Udyr LeBlanc Reputation Deck Guide

Introduction and Deck Stats

Hey there, Raphterra here! Today, I’m bringing to you a guide on a Reputation deck featuring two champions that were buffed in the last balance patch: Udyr and LeBlanc.

I used the deck list featured in this article to climb in my Americas smurf account from Diamond III to Diamond I 80 LP at 77% winrate (17 Wins, 5 Losses). I also played the same list in my APAC Masters account, where I was able to climb to Top 100 Masters at 67% winrate (16 Wins, 8 Losses).

I’m confident that with the right amount of practice, you’ll be able to reach Masters with this deck! If you want to see the deck in action after reading this article, check out my detailed video guide!

Deck Build

This is a Midrange Combo deck that uses Udyr’s Stance Swap Package together with LeBlanc’s Reputation Package to make multiple copies of units with high power and game-ending keywords.

After the last balance patch, Udyr is now a lot easier to level-up and his Power was buffed up to 5. Hyara Allseer, one of Udyr’s main support cards, also has 5 power. This means every strike these units do can now progress Reputation.

Not to mention, it’s possible to make weaker units Reputation enablers by buffing them up with Wildclaw Stance or Bear Stance.

LeBlanc also received a buff; she now generates a Mirror Image upon levelling up. This might seem insignificant at first glance, but Mirror Image is very impactful in this deck.

With Mirror Image, it’s possible to duplicate Udyr and Hyara Allseer to create exact Ephemeral copies and generate more Stance Swaps.

This deck also runs notable cards from the Reputation package. Incisive Tactician is a game-ending card that lets you Rally multiple times in a single turn if you can duplicate him with Mirror Image.

Black Rose Spy is fun follower that allows you to make permanent non-Ephemeral copies of Udyr or LeBlanc.

Trifarian Gloryseeker and Bloody Business provide the deck interaction/removal for pesky backline engines. Being a Strike spell, using Bloody Business with Udyr also generates a Stance Swap.

To close off the build, the deck runs Elixir of Iron + Troll Chant for protection, Kindly Tavernkeeper for healing, and Icevale Archer + Three Sisters for defense and flexibility.

General Mulligan Guide

Omen Hawk, LeBlanc, and Vulpine Wanderer are cards that you should always keep in your opening hand. You should also always keep Udyr, except if you are up against aggro or burn decks.

Trifarian Gloryseeker is good to keep except if you are against decks with pings like Vile Feast or Pokey Stick.

If you already have LeBlanc or Udyr, you can also keep protection spells like Elixir of Iron or Troll Chant.

Against aggressive decks, always keep Icevale Archer and Kindly Tavernkeeper.

If you have a good hand, you can keep Three Sisters or Bloody Business against decks that get countered by these spells.

Game Pattern

Games with this deck usually go in three phases:

  • Phase 2: Stances and Mirrors
    This phase starts from Turn 5 onwards. You want to play Udyr and start casting your Stance Swaps. You are also looking to level up LeBlanc and generate a Mirror Image soon after.
  • Phase 3: Reputation Time!
    This phase is where the fun begins! Once you’ve granted your units stats and keywords through Stance Swap, you can start duplicating them with Mirror Image. You usually close off games by creating copies of Overwhelm units, or by Rallying multiple times with Incisive Tactician.

General Tips

  • Use Stance Swaps correctly.
    Usually, the safest first move is to grant your key units Regeneration with Boar Stance.
    Once a unit already has Regeneration, Bear Stance can further increase that unit’s survivability.
    When you are ready to end games with your high-power units, you can start using Wildclaw Stance to grant them Overwhelm.
    Ram Stance can be used to clear boards against aggro decks, generate Mirror Images with LeBlanc, or to deal Nexus damage to end games.
  • Be mana-efficient with your Stance Swaps.
    Udyr and Hyara Allseer can reduce Stance Swap to 0-cost. Here are some examples of how to make the most out of these discounts:
    • If you generated a Stance Swap with Vulpine Wanderer and you have Udyr in hand, it is often better to wait until Turn 5 when you can play Udyr to reduce the cost of Stance Swap before using it.
    • If you already have a 0-cost Stance Swap and you have Hyara Allseer in hand, you want to use the 0-cost Stance Swap first before playing Hyara Allseer. That way, you can get another discounted Stance Swap that turn.
  • Protect your champions.
    Keeping LeBlanc and Udyr alive is extremely important since they are your main win conditions. Bank spell mana and take note of your opponent’s removals and combat tricks. Make sure that you are always representing mana for your protection spells.
  • Spread your buffs around your other units.
    Most of the time, you will want to use Stance Swap on your other units if Udyr and LeBlanc have already been buffed up. This is especially true when facing decks with hard removal like Vengeance.


