Top 6 New Decks From Day 1 of The Darkin Saga: Awakening Expansion

The long-awaited The Darkin Saga: Awakening Expansion is finally on the live server! Five new champions, a lot of new cards, and Equipments!

The new cards will shape up the new meta. Equipment cards will change the way we’re used to playing the game. Moreover, old archetypes will have new tools to add to their arsenal, which means we might see underplayed champions make a comeback.

Today’s article will feature six decks that found relative success on the first day of the expansion.

1- Jax Ornn

Jax Ornn is one of the popular decks on the first day of the expansion! The two champions work hand in hand in order to set up a strong attack that can potentially end the game.

You’re mostly working on leveling up your champions. The Improvise mechanic on units like Ionian Hookmaster, Wandering Shepherd, and Combat Cook allow you to pick an Equipment you see fit in a specific scenario.

Ideally, you’ll want to find FishaWhack that offers the Overwhelm keyword, which you can later use to your advantage when summoning Ornn.

In the event you fail to find FishaWhack, leveling up Jax will grant The Light of Icathia the Overwhelm keyword.

Favored Artisan and Ornn’s Forge will create Time and Dedication, which allows you to Forge and buff up a specific Equipment.

When playing Ornn, make sure to choose an ally that has an Equipment with the highest stats and Overwhelm keyword to copy on Ornn which in turn threatens a lethal attack.

2-Akshan Kayn

Akshan Kayn is the most played new deck on the first day of the expansion. The archetype heavily relies on Kayn as its main win condition.

Your main objective is to level up Kayn and transform him into Rhaast (though in some cases, you’d choose The Shadow Assasin instead). Shaped Stone, Rite of Negation, and Quick Sand are your protection tools to keep Kayn alive. Additionaly, Furious Wielder is a great combat spell to accelerate Kayn’s level up and at the same time kill off a pesky unit on your opponent’s side.

Once leveled, Rhaast can slowly chip away at your opponent’s Nexus with the Overwhelm keyword, gaining additional damage with every attack.

If Kayn ends up dying, Heedless Resurrection ensures the revival of Kayn and lets you carry on with your game plan. You could also revive Akshan and level him for the Warlord’s Hoard.

3- Jax Vi Timelines

Timelines decks have found the most success with the release of Improvise cards. Ornn Trundle and Jax Vi were the two preferred decks on the first day of the expansion.

The reason Concurrent Timelines gained popularity is due to its interaction with Improvise. Units with the Improvise mechanic are usually understated; however, Concurrent Timelines retains Improvise while also allowing you to pick another unit to summon with better stats.

The deck is capable to win the board presence with sheer unit difference! You’re able to level up Jax as you go on with your game plan. Once leveled, Jax is capable of turning into a win condition thanks to the Overwhelm keyword.

Vi acts as a removal champion but can become a win condition if you’re capable of slapping an Equipment on her with the Overwhelm keyword. FishaWhack or The Light of Icathia are perfect tools to set up a winning play with Vi.

4- Master Yi Lee Sin

The Ionia Noxus deck uses cheap spells to activate both Master Yi and Lee Sin‘s abilities.

Early game, your main focus will be to activate Master Yi’s Flow and slowly turn him into a nuisance. The champion can become a win condition once you play Great Hammer on him.

As for Lee, he acts as your main win condition. You’ll naturally level him up as you work on progressing Master Yi. A Great Hammer on Lee Sin can potentially enable him to one-kick end the game.

Since the deck runs a lot of cheap spells, Deep Meditation and Vastayan Disciple ensure we continue drawing cards and at the same time activate Flow and Lee Sin’s ability.

5- Norra Evelynn

Evelynn Norra created by Sorry • last updated 1 year ago

I was going to feature Lulu Norra until I found xTacio’s Norra Evelynn creation! Lulu Norra has a higher play rate, but it’s barely holding a 40% win rate. xTacio managed to hold a 70% win rate over 17 games with Norra Evelynn.

The deck heavily relies on board units to push Nexus damage. Important to note, the Husks created by Evelynn, Sultur, Domination, and Vora advance Norra’s level up condition!

You have to force your opponent into blocking your units, even if the trades are unfavorable for you. With Evelynn on the board, you’ll struggle to maintain board space, sacrificing units is fine since Norra’s Mysterious Portal will ensure you keep a wide board ready to swing at all times.

When Norra levels up, the units summoned from Mysterious Portal become more dangerous, gradually forcing your opponent to commit resources to deal with them and will eventually watch their Nexus slammed down.

6- Kayn Garen

While most people tested out Akshan Kayn, Alanzq found success with a Demacia version of Kayn that makes use of Demacia’s strike spells like Concerted Strike, Single Combat, and Cataclysm.

The Demacia strike spells, along with Furios Wielder, will help you level up both your champions at a faster pace.

Rhaast is usually the transformation you’re picking since the healing and Overwhelm keyword are perfect for your game plan.

Garen‘s level-up can be brutal if you have Rhaast or multiple units on the board. The ability to attack on your defensive turns puts a lot of pressure on your opponent.

Closing Words

So far, the expansion has been nothing less than astounding! A lot of new decks are showing up in ranked mode. Players are putting their creative skills to the test trying to figure out the best new decks that’ll shape the meta.


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