Top Masters Decks – Season of Fortune – Week 8

We may be in the middle of spoiler season, but Season of Fortune isn't over yet!

We may be in the middle of spoiler season, but Season of Fortune isn’t over yet. Players have plenty of options at their disposal as the meta remains healthy and diverse. As such, various exciting homebrews and renaissances of forgotten archetypes continue to spring up week in and week out.

Muscle Dragon by luzeldon

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I’m excited to be able to feature a Horns of the Dragon aggro deck this week! Luzeldon has used variations of this decklist to reach Masters rank two seasons in a row and they continue to push the boundaries of what this archetype can do. The deck aims to chip at the enemy Nexus before combo-ing out Horns of the Dragon or a leveled up Zed with Overwhelm to push through the last bit of damage.

To facilitate that last push, the deck runs a full three copies each of Might and Kato The Arm, along with three copies of Elixir of Wrath, which acts as +6|+0 on both Zed and Horns of the Dragon. The rest of the list is flexible enough to be adjusted to any meta, providing this list with resiliency between patches. Shen, Ki Guardian, and Greenglade Caretaker provide extra bulk to the deck along with added survivability for your core units. Inspiring Mentor and Twin Disciplines buff your core units to push through extra damage (or survive longer in TD’s case). The Trifarians are aggressive units that can clear blockers effectively or eat up precious removal spells from the opponent.

This deck is quick enough to tough it out with aggro decks and is generally capable of completing its combo before other combo decks. The worst matchup for the list is Frostbite Midrange, but it’s not unwinnable.

Jinx/Elise Aristocrats by PrincessPowerful – 2nd Place at Giantslayer Fight Night #7 and Top 200 Masters

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PrincessPowerful took a unique approach to the Aristocrats lists in Legends of Runeterra. You may have noticed a few “key” aristocrats cards missing from this decklist, namely Phantom Prankster and Neverglade Collector. Instead, this deck aims to dump its hand onto the board, leverage the Last Breath effects of its followers while chipping in damage, and then finish up with Jinx or Augmented Experimenter.

Like most aggressive decks, this deck plays its cards quickly and, as such, leverages Jinx’s desire for you to empty your hand. Once you level up Jinx you have extra card draw and can start throwing Super Mega Death Rocket!’s at your opponent. Meanwhile, you have the typical Piltover & Zaun removal suite in the form of Thermogenic Beam, Mystic Shot, and Get Excited! along with further card draw in Glimpse Beyond. The followers round this deck out with plenty of Last Breath effects to synergize with cards like Barkbeast and Chronicler of Ruin, while allowing you to chip in for damage or set up for blocks.

PrincessPowerful is a top 200 Masters player and piloted this deck to 2nd place in Giantslayer’s Fight Night #7. If you enjoy faster playstyles and want to try out something new, give this deck a try.

Kyuu HecaLux by Kyuudaime

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Kyuudaime brings us a new flavor of Mageseeker list, pairing two unconventional allies together: Hecarim and Lux! The decklist is rather similar to the more traditional Lux/Thresh decks that continue to find a home in the meta since the Open Beta. It runs the Mageseeker package instead of Hapless Aristocrat and Vanguard Sergeant, but the rest of the follower base is largely the same. The 1-of Spectral Matron synergizes with Hecarim and provides an extra potential benefit for The Harrowing later on.

The spells are where this deck differs a bit further from Lux/Thresh. Kyuu runs several 1-of spells to make room for extra removal that they believe is well-positioned in the current meta. These include Single Combat, Concerted Strike, Vengeance, Judgment, and The Ruination. A full 3 copies of The Harrowing doubles down on this deck’s endgame potential and can combo off with Tianna, allowing you to attack in with trades and swing again with a full board. Judgment can be a blowout for your opponent as it isn’t a card that sees too much play these days and is likely to be played around. Hecarim provides added mid-game pressure for the opponent and fuels The Harrowing without feeding it real units. If you manage to have him on the board when you resolve The Harrowing you are in for a massive attack that will likely spell disaster for your opponent.

If you enjoy the Lux/Thresh archetype and want to try something new, give this deck a try! It’s unclear which of the two are best suited for the current meta, but let me know of your success. 

Vi/Heimer by TippyTipz – Top 400 Masters

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If you thought this deck and these champions were dead… you weren’t alone, but TippyTipz is here to prove the opposite. This week they put together a Vi/Heimer list that was able to climb the Masters ladder. The deck is designed to cater to the newly adjusted Heimerdinger who received a nerf in Patch 1.6 and hasn’t seen much play since.

As Heimer’s turrets shifted around on mana cost, this deck focuses on generating as mana 4|1 Overwhelm turrets as it can. To that end, the deck is full of 4-drop spells – 11 to be exact – most of which are at Burst speed. Two copies of Bloodsworn Pledge help to generate Stormlobbers and simultaneously beef up any that you had on the board. In this deck, it also serves as an upgraded Twin Disciplines as it is a Burst-speed way to protect Heimerdinger while buffing another unit in the process.

On the follower front, TippyTipz runs the staple Freljord units you can expect to find in nearly any Freljord list these days. Tavernkeeper is nice inclusion here to help you survive the early game against aggressive strategies and leaves behind a decent body in the process. The inclusion of Corina Veraza is an intriguing choice as a closer in the late game. In a deck running 20 spells, Corina is likely to hit rather reliably and can bring you back from otherwise lost games. Vi synergizes well with the multitude of spells in the deck and is capable of closing out games all on her own if she isn’t dealt with. 

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but this deck is a breath of fresh air for the current meta and breathes new life into an archetype which was thought to have been decimated until now. This archetype plays out like a combo deck but tends to have good matchups across the board. Frostbite Midrange could prove difficult. TippyTipz was able to bring it into the mid-ranks of Masters and, given how unexpected it is likely to be, could be a great choice for your ladder climb as well. 

DnD Anivia by Keppada – Top 700 Masters

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Lastly, we have a real treat. This week Keppada brought a slew of unique decks to the ladder in his climb to Masters. He made the final push from Diamond to Masters with DnD Anivia. As the deck’s name implies, the goal is to make as many copies of Anivia as possible with Dawn and Dusk. The combo here is that when the copies die due to Ephemeral, the Eggnivias will stick around.

Since the deck relies so heavily on Anivia, it runs the full Freljord ramp package in Wyrding Stones and Catalyst of Aeons. It also includes Entreat as three more chances to draw Anivia and a multitude of spells to keep you alive until you can get the combo together. Steel Tempest, Concussive Palm, Flash Freeze, and Brittle Steel make up the deck’s survival package. Those, along with Kindly Tavernkeeper, should be enough to push you through the endgame where you can unleash a fury of blizzards on your opponent. 

Another unique decklist that has proven it has what it takes to reach Masters with the right pilot. Keppada currently sits at Top 700 in Masters rank and has this list to thank for getting him out of Diamond. The aggressive matchups are likely rather difficult for this deck to handle without the extra healing provided by Shadow Isles, but ramping into She Who Wanders quickly might be enough to save you. It’s against more controlling decks is where this archetype shines.


There you have it! Another week of innovative and intriguing decklists. What surprised you the most? What decks have you been having the most fun with this season? Which of these lists are you most interested in trying out? Let me know here in the comments or over on Twitter! Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next week with the hottest Masters decks.


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