Author: Agigas


Aurelion Sol and Invoke: Analysis and Ratings

Hello, Agigas here, I’m very happy to bring you a competitive-oriented analysis of Aurelion Sol! This reveal was very intense, with a lot of cards to think about, with all the Invoke enablers and Celestials.

Swain (Leveled)-full 0

Lux/Swain In-Depth Deck Guide

This past week, I have been playing a lot of Swain/Lux in both ladder and tournaments with great results. Playing this deck has been one of my most enjoyable experiences in LoR. It is both very strong and fun to play!

Karma (Leveled)-full 0

Spooky Karma In-Depth Deck Guide

Hello, Agigas here! I am a master player since beta, with several #4 peak and tournaments win. I am also TSM/ LoR consultant. Today, I’m revisiting the deck I’ve got the most success with, Spooky Karma!