Zoe Diana Invoke – A Comeback of the Celestials

Zoe Diana Atrocity is a fan favorite archetype of the past - and with the recent Targon buffs, it looks like it's ready to make a splashy return!
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Today’s Deck of the Day will feature Zoe Diana Invoke deck with Shadow Isles as the second region.

Zoe Diana was at its prime earlier this year – it used to be a popular deck for competitive ladder and tournaments, it even was one of my favorite decks to bring to a tournament.

The archetype saw less play after the nerfs to The Veiled Temple, The Fangs, and Starshaping. But after the recent buffs to a couple of Targon cards, it seems like the deck is still kicking! yata64 brought the archetype back to life on the competitive ladder and has seen success with it, managing to hold a positive win rate with their own list.

Well, I had to try it for myself in the current meta, so I took the list, toyed around with it, and tested it for myself!

  • Gameplan:

Zoe Diana Invoke is, as the name suggests, an Invoke control deck. Both champions in the deck don’t necessarily serve as your direct win conditions, they act more as value engines for the deck.

Diana is a strong early drop on your attack turn that is capable of killing a unit while also remaining on the board thanks to her Quick Attack keyword and the Challenger keyword she gains off the Nightfall effect. She usually assists in taking care of the pressure during your early game, while you set up for your late game.

Zoe is an early champion that can generate a Supercool Starchart, the Celestial card generated off of it can help set up your later turns. A plus for having Zoe on the board is that your opponent has to deal with her as she will eventually threaten to level up. Keep in mind that she isn’t actually being run in this deck with the expectations of leveling her up consistently.

The deck is very flexible and adaptable in its playstyle, presenting you the multiple choices with the cards like Solari Priestess, Lunari Priestess, and Moondreamer to make the decision-making extremely intricate as your choices will vary depending on the matchup.

The goal is to prolong the game until you’ve set up your win conditions. With cheap units that can chump block for you and the Celestial cards you’re able to invoke, you’ll be able to slow down your opponent from finishing the game until late game.

So, what’s the win condition? Big Celestial units!

Starshaping is one of the more reliable cards that can get you a big Celestial unit. The healing it provides isn’t the main purpose to play it. In fact, you might find yourself playing it before turn 8 even if you don’t really need the healing.

You’re usually looking for The Great Beyond, The Destroyer, or The Immortal Fire. All of those are massive Celestial units that are difficult for your opponent to deal with.

And since you’re playing a deck capable of generating a lot of Celestial cards, those three units will have additional Power stats depending on the number of Celestial cards you’ve played prior.

The objective from here on is to manage and push in damage with your Celestial unit onto the opponent’s Nexus. From there Atrocity acts as the game finisher. If your opponent’s Nexus is in range for Atrocity, you’ll be able to close out the game!

  • Verdict

The recent buffs to some of the cards Zoe Diana runs made the archetype stronger, the ability to change your Invoke decisions depending on the matchup makes the deck versatile and enjoyable to play!

Although Minimorph now exists in the game, which can be a solid counter to your Celestial win condition units, the deck still holds its ground against some of the popular meta decks – especially aggressive matchups.

It’s a fun archetype to bring to a competitive ladder capable of sneaking wins with an Atrocity finisher, the decision-making that comes with the deck makes every matchup a different experience.


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