Cosmic Creation Spoilers Dec 11: Zoe Reveal

The Aspect of Twilight, Zoe is the cosmic messenger of Targon, and she will join the roster of LoR champions on December 16!

Zoe is the new Targon champion that will join Legends of Runeterra roster of heroes on December 16 with the Cosmic Creation expansion!

The Aspect of Twilight, Zoe is the cosmic messenger of Targon, heralding major events of the universe that happen far beyond Runeterra. She is the embodiment of mischief, imagination, and change, and approaches her duties with breezy nonchalance. Learn all about Zoe lore on her official universe page!

Check out Zoe’s reveal trailer, as well as all the Targon cards that were spoiled alongside her. And as always, feel welcome to stop by our discord and share if you like her – or rather, how much you do!

  • Zoe Level 1, Zoe Level 2, Supercool Starchart, Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble

What Teemo, Fizz, and Zoe have in common in League of Legends? Well, actually very little – their kits and roles are vastly different from each other. But every one of them does definitely evoke that distinct ‘feel’ among the player base – you either love them or hate them.

Legends of Runeterra’s versions of those champions display that character trait of ‘being INCREDIBLY annoying’ in the common formula – they are all Elusive 1-drop threats that can run away with the game if left unchecked. Zoe does so by generating free value whenever she attacks – getting a card back the first time she hits is an arguably much better proposition than Teemo’s five shrooms planted.

Zoe taps heavily into the Celestial theme. In level one form, she generates a Supercool Starchart spell, which is the newly spoiled card. The other spell, Behold the Infinite has been present there in the LoR card pool since the release of Call of the Mountain in August – only now we’ve seen its connection to Zoe.

  • Paddle Star, Spell Thief, Starry Scamp, Sparklefly

Paddle Star is both a spell that can be generated by Sleepy Trouble Bubble and a maindeckable card by itself. The Slow speed makes it much, much worse than it would be at Fast since you can’t kill the attacker during the combat phase before the damage. Also, the very existence of Ravenous Flock probably makes Paddle Star suffer from the severe case of impostor syndrome.

Spell Thief reflects another signature part of Zoe’s kit – in particular, her ability to ‘pick up’ the summoner spells cast by other champions and re-cast them. This is both a card with a great flavour – and potentially very significant implications for the meta. 1 mana-cost is a big deal.

As we’ve seen in the reveal trailer, Sparklefly combos well with Zoe’s level two passive, but otherwise doesn’t offer much. As for Starry Scamp – he can allow for some scary aggressive starts with Spacey Sketcher. Especially if you’ve managed to hit The Serpent!

That’s all the reveals we’ve been shown today! Stay tuned with us for the in-depth ratings article where we’ll break down Zoe and make a guess on whether she’ll become competitively viable.

The spoiler season is getting to a close, only one champion is left to reveal! Tomorrow we’ll see Noxus cards – in fact, the Brazilian Twitter account for LoR has accidentally posted them early and you can inspect them here (Reddit link).

Also, remember that you can catch up on all the previous official spoilers in our card image gallery.

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