Yuumi Reveal: The Magical Cat Takes Fated to the Next Level

Our first new champion in the A Curious Journey expansion is none other than Yuumi, the Magical Cat.

Our first new champion in the A Curious Journey expansion is none other than Yuumi, the Magical Cat. We can expect this new Bandle City and Targon Champion to portal into the game on February 16th.

Yesterday’s reveals offer a lot of Bandle City themed combo cards and powerful spells. Today’s reveal gives us a cadre of units that also work as powerful pump spells, which feels very exciting alongside Pantheon. See Yuumi in action on the official preview video.

Yuumi is a very unique design, and the flagship champion for the new Attach. When you play a Unit with Attach, you have a choice to make; you can either play it as a unit, or play it as a spell that grants its stats and keywords to a friendly unit on board.

You don’t lose too much value if the buffed Unit is removed. The attached Unit returns to your hand if the buffed unit would leave play. This makes me wonder what would happen to the Attach Unit if it was hit with a Minimorph or Hush.

As we saw in the reveal video, Yuumi works very well with Pantheon and the Fated archetype. Being Targon allows them both to share different spots on the curve, as well as repeatable stats to help push their midrange gameplan.

Yuumi’s singature spell is Prowling Projectile. Another Fast speed ping from Bandle City is a card to truly respect. I can see aggressive Bandle City decks, and Fated Bandle City decks at least considering this card alongside Pokey Stick, as it brings a permanent power bump to push more damage over the long game than Pokey ever could.

Alongside Yuumi, we’ve seen three other Units with Attach. Quick Quill, Papercraft Dragon, and Rainbowfish all grant their stats and Quick Attack, Double Attack, and Elusive respectively.

Scholarly Climber feels like a strong Expedition Unit, intended to hold many Attached allies on his back.

Assistant Librarian and Friendship! are both cards that strongly persuade deck builders into considering Bandle City alongside Pantheon and Targon. Librarian is the first non-Targon Fated unit, and the Nexus Strike trigger is poised to draw you all the Pale Cascades and Guiding Touches the strategy needs. Friendship! also looks to bring versatility to a protective spell, fit for any combat situation, and may work as another copy of Bastion seen in the all-in Pantheon decks.

Yuumi, and all her support cards, are ready in the RuneterraCCG deck builder for your early brewing to begin. We’re going to be previewing many cards from the new A Curious Journey expansion. Stay tuned for the Yuumi theorycraft article and even more previews right here on RuneterraCCG.


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