Spawn Keyword & Support Cards

Spawn is a new keyword introduced for the Worldwalker set today, and with it speculation that a new Champion is about to be revealed! Illaoi incoming? We’ll find out soon! Read on to find out about more Spawn archetype cards being added to the Legends of Runeterra card game on May 25th.

The sea is calling… something ancient and powerful stirs beneath the waves.

The new keyword is featured exclusively in Bilgewater cards so far, and here is a quick rundown of how it works:

If you do not have a Tentacle card in play, create a Tentacle minion with power and health equal to the number after the Spawn keyword. If you have a Tentacle already, add the number after Spawn to your Tentacle’s power and health (note, it was clarified in a follow up Tweet that this is granted, not given, therefore a permanent buff).

For example, if you play Buhru Lookout with no Tentacle in play, a 3/3 will be added to your field because she has the Spawn 3 keyword (Spawn triggers 3 times, first creates, then applies +1+1 twice). However, if you already had a 3/3 Tentacle in play from a previous Buhru Lookout, your Tentacle would now grow to 6/6 permanently.

Use this keyword to create a growing threat turn by turn, then Overwhelm your enemies with support cards like The Sea’s Voice!


Illaoi has been revealed, so check out what she can do below along with her Champion spell, and 2 new support cards, and our review and theorycraft article:

Illaoi and the Spawn keyword offer a sea-change in the way you can play Bilgewater, so I’m very excited at the new deck building possibilities they bring! Her kit is fairly self-contained, meaning she can pair well with any other Champion that helps you fight for the board.

Spawn Support Cards

This is an exciting addition to Bilgewater and synergizes well with some of their existing cards that support 1 cost allies, Jagged Taskmaster and Reaver’s Row. There is already speculation that when Illaoi is revealed she may allow for multiple Tentacles in play, so stay tuned for more coverage!

Stay tuned to RuneterraCCG for more reveals and deck guides for all the new Champions!

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Sera Strategy
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