New Expansion ‘Cosmic Creation’ Coming December 16!

Riot have also kicked off the spoiler season with the fresh Piltover and Zaun card 'Mechanized Mimic' that introduces a brand new keyword - 'Augment'.

Legends of Runeterra have announced that the newest expansion named ‘Cosmic Creation’ will arrive on all platforms December 16! Riot have also kicked off the spoiler season with the fresh Piltover and Zaun card ‘Mechanized Mimic’ that introduces a brand new keyword – ‘Augment’.

Read up all the details below and stay tuned with us for the entirety of the spoiler season as we’ll track the latest reveals and break down all the spicy new cards and champions.

  • Cosmic Creation is the 3rd expansion of the Call of the Mountain set

Following the new card release cadence, LoR sets that introduce new regions are stretched over 6-month periods. In August, we witnessed the release of the first expansion of the Call of the Mountain set featuring the Targon region – it contained a total of 7 champions and 82 other cards. In October, it was followed by the Monuments of Power expansion, which introduced 3 more champions and 37 non-champion cards. Cosmic Creation rounds up Call of the Mountain set with yet another 3 new champions + 37 non-champions. In February we’ll get the new set into the game – and with it the new region that is yet to be announced.

  • Which new champions are coming?

Based on the patterns set by previous expansions, we know that Cosmic Creation will add three new champions – one from Piltover and Zaun, one from Noxus, and another one from Targon. From the audio voiceline leaks that happened earlier this year, we already know the names of those champions, with close to 100% certainty. Yet it is still unofficial info, so please click the spoiler link below at your discretion:

  • Cosmic Creation teaser trailer

Official Legends of Runeterra YouTube channel has released the following video announcing the expansion’s release date and teasing a several full art card images:

  • New card and keyword

The new spoiler season begins with the new Piltover and Zaun follower – ‘Mechanized Mimic’. It has a brand new status keyword ‘Augment’: any card with this tag will permanently get +1|+0 every time you play any created card (i.e. token card spawned by some other card of effect).

Augment has some obvious synergies within Piltover and Zaun (Heimerdinger’s turrets, Mushrooms), but also is a keyword that can work well with Targon (Gems, Invoke) and some other regions. Also ‘augments’ can be connected thematically to Viktor, teasing him as the most probable newest PnZ champion (learn about him on League of Legends Universe).

  • The reveal season schedule

Starting today and up until the 16th of December (when the expansion will hit the live servers with Patch 1.16), it is expected that the new spoilers will appear every single day, around 9 AM PST. On Monday we’ll get a bunch of PnZ followers and spells, and on Tuesday the first champion is expected.

Check back with RuneterraCCG for daily spoilers, and follow reveals along with our card image gallery (coming soon!). You’re also welcome to join our Discord to discuss all the sweet spoilers!

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