Tellstones: What Are They?

Today Riot revealed the Tellstone cards: A new set of burst speed 1 mana spells for every region except Freljord, meant to bring them their own variations on the well-loved card Three Sisters and completing the cycle. In League of Legends lore, it is a strategic memory game that is played across Runeterra.

Gameplay wise, these toolbox cards are also versatile, and may warrant inclusion in most decks to fill in gaps. Some even offer much needed Landmark removal that don’t necessarily warrant inclusion on their own.

In particular, Tellstones complement archetypes that like casting lots of spells, and archetypes that reward you for creating cards. This opens up a lot of new possibilities for Fizz, Nami, Jayce, Viktor, Lux, Heimerdinger, Vi, and Lee Sin. As well, support minions with the Augment keyword, Puffcap Peddler, and Starlit Seer may see more play going forward.

All-In-One Visual

Below is an image with all the new Tellstones side by side created by @theSkilledRoy on Twitter:

Click on the image to enlarge

All Tellstones

Click on a Tellstone card below to see their full details, including cards that they create, full art, flavor text, and example decks that make use of these cards!

Keep an eye on for more ways to use these dynamic and versatile spells to enhance your game play!

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