Top 4 Lineups For Timewinder Gauntlet – Rising Tides

We go back to the Rising Tides meta. Sorry shares 4 different lineups for the Timewinder Gauntlet.

The Rising Tides Gauntlet has arrived, and I came prepared with a couple of lineups to share today.

I went back to old tournaments from May 2020, like Jam Fest, and looked at the different decks players brought. I chose what seemed most popular at that time and what should still hold up well in the gauntlet after buffs and nerfs. Obviously, some tweaks were made to make the lists even better.

Let’s get started! Here are four lineups you can take for your gauntlet run!

The Triple Bilgewater

Swain Twisted Fate created by Sorry • last updated 9 months ago

All-around solid lineup, each deck has its own powerful win condition. You’re not afraid of aggressive decks and can keep up with midrange decks. Shadow Isles decks that run removal cards like Vengence and Ruination can be problematic. Miss Fortune Quinn can crush Shadow Isles decks, which means it might get banned.

Lineup difficulty: Medium

Gangplank Sejuani: It took some time for players to realize how powerful the Gangplank Sejuani pairing is. But since those two joined forces, they have existed in most of the different future metas.

The old Plunder list lacks some of the new tools we see in today’s plunder decks. The old list focused more on the nab mechanic with Black Market Merchant and Yordle Grifter.

The deck works on leveling up both champions with the help of cards like Warning Shot, Parrrley, Make it Rain, and Monkey Idol.

Once champions are leveled, they can start slamming down the opponent’s Nexus with their Overwhelm keyword. Additionally, the old Plunder list ran Riptide Rex as an alternate win condition. Back in the Rising Tides meta, Rite of Negation did not exist, which meant Cannon Barrage was unstoppable.

Miss Fortune Quinn: Scouts wasn’t referred to as the “midrange deck on steroids” for nothing. The archetype sets up a wide board of units and starts using both champions as part of its win condition.

Miss Fortune is the most important card in the deck. Having her on the board as early as possible can start setting up favorable trades with the help of your challenger units. A leveled Miss Fortune will take over the game, demolishing blockers and pushing a lot of damage with her Overwhelm keyword.

Twisted Fate Swain: My favorite deck! Twisted Fate Swain was a masterpiece back then. It was even considered a control deck as it focused on keeping the board in check with your removal cards like Ravenous Flock, Death’s Hand, Noxian Guillotine, and Make it Rain.

Your objective is to set up both Swain and The Leviathan on the board and stun-lock your opponent. The fact that Swain now has the Overwhelm keyword on level-up means he’ll be putting even more pressure on the opponent compared to the old Swain.

The Atrocity Wincon

If you enjoy sweaty long games and stretch the game until you have your win condition online, then this is the lineup for you!

It performs well against aggressive decks and can keep up with midrange decks thanks to the removal cards it runs. Vengeance at 6 mana is a powerful spell to deal with key cards that your opponent relies on to advance their game plan.

Lineup difficulty: Hard

Endure: Elise Kalista runs a lot of cheap units that try to chip early Nexus damage and sacrifice themselves for a greater purpose. Your main goal is to get as many early units killed while trading into your opponent’s units or forcing resources out of them.

Once you’re in the late game, it’s time for Who They Endure to hit the board. The Overwhelm unit will gain stats equal to the number of units that died on your side of the board. The chunky unit can end the game when it goes for the swing or by relying on Atrocity to put those stats to use.

Deep: The Sea Monsters are here! Deep has changed a lot since the Rising Tides meta. You have fewer tools to toss cards, which means it’ll take longer to hit deep, and you’ll be more reliant on Maokai for the extra toss.

Prolong the game until Nautilus is leveled up. He’ll then let you swarm the board with sea monsters, each with a unique ability capable of dominating the board and setting up a win condition.

Atrocity is your game finisher if you’re unable to end the game by just attacking. When your opponent’s Nexus falls below 14 health, they must be wary of your Nautilus + Atrocity play.

Ledros Control: The Ezreal Vi deck focuses on board control, killing units, and making sure your opponent doesn’t take over the game. Once the late game hits, Commander Ledros starts striking down your opponent’s Nexus, which creates an opportunity for you to end the game through either Atrocity or your burn cards.

The Midrange decks:

This is a solid lineup in the general meta field. Ruination is a nightmare for your decks. It might be too difficult to make a comeback in the game if you lose your board.

Ashe Katarina is the weak link against aggressive decks. Ban Discard aggro (Jinx Draven) as it’ll be the hardest for Ashe Katarina to keep up with.

Lineup difficulty: Medium

Ashe Katarina: good old Ashe Katarina never failed to show up on the tournament scene back in the day. The archetype wasn’t popular on the ladder but remained a great inclusion in players’ lineups.

The freeze deck wants to dominate the board and level Ashe as soon as possible. Once you commit your attack and start freezing their board, Ashe will halt those frozen units from blocking, paving the way for more units to slam down the Nexus.

Fiora Garen: The Demacia deck wants to develop units on the board and buff them up with Vanguard Bannerman, Garen, and Cithria the Bold. The buffs are crucial to force your opponent into unfavorable blocks.

Garen can accelerate the pace of the game with his Rally effect once leveled. It can be difficult for your opponent to keep up with more Demacian attacks!

Moreover, Fiora threatens to win the game on her own if left unanswered. With the buffs, protection tools, and strike spells, you might be capable of achieving four kills with her.

Gangplank Sejuani: The plunder deck is a safe choice to add to the lineup. It performs well against the majority of the decks in the meta and complements the lineup.

You’re trying to beat other midrange decks while also holding up well against Shadow Isles decks.

Have Fun lineup

Lineup difficulty: Hard

Miss Fortune Twisted Fate Nab: The nab mechanic was popular back in the day. MF TF wasn’t always the aggressive deck we see today, this list relies more on stealing cards from your opponent. The cards can add value to your hand and set up difficult-to-predict plays.

With the help of your scout units, Island Navigator and Razorscale Hunter, the deck can level up Miss Fortune. Citrus Courier can activate rally, which might catch your opponent off guard letting you end the game earlier than expected.

There were different versions of the Nab archetype. Some lists opted to replace Twisted Fate with a Sejuani. The Freljord champion puts an immediate threat on the board and her freeze comes in handy in the late game.

Lux Karma: This deck relies on both champions working hand in hand to set your win condition. Lux provides the Final Spark to pick off units and give you additional value for the spells you play. Karma is your late-game champion. Once she levels up, she’ll make it easier for you to create your Final Spark. Additionally, Karma will trigger Final Spark twice, creating a burn tool to destroy the opponent’s Nexus.

Zombie Ashe: A control deck that runs removal cards to deal with pesky units while using Ashe as a win condition. You will keep reviving Ashe with Mist’s Call and The Rekindler to ensure she does her job.

A leveled-up Ashe can set up a powerful attack that will force your opponent to kill her if they wish to stay in the game. The Harrowing is your finisher play, reviving all the Ashe and The Rekindlers that were killed and threatening to end the game.

Closing Words

The Rising Tides expansion brings a lot of unique decks to the game! Many veteran players consider the Rising Tides meta as one of the best Runeterra has ever had.

Hopefully, you found the article useful, and good luck on your gauntlet run!


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