The Path of Champions Event Guide

Patch 2.19 is bringing one of Legends of Runeterra's most anticipated new features: The Path of Champions play mode. To celebrate it, and the new way to play, they're releasing another event pass.

Patch 2.19 is bringing one of Legends of Runeterra’s most anticipated new features: The Path of Champions play mode. To celebrate it, and the new way to play, they’re releasing another event pass.

As we said in our Patch 2.19 article, this event pass is the biggest LoR has put out so far. With 35 rewards split between free and premium, we can expect a great deal of content. The limited time event starts today, November 10th, and runs until December 8th 2021.

The free version is available for all players, but the premium version with all 35 rewards is available for 975 coins from the shop.

Event Overview

Event Pass

As with each event pass previously, there will be additional quests along with your XP and Prismatic quests. This time around, we’re earning Hextech Marbles. If you purchase the the event pass before November 23rd, you’ll get a new quest which is worth 10 Hextech Marbles. Unlocking premium also gives you access to all the rewards, and the Hextech Beast Guardian right away.

With all this talk of unlocking premium rewards, we have to wonder what all the rewards are. Take a look at the breakdown below:

  • Free Rewards: Hextech Handler Card, Albus Ferros Card, Guardian x1, Card Back x1, Rare Wildcard x3, Epic Wildcard x3, Champion Wildcard x2, Emote x1, Rare Prismatic Chest x1, Icon x1, Jinx Prismatic x1
  • Premium Rewards: Guardians x5, Icons x2, Card Back x3, Emote x2, Rare Prismatic Chest x2, Epic Prismatic Chest x3, Platinum Chest x2, Diamond Chest x3, Jayce Prismatic x1, plus all the Free Rewards!

The premium version of the event is worth 975 coins, and further coins can be used to buy additional levels if you want to turbocharge your collection.


With all these treats, we really have to wonder how to earn them all. With the earlier mentioned Hextech Marbles, of course!

There are two 10-Quest chains ongoing throughout the event; one unlocked at level 1, and another at level 13. Completing one Quest will unlock the next in a chain; complete them all to earn extra Hextech Marbles!

Weekly Epic Quest chains will unlock as the event progresses, giving even more chances at collecting Marbles as well as icons for Gilded Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, and Jayce.

The first Epic Quest chain is available today, at the start of the event, with new ones arriving every week up to the end of the event. Repeatable quests are also available throughout the event, ensuring you’ll always have a way to earn more Hextech Marbles.

The Path of Champions event is live right now. Time to claim some rewards and hope we don’t lose our marbles like Jinx.


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