Deck of the Day: Champless Catalogue

Dragon showcases a Noxus Shadow Isles control deck that relies on never-ending value from Catalogue of Regrets.
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Hello everyone, I’m here today with a spicy deck that the player from the EU region Smooth Swoleoist brought recently to World’s Qualifiers.

This is a deck that showcases one of the newest cards, Catalogue of Regrets, and utilizes it as a value engine to shut down the opponent’s board with all of our control tools.

A pure control deck like this has not really existed in Legends of Runeterra since the early days of Corina Control. That archetype has died off and has not been considered anywhere near as competitive.

With the newest expansion, however, enough new control tools have been introduced to strengthen the deck and now it has a chance to be competitive. Control players saw the potential of the Catalogue, and Smooth Swoleoist went all-in on it for his World’s lineup by bringing 3 different Catalogue of Regrets decks.

In this article, I’ll highlight the champless Noxus version. There is a lot of synergy between the regions, and playing a champless deck seemed like an interesting challenge.

  • Gameplan

At first glance, the deck looks a bit unreliable, as the main win conditions are expensive, and there is only Whispered Words for card draw.

This is where our build around card Catalogue of Regrets comes in. With this landmark online, you can get double the value from your spells, and any 1-for-1 trade is favorable since you are getting a fleeting card back next turn.

To support our spell-centric gameplan, the deck runs a large number of spells – a total of 27 to be exact. The goal is to slowly out-grind the opponent with spells until we can slam down one of our finisher units like Captain Farron and Commander Ledros.

To win with these units, however, we need to stall and survive, and that is something this deck does exceptionally well. There are a plethora of drain spells, such as Piercing Darkness and Withering Mist.

Go Hard is definitely the star of the deck, as, in addition to incidental healing, it sets up your Ravenous Flock and Scorched Earth. On top of this, Catalogue of Regrets makes it easy to quickly flip Go Hard into Pack Your Bags to completely wreck the opponent’s board.

Note that Catalogue of Regrets copies a random spell, picking from all the spells you’ve cast during the previous round. While you can and will occasionally need to play multiple spells in a turn, if you want to ensure you get a specific spell back, then you need to play only one non-fleeting spell that turn.

Always keep Catalogue of Regrets in every hand and matchup, as it truly empowers what you can do. If you see multiple Catalogues in your opener, you should keep only one – unless you are up against landmark destruction. From there, try to find spells that are better suited for the matchup you are playing.

  • Verdict

This deck has some very polarized matchups, meaning it can’t truly shine on the ladder.

On the one hand, it is great into both Veigar Senna Darkness and Nami Zoe. On the other hand, it really struggles with The Bandle Tree and Sion Draven.

Because of this, the deck is a bit too inconsistent to reliably climb with. However, in Gauntlet, where you can ban the bad matchups, it can feel very powerful.

If you are looking for a slow, grindy archetype that excels in a war of attrition, then I highly recommend trying out this Catalogue of Regrets deck, lest you regret it.


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