Freshlobster’s Quick Guide to: Viktor Vi Combo

Today Freshlobster is taking a look at an Arcane-inspired deck that benefits greatly from the Augment keyword and generated cards!

Heya, freshlobster here with another combination of a written guide & some video material

Today we’ll be taking a look at an Arcane-inspired deck – an aggressive Viktor Vi combo deck that benefits greatly from the Augment keyword and generated cards!

Viktor Vi Combo created by freshlobster • last updated 2 years ago

General Gameplan

Our main goal is to buff up one of our “big hitters” (Vi, Viktor, Ballistic Bot, Nyandroid) to insane attack numbers and use Ambush to get a humongous Elusive hit in.

If one big attack turn should not suffice to close out the game, we can finish our opponent with Nexus burn (Get Excited!, Mystic Shot, Pokey Stick, Ignition, Poison Dart). Our plethora of early game units also allows us to get early chip damage in consistently, as well as cheeky Elusive hits from Daring Poros or Nyandroid.

In the early game, we focus on swarming the board with cards like Otterpus, Conchologist, or Loping Telescope while simultaneously generating plenty of cheap cards. Don’t be wasteful with those generated cards – ideally, we’ll want to play them once we have multiple Augment units on the board and/or a Vi in hand to gain lots of attack value!

As soon as we have stacked up some “big hitters”, we try to ensure those will actually connect with the enemy’s Nexus. We can use our burn spells to remove chump blockers and especially Elusive blockers. Furthermore, Loping Telescope can find helpful stuff like Crescent Strike, The Serpent, or Equinox, and Conchologist can manifest us more Ambush, Sumpworks Map, or burn spells.

Tips & Tricks

  • Keep an eye on Viktor’s level up progress!
    He can flip very easily in this deck and since a lot of the generated cards only cost 1 mana, a leveled Viktor will often allow you to still empower your board immensely even if you have no mana left.
  • Always plan 1 or 2 turns ahead!
    This is generally important in LoR, but even more so if you’re playing a combo deck. This will help you to always keep your gameplan and win conditions in mind, especially when looking for lethal setups. But even in the early game, it can have profound effects: It will often be best to not play every unit on curve, but bank some spell mana instead so you can play Viktor alongside a Hex Core Upgrade and Ignition on turn 4 right away and make maximum use of the Augment keyword.
  • Be aware of your opponent’s removal options!
    If they play good single target removal (Minimorph, Hush, Flash Freeze, Vengeance, Concussive Palm) it will often be best to not stack all your buffs on one unit, but rather have multiple Augment units swing side by side and Ambush one of the weaker units. On the other hand, if they have no way of stopping an Elusive Vi or Ballistic Bot, you can recklessly go all-in and pump as much damage through that unit as possible.


  • Vs Aggro
    Look for Otterpus, Poro Cannon and removal for our opponent’s key units. If we have a turn 1 play, we can also keep some other units on curve. Vi is usually only a keep if our hand is already good. Viktor is too slow to keep against most aggro decks.
  • Vs Midrange, Control & Combo
    The slower our opponent’s deck is, the greedier we can be in the mulligan. We’re looking for our value engines Ballistic Bot, Viktor, Vi to get buffed in hand, and in some matchups for Nyandroid. We play for our “big hitters” win condition from the very start.

Tech Choices

  • Vs Midrange, Control & Combo
    The deck is already well teched for slower matchups. If you run out of steam too often, you can try 1-2x Treasured Trash as a fun and effective alternative win condition. A third Nyandroid can also be good.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know what you think of this quick guide + video format and what you’d like to see more (or less) of. Any constructive feedback helps a lot!


With a background in live Poker, freshlobster got into LoR at the start of the Corona pandemic. After starting out as solely a competitive player & tournament grinder, he has since expanded to content creation on Twitch and YouTube, shoutcasting, coaching, social media and writing - always trying to merge the educational & competitive side of LoR with fun & entertainment.

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