Viktor Vi Allegiance in Top 10 of European Ladder

Viktor Vi allegiance has been showing impressive results on the ladder since Viktor's buff. Brokenball took a variant of 4LW's archetype on the ladder and shares his advices and verdict.
  • Origins:

Viktor’s newest buff prompted a lot of experimentation in different archetypes, ranging from control Targon shells to explosive aggressive augment decks. Augment Viktor decks have exceeded everyone’s expectations, especially the Noxus all-in variants which currently hold the highest WR in the game.

Today I want to share a more stable version that uses PnZ allegiance with an Atrocity splash. The original list comes from Brazilian tournament player 4LW, I changed a few cards and I played the deck expecting it to be a meme. To my surprise, the deck felt amazing and is now my best performing deck of the patch over 30 games.

  • Gameplan:

As to be expected from an Allegiance deck your gameplan is quintessential PnZ, as you have the option of being aggressive while still being perfectly capable of controlling the board with your damage spells.

Your objective is to set up your augment threats to later make use of their huge attack with either Ambush or the Sumpworks Map from Sumpsnipe Scavenger.

Thanks to Viktor’s buff, ramping up your Augment units is not as much of a tempo loss. However, you will still need to decide when to block with them and when to use HP as a resource. This is why this deck requires you to think ahead a few turns and understand what your win condition is.

Vi is a flexible champion as she can either be a huge elusive win-con or help you control the board by picking off important enemy engines like the enemy Viktor.

Vi often gets a good trade and then sticks around to threaten a huge elusive hit or an additional trade – Vi’s utility is hard to overstate in this deck.

The Atrocity splash is a very smart addition to the deck. Not only is the card a great finisher with your Vi and Augment units, but it also massively improves the Ferros Financier pool by adding cards like Vengeance and Ruination.

Sumpsnipe Scavenger may seem like an underwhelming allegiance card, but she is deceptively strong in the deck as she provides a good body, and her Map buffs your augment units. She is quite useful as she helps diversify your threats against decks that can deal with 1 big unit.

Station Archivist proved to be a very powerful tool, as the spell she provides are all valuable. Some of my favorite Archivist hits are Sump Fumes for interaction, Iterative Improvement to make a board of 4/4s in the late game, Ambush for a low commitment elusive attack, or Viktor’s champion spell to swing matchups like the augment mirror.

Some important play patterns to keep in mind:

  • Against other augment decks Iterative Improvement is very powerful and can fix up your hand if you target your opponent’s unit. Also, Sump Fumes is very powerful as it can cleanly take out an early Bot or Nyandroid for very cheap.
  • Ballistic Bot’s Ignitions are very powerful against slow decks so abuse them
  • Aggro decks generally have no way to interact with a big elusive unit, so you can often win in a single turn against them so focus on surviving.
  • A lot of decks on the ladder currently struggle to deal with an Atrocity on Vi.

As for mulligan tips, you should always look for Boom Baboon and Ballistic Bot. If you have a decent early game hand, Viktor and Vi are good keeps. Against augment decks, keep Sump Fumes, Vi, and Viktor, and against aggressive decks keep Urchin and Poro Cannon even when you don’t have good discard targets.

  • Verdict:

This deck has proven to be a powerful variant of the Viktor Augment archetype.

It has been gaining a lot of traction and even though it’s losing a lot of its surprise factor it still keeps winning. This list could end up as a tier 1 deck because it has a better matchup against decks with removal compared to the Noxian variant.

My score with the deck is 26-5 which got me to the top 10 on the european ladder.

So if you always wanted to play a competitive Allegiance deck with the Arcane duo of Viktor/Vi, this is the list for you! Thanks for reading my article, you can follow me to stay up to date on my content!

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