Zed Yuumi: An Unstoppable Assassin

If you've played League of Legends, you know the experience - Zed running around oneshotting everyone with Yuumi cheering him on.
Zed Yuumi Fae created by Sera_Strategy • last updated 2 years ago
  • Origins

For my first brew in A Curious Journey expansion, I had the idea to make an Ionia Bandle tempo deck utilizing Faes and Attach.

After several iterations, I found that Zed is the champion that works the best for my goal. Buffs have a lot of value when committed on Zed, so it made sense to pair him up with Yuumi and Faes that would push his powerful attacks into overdrive!

  • Gameplan

The deck has a fairly straightforward game plan: use Grandfather Fae, Gleaming Lantern, and Fae Aid to fill your board with over-statted units, then Attach your Quick Quill, Yuumi, and Rainbowfish to Zed or Assistant Librarian to hit the opponent’s Nexus hard.

Attaching Yuumi or Rainbowfish makes Zed into a true terror, as he gets difficult to remove and hits even harder. Gaining Elusive from Rainbowfish helps him meet his level-up condition, while Yuumi adds raw power that demands an answer.

Some other strong tempo setups include having 2 Grandfather Fae on the board or playing one Gleaming Lantern into another for 1 mana, which then provides another discount on the next Fae you play in that same turn.

You win by playing aggressively and putting pressure on your opponent, forcing them to lose blockers faster than you can field new units. Use Nopeify!, Deny, and Twin Disciplines to protect your Zed and Assistant Librarian from removal when possible.

Your Hungry Owlcats can be a threat that get great value in trades or do a lot of Nexus damage with the help of Grandfather Fae and Fae Aid. Rainbowfish can be great on Owlcats, as you should be able to get at least one big attack in before your opponent can remove them thanks to their built-in Spellshield.

The deck does not have a lot of draw, but it does let you Manifest the best Fae for your situation with Fae Sprout. For example, Mushroom Ring can be difficult to maindeck, but situationally, with Grandfather Fae and Gleaming Lantern it can become a huge threat. Depending on your matchup you may also want Tasty Faefolk, or Furious Faefolk. Remember to use Fae Sprout before Fae Aid if you have both in hand!

While you do not have many spells to trigger Fated on your Assistant Librarians, you can always re-Attach a new Fae to them even if they already have one Attached. The first Fae will bounce to your hand – which lets you move it to another target while activating Fated again. This is not a common play, but should be considered when it makes sense (such as playing Quick Quill early then swapping to Rainbowfish to finish your opponent with an Elusive attacker).

During mulligan, your key units are Grandfather Fae, Quick Quill, Zed, and Assistant Librarian. These followers should allow you to draw into the rest of your Fae and begin applying pressure. Against a slower opponent, it is good to keep Yuumi, Fae Aid (it does best in the early game when you have the largest hand to buff), or a Gleaming Lantern.

  • Verdict

The Faes have arrived, and they bring a lot of tempo when they work together to take advantage of their tribal synergy cards.

Attach is an extremely strong keyword that has amazing synergy with handbuffs – use it to make offensively powerful champions like Zed absolutely unstoppable!

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Sera Strategy
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