Top 6 New Forces from Beyond Decks of Day 1 of Patch 3.11

Patch 3.11 is finally out! Forces from Beyond expansion brings three new champions to the Runeterra world! Gwen, Kai’Sa, and Evelyn are the newest additions to the roster, each with unique abilities that bring fresh air into the meta.

Additionally, we have a lot of new cards to support our new champions, along with two new keywords, Hallowed and Evolve.

The first day of the expansion has passed, and players have taken the new cards and poured their creativity into them in an attempt to build the best decks! Today, I’ll be taking a look at the popular decks that performed well and featuring them here, let’s get started!

Viktor Kai’Sa

Viktor Kai’Sa has been one of the best performing decks on the first day of the expansion. The list runs multiple units with different Keywords and takes advantage of that to advance its game plan.

This is an aggressive deck that can dish out a lot of damage in one turn once you have all the pieces lined up. Boon Baboon’s Flame Chompers! synergize well with Kai’Sa’s Quick Attack as it offers the challenger keyword once you play Second Skin.

Viktor is a free keyword generator. The Hex Core Upgrade offers a new keyword each turn and can turn Viktor into a win condition. He is also the perfect ally to play Second Skin on as he offers multiple keywords to Kai’Sa.

Void Abomination is a secondary win condition later in the game once you’ve had a good number of keywords on the board.

Finally, Supercharge accelerates your winning play. Instead of waiting for a finisher keyword like Overwhelm or Elusive, Supercharge grants you that Overwhelm keyword and on top of that, a Spell Shield for protection. Keep in mind that Supercharge is a Focus speed spell, so you can technically play it on a strong unit on the board and then play Second Skin to grant Kai’Sa those two keywords, which creates two threats on the board.

Shen Kai’Sa

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you, Shen is paired with a region other than Demacia. Shen Kai’Sa seems to be one of the newest takes on the first day of the expansion.

The deck runs a lot of different units with unique keywords such as Barrier, Impact, Fearsome, Elusive, and Lifesteal. On top of that, we can create the Challenger, Overwhelm, and Spell Shield keywords with Sonic Wave and Supercharge.

What’s interesting about this Shen version is that you’re able to turbo-level Shen with the assistance of
Blastcone Seedling and Kinkou Student. Once Shen is leveled, all barriered units will have additional Power stats. Combined with Supercharge, let’s say on Greenglade Caretaker, you’ll be able to deal a lot of Overwhelm damage to your opponent’s Nexus.

The deck basically has multiple win conditions and Kai’Sa is there to make sure you have even more! Once she has accumulated a lot of keywords and leveled up, it forces an answer from your opponent or she’ll close out the game.

Sacred Protector finally sees play! The “Shen boat” is important to find Shen later in the game. He empowers your win conditions, making it more difficult for your opponent to answer a full-on attack with Greenglade Caretaker and Kinkou Student.

Lucian Evelyn

Evelynn Lucian created by Sorry • last updated 1 year ago

Evelyn Luician make a great duo. The Husks contribute to the leveling of Lucian, you’ll find it much easier to level up your champion and turn him into a win condition.

You’re a board-centered deck that wants to take over board presence and put a lot of pressure on your opponent with the help of Husks and Rally.

Dawnspeakers‘ addition to the list allows you to buff up your Husks, the additional +1|+1 stats benefit your other units once they hit the board.

The keywords on your units along with the Rally effect from Lucian and Golden Aegis will end up too difficult for your opponent to stand firm against them. Keywords like Challenger, Overwhelm, and Elusive can go a long way in ensuring you take over the game.

Steem can be a game finisher if you set up the right keyword on it. Elusive or Overwhelm combined with the Scout keyword can potentially close out the game.

Ahri Gwen

Many different versions of Ahri Gwen quickly got popular on the first day of the expansion, I took Szychu’s list that he tested on the ranked ladder to feature in this article.

Early on in the game, you’ll focus on working on increasing your Hallowed keyword while at the same time leveling up your Ahri. Moreover, Gwen can impose a lot of pressure when she goes for a swing, eventually forcing an answer out of your opponent.

The neat thing about Ionia is that you have tons of protection tools to keep your key units alive and halt any interruption to your game plan.

Once Ahri is leveled up here is where the Hallowed keyword shines the brightest! When attacking, make sure to set up Ahri as the first attacker, this way she’ll gain the Hallowed Power buff. She’ll threaten to deal an enormous amount of damage, especially with her Swap ability, allowing her to repeat the attack until she reaches the last attacking unit.

Gwen Quinn

Quinn Gwen is a unique archetype that I personally faced while playing on the ranked ladder. Usually, when you think of Quinn we immediately pair her with Miss Fortune. Well move aside Miss Fortune, Gwen is here to take the spot.

Quinn Gwen is a The Grand Plaza deck that takes advantage of the Challenger keyword to take over the board presence.

Strike Up The Band can be a devastating play for your opponent if The Grand Plaza is on the board. Quinn can be pretty bothersome on the board as she slowly threatens to level up and impose more pressure with the Scout keyword and Valor.

Quinn’s job doesn’t end there! Eternal Dancers is here to revive a dead Quinn. The summoned Ephemeral Quinn will summon a Valor for you, which you can use to pick off key units from the board.

As you put more pressure on your opponent, Gwen continues to snip on your opponent’s Nexus, eventually destroying it as more of your Hallowed units die and increase the Power of your units.

Katarina Yasuo

Katarina Yasuo created by Sorry • last updated 1 year ago

With the addition of new support cards for Yasuo, it wasn’t really a surprise to see an increase in gameplay for the archetype on the first day of the expansion. What was surprising though, is that Katarina Yasuo is holding a positive win rate on ranked mode, a 57.22% win rate.

The archetype relies on the Stun mechanic to advance its game plan and level up Yasuo. The new cards, Windswept Hillock and Strategic Execution, assist in leveling up Yasuo faster. Windswept Hillock specifically is a handy tool to draw your champion while also advancing your plan.

Katarina is a great companion as she offers Blade’s Edge to set up a Ravenous Flock play and her Recall mechanic advances Yasuo’s level up.

Once Yasuo is leveled, he’ll be capable of killing units relatively easily when they are stunned, making sure you take full control of the board.

Closing Words

It’s only been 1 day and we’re already seeing many creative archetypes, even witnessing an infinite Eternal Dancers with Ruined Reckoner.

Keep in mind that many of the lists I shared will most likely be tweaked in the future to accommodate the meta. As of now, we’re still in the experimental phase and we’ll most likely witness many new archetypes rise and others will fall.


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