Cosmic Creation Spoilers Dec 10: The Grand Plaza and Targon’s Peak

We've expected to see some of Zoe's followers today, but instead, Riot have treated us to more landmarks and variety stuff!

We’ve expected to see some of Zoe’s followers today, but instead, Riot have treated us to more landmarks and variety stuff!

The Grand Plaza is the first one for Demacia, while Targon’s Peak is the second landmark for the region – after the release of Star Spring in the previous expansion. In addition to that, we’ve got ourselves a couple of really spicy Shadow Isles cards that are bound to warp the game if they end up being actually good.

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  • The Grand Plaza

Demacia are known to struggle for unconditional removal – their interactions mainly come in form of combat tricks and fight spells. Challenger mechanic is a pseudo-removal of sorts that helps Demacia stay strong. The Grand Plaza provides a solid benefit to units that come into play – however, note that it gives a temporary buff you have to make use of immediately.

  • Captain Arrika

It is a long time since we’ve seen such a powerful Elite! Captain Arrika is straight-up two-for-one, and her appearance on the battlefield will always be felt strongly. SpellShield prevents your opponent from getting the captured card back easily, so the removal she provides is almost a guarantee.

  • Targon’s Peak

Now, this is a card that is very hard to evaluate. Obviously, the dream scenario is to discount something like Aurelion Sol as your opponent gets to reduce the cost of their 1-drop to zero mana. Controlling the variance with Targon’s Peak will be incredibly hard, and requires a meticulous deckbuilding around it.

  • Solari Sunforger

Daybreak package gets even stronger with the addition of this card. 5|4 statline is above the bar for Sunforger’s mana-cost, and giving it Lifesteal is trivial – even if it is for the round. This is any burn player’s nightmare.

  • Moonlight Affliction

A Hush-effect that affects two units (including champions) simultaneously? Seems already strong, even at 5 mana. Nightfall ability is a situational boon that you won’t necessarily want to focus on. Moonlight Affliction seems legit.

  • Evershade Stalker

Nightfall decks and Fearsome Aggro decks are probably drooling all over this. Silent Shadowseer is a similar-conceived follower that didn’t see much play, so we have to be a bit skeptical initially. Evershade Stalker will have to really prove its worth to fight for the slot in those tightly built aggressive decks.

  • Pesky Specter

This is a hilarious card that will amount to some grotesque gaming experiences. Once it gets going and both players keep shuffling more and more copies of Pesky Specters into each others’ decks… That would be some spooky fiesta!

This is all we have for December 10! Tomorrow I would be surprised if they dropped a champion on us since Riot usually tease us with a specific ‘follower package’ first.

We’ll see how it goes though – but in any case, make sure to come back tomorrow for the new dose of spoilers!

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