5 Lineups for Gauntlet – Beyond the Bandlewood Week 4

The tournament meta keeps evolving - pick one of these up-to-date lineups crafted by Agigas to secure the best chance for a Prime Glory this week!

Hello, Agigas here!

Going into this Gauntlet, the meta is more defined than during previous weeks. This allows us to be more precise in constructing our lineups. However, the environment is still evolving, and we've seen a couple of new archetypes emerging very recently.

Draven Sion and Zoe Nami are still among the most popular and successful archetypes, and you can expect to face them often. Gangplank Twisted Fate Bandle recently rose from obscurity to a Tier 1 Staple status over a span ...

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LoR player with multiple tournament wins and #4 ladder peaks. Ascended Seasonal top 4. I love writing guides to share my experience with the game with the community!

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