’s Draven Jinx

You guessed it, another aggressive deck. The buff to Draven has brought decks like Sion Draven and Jinx Draven back into the game. Sidak123 took the Discard aggro deck to Master rank, achieving a 78% win rate in 91 games.

While the archetype saw popularity in the standard format by substituting Draven with Samira, the resurgence of Draven at his full strength of 3 health proves to be a pivotal aspect of this deck’s strategic approach. Furthermore, the Eternal format reintroduces Crowd Favorite and Get Excited!, two formidable cards that significantly enhance the deck’s potency.

Closing Word

Aggressive decks have been extremely popular, as many players try to rush their climb. This is where anti-aggro decks thrive, taking advantage of the popularity of aggro and giving them a better shot on the ranked ladder.

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