Trundle Gnar Timelines: The Highest Win Rate Deck of Week 1!

Concurrent Timelines are back, but this time, we have more than just 'another spicy deck' - it's an actual meta contender.
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Hey, Agigas here! In the early season a ton of new decks and old staples are battling it out, and so far it’s fair to say that Gnar is the most prized champion in the race.

Gnar Ziggs, Gnar Swain, and Gnar Fizz all are very strong. However, today I wanted to take a look at a much spicier Gnar deck – Trundle Gnar Timelines.

The combo between Trundle’s Ice Pillar and Concurrent Timelines has already been tried before, but the deck was never able to become meta-defining as it was often labeled inconsistent and a bit underwhelming.

However, with the addition of Gnar, and on the back of some meta changes, the archetype has now really found its footing, so much that it shows a 57% win rate on stats – the single highest number among popular archetypes.

4LW was the one to build and popularize this new version and was among the first players to reach Masters this season, with a 70% win rate on it.

  • Gameplan

Trundle Gnar Timelines is a midrange archetype, looking to use Concurrent Timelines to gain tempo advantages.

With its numerous high-value units, the deck rarely ever runs out of value, and Concurrent Timelines then transforms those into followers with better stats.

Aloof Traveler is a great example – you get the unit’s powerful on-summon effect, then turn it into one of the many better-stated 4-cost units. The combo between Concurrent Timelines and Trundle‘s Ice Pillar is particularly devastating, allowing you to cheat out a free 8-cost unit onto the board.

While there’s some randomness factor to Timelines, being able to make many choices through the game still allows you to adapt to the matchup and situation.

With or without Concurrent Timelines, the deck is a midrange powerhouse. Trundle and Gnar both are excellent self-enabling champions, and will very quickly build-up pressure when not dealt with. With the Piltover & Zaun’s strong removals, the deck is able to control the board in the midgame.

The deck also comes with a small Discard package, as Zaunite Urchin allows us to cycle our spare copies of Concurrent Timelines and Boom Baboon‘s Flame Chompers!. Avarosan Sentry, Gnar, and Aloof Traveler also provide draw, giving us the ability to quickly cycle through our deck.

As you can see, we have tempo and value tools, as well as the ability to deal with the key opposing threats, so we can consistently build powerful boards in the midgame.

The deck rarely has trouble closing out games. First of all, we have It That Stares + Buried in Ice combo. Transforming the whole opposing board into landmarks enables our units to push a lot of damage, and It That Stares can make sure there’s no coming back for the opponent.

There are plenty of additional ways to finish games – our removals double down as burn, we can create interesting 8-cost units with Concurrent Timelines, fish for high-value spells with Ferros Financier – and don’t forget that both Gnar and Trundle are large Overwhelm units when leveled, capable of wrapping things out shortly by themselves.

  • Verdict

Trundle Gnar Timelines is my most played deck of the season so far, and I’ve found it to be the most enjoyable deck I’ve played in a while. With Concurrent Timelines and Ferros Financier creating so many possibilities, anything can happen.

But the deck is more than just another ‘spicy’ archetype – it’s also an impressively strong deck. From my experience, it does deserve the high win rate it is currently showing on stats. I am personally on an 11-4 record (73% win rate) on the ladder with the archetype, and I expect the deck to grow more and more popular as the meta develops.

I hope you’re enjoying the new meta as much as I do, and that you’ll have a great time testing Trundle Gnar Timelines.

Thanks for reading!


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