Zoe Diana Bandle: Invokes Unleashed

In today's Deck of the Day, we’re combining the Invoke package from Targon with some of the removal and value tools of Bandle City.
  • Origins

Hello everyone, Dragonguy here today with a deck tech for Zoe Diana Bandle City. In this list, you’re looking to combine the Invoke package from Targon with some of the removal and value tools you can find in Bandle City. 

Zoe Diana is not a new concept, and it has seen a fair share of play in the past. Those lists have mainly been Targon Allegiance decks running Mountain Scryer, and splashing Atrocity to go for lethal with large top-end Celestial units.

That deck had fallen off after it received some direct nerfs and hadn’t seen play for months. Even after both Bandle expansions, it did not make a comeback. However, after the recent Diana buff, people began experimenting more with her in Invoke control decks. After some time, Zoe Diana had emerged again, but with some different tools in tow.

For the list above, we’ve ditched the Allegiance synergies with Targon in favor of playing more into a Bandle City package.

  • Gameplan

Zoe Diana is a deck that seeks to combine the powerful Invoke cards from Targon with removal and value units from Bandle City to outgrind the opponent. We’re not running Mountain Scryer, and while losing out on the cost reduction for Celestials is sad, the rest of the deck is still plenty powerful to make up for it. 

Early game, the deck seeks to remove small threats and start generating cards for later turns. Most of our early units are able to generate more cards with their play effects, like Conchologist and Spacey Sketcher.

Zoe is also a great early play, and this deck is really good at leveling her quickly, with a lot of cheap cards that make more cards. Diana is a great unit for the deck, as with her Quick attack and Challenger, we can use her to threaten key units. Thanks to her buff, Lunari Priestess and Pale Cascade can now give her Challenger even in her Level 1 from.

On top of that, we are also running Group Shot and Pokey Stick. There are plenty of small units running around right now, and these cards are great at cleaning them up.

The pieces that really make this deck tick are Starshaping and Yordle Captain.

Yordle Captain puts in a lot of work in this deck, buffing all of our units into more formidable threats while getting them out of certain removal ranges. Because of how strong his buff effect is, it can sometimes be better to hold off on playing some units so they could benefit from it. Yordle Captain is great for enhancing our units and building board presence that can take over games, but it’s not always enough. We need other ways to win the game, which is where Starshaping comes in.

Starshaping does two things, healing your Nexus 4 to keep you alive and finding a Celestial that costs 7 or more. This pool of Celestial cards is very powerful and each one of them can easily win a game for you. If your initial board is not strong enough to push through for the game, then you often want to Starshaping and use that to find a win condition to play around. 

Finally, there is one more thing this deck excels at, and that is Silencing units with important text. Supercool Starchart and Spacey Sketcher can find Equinox, which can Silence important followers for 1 mana.

Blinded Mystic can also do this for 4 mana, and she doesn’t give the opponent a chance to respond and can go through Spellshield. Finally, Minimorph can make anything that gets out of hand into a 3|3 Mini-Minitee. This is great for dealing with decks that rely on 1 champion, like Pantheon, Lee Sin, and Anivia.

  • Verdict

The deck feels decently positioned right now in the current meta. It has enough early game to stall against aggro, with lifegain from Starshaping to survive, and the ability to find The Golden Sister to shut down the opponent.

Against slower decks, you can go aggressive with your smaller units to apply pressure, and use Starshaping to look for a big finisher.

Zoe Diana is incredibly flexible, and has a constant flow of cards, giving you plenty of different plays for the situation you find yourself in.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you have fun if you decide to give this deck a try.


Dragonguy is a just a guy who enjoys playing some fun LOR decks. After taking targon's peak and Deep to top 32 of Guardians of the Ancient, he's been constantly looking to improve his game. Also, he's been playing a lot of Path of Champions lately, and is really enjoying Jinx.

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