Dev Snapshot June 2022

Kai’Sa, Star Guardian in Legends of Runeterra – Dev Snapshot June 2022

Game Director Dave Guskin has provided us with his first Dev Snapshot for Legends of Runeterra, shining some light on what’s to come in the next LoR expansion since updating us on their plans to slow down Path of Champions development and refocus on PvP.

The main news is that Kai’Sa will be headlining the next Legends of Runeterra expansion, coming on July 20th (Patch 3.11.0).

In Legends of Runeterra, Kai’Sa is a Shurima Shuriman champion who evolves based on her allies’ keywords.


As you play, you’ll transform both Kai’Sa and her followers into stronger versions of themselves.

If you like midrange champions and combo finishers, Kai’Sa could be the champion for you.

You’ll also get a rare glimpse into Kai’Sa’s story by meeting her followers, who are hardened fighters surviving in an unfriendly world.

We’ll also see new cards that “thrive in darkness”, and some unlikely heroes whose power sources, like Kai’Sa’s, are a “little bit unconventional”.

Kai'Sa's follower #3
Kai’Sa’s follower #3

We will also be getting some of the most ominous characters ever added to the game, with a bit of change of pace since the introduction of Bandle City!

There are numerous speculations on what new exciting champions we might see in the next set combined with the teaser. Fiddlesticks, Evelynn, Kassadin, Malzahar, and Kayn are all possibilities!

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