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Origin Keyword and Cards

Origin is a new keyword first being introduced in Legends of Runeterra with the Worldwalker set on May 25, 2022. They are attached to certain Champions that grant them special abilities and unique deckbuilding rules.

This Champion counts as one of your deck’s regions.

While building a deck, you may add specified cards to your deck regardless of their region.

Some origins may also have an effect that begins at the start of a game.

Champions with an Origin are designated a generic region called “Runeterra”, that allows you to add cards (from any region) from the pool decided by the Origin, and then you can select one other region or another Champion with an Origin.

Infographic Guide

Below is an official rundown by Riot on how Origin works:

The following Champion cards have their own Origin:

  1. Jhin
  2. Bard

Jhin (The Virtuoso)

Jhin‘s Origin is The Virtuoso, allowing you to use followers that has a Skill in your deck, and also giving you the ability to play Lotus Trap for every 3 Fast, Slow or Skills you play while you Behold Jhin.

For further details on Jhin and example decks, check out our guide:

Bard (The Wandering Caretaker)

Bard‘s Origin is The Wandering Caretaker, allowing you to use cards that plant Chimes in your deck, and also planting them at the start of each round for each Bard in your deck.

For further details on Bard and example decks, check out our guide:


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