Mulligan for: Udyr, LeBlanc, Trifarian Gloryseeker, Vulpine Wanderer, Icevale Archer. If you have a good hand: Elixir of Iron, Troll Chant.

  • Focus on levelling up Udyr as fast as possible. Having stats advantage is extremely important in this matchup. You may need to cast Bear Stance multiple times to keep up with Fated units’ stats.
  • Only engage in combat if you are confident that you can come out on top. If you have the stats advantage prior to combat, you can play reactively with your Freljord combat tricks.
  • Watch out for Single Combat and Concerted Strike. You can use Icevale Archer proactively or Three Sisters reactively to prevent Strike spells from connecting.

Mulligan for: Udyr, LeBlanc, Trifarian Gloryseeker, Omen Hawk, Vulpine Wanderer. If you have a good  hand: Elixir of Iron, Troll Chant.

  • They generally don’t exert any pressure in the early-mid game. They will flip the Buried Sun Disc on Turn 8 at the earliest, which is plenty of time for you to build up a wide board of big units and win the game.
  • Get rid of Roiling Sands with cheap fodder units. Udyr is a fine card to play into Roiling Sands if you can grant him Regeneration immediately. Your opponent attacking into Udyr allows you to generate Stance Swaps.

Mulligan for: LeBlanc, Omen Hawk, Vulpine Wanderer, Icevale Archer. If you have an early unit: Elixir of Iron, Troll Chant, Udyr.

  • The toughest part of this matchup are the early turns. Try to survive with early units and Troll Chant. You can use your Nexus health as an early resource to maintain tempo. Outside of Miss Fortune, it’s hard for them to deal direct damage to your Nexus in the late game.
  • From Turn 5 onwards, you can play Udyr and start granting units Regeneration. At that point of the game, Scouts will struggle to find good attacks against units with high stats and regeneration.

Mulligan for: Udyr, LeBlanc, Omen Hawk, Trifarian Gloryseeker. If you have a good hand: Elixir of Iron, Troll Chant, Icevale Archer.

Mulligan for: Omen Hawk, Icevale Archer, Black Rose Spy, Vulpine Wanderer, Kindly Tavernkeeper. If you have early units: LeBlanc, Troll Chant.

  • Hard mulligan for Kindly Tavernkeeper and units to play on the first 2 turns. Try to survive the early turns and take as less Nexus damage as possible.
  • In the mid-game, you can stabilize with heals from Kindly Tavernkeeper and by using Ram Stance to remove their wide board.
  • They don’t have good answers to big units with Overwhelm. Once you’re able to stabilize, you can end the game very quickly with your Overwhelm units.

Mulligan for: LeBlanc, Udyr. If you have champions: Elixir of Iron, Troll Chant, Vulpine Wanderer

Mulligan for: Omen Hawk, LeBlanc, Udyr, Icevale Archer, Trifarian Gloryseeker, Vulpine Wanderer. If you have a good hand: Elixir of Iron, Troll Chant, Three Sisters.

Mulligan for: Omen Hawk, Vulpine Wanderer, LeBlanc, Udyr. If you have a good hand: Elixir of Iron, Troll Chant, Bloody Business.

  • Viego Shurima has all the tools to stop your gameplan. They have Vengeance to remove Udyr, Merciless Hunter to remove LeBlanc, and even Black Spear if you happen to save your key units with protection spells. They also have Quicksand to remove keywords and Ancient Hourglass / Rite of Negation to stop Bloody Business from removing Viego.
  • In this matchup, you need to just hope for the best and play as if they don’t have these tools to counter your gameplan. Apply the “if they have it, they have it” mentality and play for the win.
  • Try to make trades while Viego isn’t on board yet to delay Viego’s Level up.


Closing Words

It’s surprising how the Stance Package and the Reputation Package work extremely well with each other. The cool combos you can pull off with Udyr and LeBlanc are suspiciously unique and synergistic. Udyr LeBlanc might have been the pairing that Riot intended with the last balance patch!

Hope you enjoy playing! If you want to see the deck in action, I also have a video guide for this deck. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Youtube, Discord, or Twitter!

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