What’s Next for Legends of Runeterra: 2020 Roadmap Update

Executive Producer Jeff Jew and Design Director Andrew Yip have shared what’s yet to come for Legends of Runeterra in 2020.

Executive Producer Jeff Jew and Design Director Andrew Yip have shared what’s yet to come for Legends of Runeterra in 2020. Check out the infographics below, watch the official video, and read on to catch up on all the exciting announcements and details!

Card Release Schedule

As it was revealed yesterday, the new expansion ‘Monuments of Power’ comes out on October 14th. The developers have also confirmed their intent to keep releasing new expansions every two months, introducing a new region every six months.

Three expansions are always grouped into a set that is structured around that newly introduced region. For example, the Call of the Mountain set features Targon and includes three expansions: ‘Call of the Mountain’ (August 2020), ‘Monuments of Power’ (October 2020), and another unannounced expansion to follow in December 2020. Two months after that, in February 2020 the brand new set will introduce the 9th region into Legends of Runeterra – and that set will also contain three expansions. Check out the infographics below:

New Event

The next Legends of Runeterra event will be similar to the ‘Spirit Blossom’ event that took place in the summer. Players will be able to earn unique cosmetic rewards and in-game currency by playing the game; they also can choose to unlock the exclusive reward track by purchasing the Event Pass. This time around the developers insist that they have taken in the players’ feedback from ‘Spirit Blossom’ to lessen the grind and optimize the rewards path.

Exact date and details of the upcoming event are not yet revealed, but it was shared that the ‘theme of the event will be very different in tone to the Spirit Blossom’.

Card Cosmetics

There are multiple types of card cosmetics that are currently in the works, more details will be shared at the start of 2021. Below is an early look into just one of those cosmetic types, called ‘card styles’. It was said that these styles will be earnable for every card in your collection.

Spectator Mode

The initial version of the Spectator Mode will be launched in November – it will allow everyone to spectate their friends playing games in real-time. The developers promised to keep working on the feature to eventually make it able to fully support tournaments coverage and esports needs.

Seasonal Tournaments

Seasonal Tournaments are the special type of official competition that will be held fully within the game client at the end of each season. Over 1000 players in each region will be able to compete in these tournaments. The implementation of these events is marketed as the first step towards building the official LoR competitive scene. The next big roadmap update for LoR esports is to be expected in early 2021.

To qualify for Seasonal Tournaments, you need to either be one of the top players on the leaderboard or to be one of the first players to complete ‘the final gauntlet that takes into account all your previous gauntlets throughout the season’. The exact details of this two-part qualification system will be shared by developers later. So far, all we have is the date of the next Seasonal Tournament – it will begin on December 6. Check out the infographics below:

In addition to all of the info revealed, today marks the kick-off of the ‘Monuments of Power’ spoiler season. Stay tuned as we will keep track of all the latest card reveals over the coming days!


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