Top 7 New Decks from Day 1 of Patch 4.3 – Glory in Navori Expansion

In this article, Sorry shares 7 Deck Builds that performed well on the first day of Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.3.

The new Patch 4.3 “Glory in Navori” expansion has brought about a refreshing change in the meta, introducing the Rotation format with a range of new cards.

Players are still experimenting with the new cards, trying to find the best competitive decks out there. The rotation of many cards has paved the way for many old archetypes to gain prominence in the Standard format.

Here are seven decks that performed well on the first day of the expansion.

Note: all decks are for the Standard format.

Fizz Samira

Fizz Samira created by Sorry • last updated 5 months ago

Arguably the most formidable deck in the game currently, Fizz Samira dominated the ranked mode on the first day of Patch 4.3. The deck utilizes elusive units such as Fizz, Inferna, Wiggly Burblefish, and Fleet Admiral Shelly to push direct Nexus damage.

Samira can be quite the bully in the early stages of the game. Her Quick Attack keyword along with the Challenger keyword from Flair, allows her to pick off units and ensure you win the board presence.

Additionally, a leveled Samira can activate Rally, providing an additional attack that could potentially close out the game.

Fleet Admiral Shelly plays a critical role in buffing up the board and creating a more threatening presence. The fact that you run a lot of cheap spells means you’ll immediately gain value from Shelly.

The inclusion of Inferna draws cards each time Plunder is activated, which is particularly beneficial given the deck’s abundance of low-cost cards.

Seraphine Jack

On the first day of the expansion, Seraphine Jack had the highest win rate among other Jack versions. Two Seraphine Jack versions found success, one focused on an elusive win condition, while the other took advantage of Mischievous Marai’s Powder Kegs.

In this article, I’ll showcase the Mischievous Marai version. This is a control/combo deck that relies on casting new spells in order to level up Seraphine.

Jack is a buffy unit that stacks up your Coin with every strike, providing mana for future turns. If leveled, Jack can become a win condition as he’ll start pushing Overwhelm damage. Overwhelm damage can be a game changer, especially with your deck’s capability to burn down the opponent’s Nexus.

Seraphine and Mischievous Marai amplify your damage spells, allowing you to deal more damage and kill multiple units with cards like Make it Rain or Caustic Riff.

The elusive version:

Karma Sett

Karma Sett, popularized by Alanzq, performed well on the first day of the expansion, even beating Fizz Samira.

Sett, along with his support units, plays an important role in prolonging the game and maintaining board development. Sett can challenge and kill pesky units. His barrier ability during the attack phase forces more resources out of your opponent to kill him.

Once Karma is leveled, you’ll start outvaluing your opponent, dominating the game, and setting up your winning play. Karma also doubles the mana you get from Coin, providing room for more plays.

Pantheon Samira

Samira Pantheon was the first concept that came to mind while watching Samira’s trailer.

The Noxus Targon deck wants to work on leveling Pantheon as soon as possible. This is where cards like Samira, Lunari Clutist, target spells, and equipment play an important role.

Samira’s Flair can trigger the Fated keyword for units like Saga Seeker, Wounded Whiteflame, and Pantheon, allowing you to set up a strategic attack. Additionally, Flair helps to advance Pantheon’s level-up process, a champion who serves as the primary win condition in the late game.

Pantheon and Camphor, the Doubt will start pushing Overwhelm damage. It’s important you try to keep them alive as long as possible, as every attack they commit means more Overwhelm damage towards the Nexus.

Samira’s isn’t just for her Flair; she’s also capable of activating Rally, which gives Pantheon a second shot at destroying the opponent’s Nexus.

Annie Caitlyn

Annie Caitlyn is the newest Noxus PnZ Broadmane deck, replacing Ezreal after getting rotated out. This variant focuses on demolishing the opponent’s board with the help of both Lord Broadmane and Flashbomb Traps.

Caitlyn and the recently introduced card, Flashbomb Peddler, possess the ability to deploy Flashbomb Traps within the opponent’s deck. These Traps are capable of eliminating units or inflicting damage upon them. The affected units subsequently become vulnerable to Lord Broadmane’s prowess, as his ability make it easier for you to kill damaged units.

This deck wants to run the opponent out of resources, killing practically anything that’s on the board and leaving the opponent with nothing left to play. Once the board is clear, you’ll start setting up attacks to damage the Nexus.

Moreover, Tybaulk is a crucial part of your game plan; the buff it provides to all your spell and skill damage can put you way ahead of your opponent. Tybaulk’s Overwhelm damage in itself imposes a lot of pressure and forces your opponent to find an answer.

Miss Fortune Quinn

We haven’t seen Miss Fortune Quinn as a top performer in a long time. However, on the first day of the expansion, the Scouts deck, featuring Form Up!, was able to maintain a high win rate on the ranked ladder.

With Ravenous Flock now rotated out, this deck has a chance to shine. The objective of the Scouts archetype is to develop a wide board of units and gradually chip away at the opponent’s Nexus. A leveled-up Miss Fortune is important in achieving this goal, and Scout units accelerate her level-up process.

Relentless Pursuit puts tons of pressure on the opponent. The additional attack can end up being too much for your opponent to handle, especially with a leveled Miss Fortune or Quinn.

Aatrox Quinn Vayne

Aatrox Vayne fell out of the meta after receiving a lot of harsh nerfs. However, it saw a resurgence in popularity in patch 4.3, holding the highest win rate on the first day of the expansion.

The key to this deck’s success lies in the Darkin equipment, which enhances the power of its units. The Darkin Harp can be extremely powerful when equipped on challenger units like Fleetfeather Tracker and Valor. The Spear is great on units like Petricite Broadwing and Ranger-Knight Defector.

With the help of your equipment, you’ll be able to win over the board and work on reducing the cost of World Ender. When World Ender is finally cast, Aatrox will level up and all equipped units will transform into the weapon’s Darkin form, thus shifting the board pressure in your favor.

Additionally, Aatrox reduces the mana cost of Darkin units, allowing more board development and a stronger attack.

Closing Words

Samira has been crushing it so far. She’s the strongest champion so far and has found success in different archetypes.

Players continue to experiment with Jack and Sett, trying to find more archetypes where they shine. Jack Sett was expected to be one of the top performers, however, it currently has a low win rate on the ranked ladder.


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