The 6 Best Non-Elite Blocking Badgerbear Decks in Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.2

If you're a Badgerbear fan but not so keen on Elites, then you're in for a treat! In this article, Raphterra shares the Six Best Non-Elite Blocking Badgerbear Decks in Patch 4.2.


Hello everyone, this is Raphterra! Blocking Badgerbear is arguably the most impactful card from the latest set. It boasts one of the best stat lines for a 3-drop in the game and has the added bonus of being an Elite and blocking Elusives. This card has propelled the Elite archetype to become one of the most popular in the game, but it is also seeing significant play in various non-Elite Demacia decks.

In this article, I will be discussing the Six Best Non-Elite Blocking Badgerbear Decks in Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.2. The decks showcased in this article represent the most popular and successful lists from their respective archetypes. In addition, I’ve included some community-created brews that, while still lacking in sample size, are displaying promising win rates.

Let’s dive right in!

Blocking Badgerbear Jayce Lux

Jayce Lux is currently the most popular deck in the game! It’s no surprise that many players are including Blocking Badgerbear in this archetype. Jayce Lux revolves around efficiently casting its powerful six-cost spells in the right moments. Blocking Badgerbear allows players to apply pressure without having to rely on those spells. Playing it on Turn 3 can be especially effective when you don’t want to use your six-cost spells inefficiently.

The decklist provided is one of the best-performing lists, boasting an impressive 54.4% win rate in over 1600 games played.

Pisukaru Blocking Badgerbear Warmother’s Call

The Demacia Warmother’s Call archetype has recently gained popularity and is expected to see even more play in the coming days. Above is the most successful build, boasting a win rate of 57.7%. This is the decklist created by Pisukaru, a notable deckbuilder from the APAC server.

The archetype relies on using Blocking Badgerbear and Troll Scavenger as tempo units in the early turns. These two units can effectively attack and defend in the early game, allowing the deck to ramp up its mana gems. Winter’s Touch has brought a significant upgrade to ramp archetypes in Legends of Runeterra. This new card, introduced in Patch 4.2, has enabled the Freljord region to expand its ramp strategies beyond its own borders and into Demacia.

In the late game, the deck uses Warmother’s Call, Cithria, Lady of Clouds, and Anaakca to close out games. Warmother’s Call and Anaakca enable players to pull out large units from their deck, with Cithria, Lady of Clouds and Tianna Crownguard being the most impactful late-game summons.

Glibblespidgen Blocking Badgerbear Formidables

Next up is another FreljordDemacia archetype, which features Jarvan, Galio, and several of Demacia‘s Formidable followers. Glibblespidgen from the NA server has been piloting this deck to great success. He recently achieved an impressive 80% win rate in 20 games.

In this deck, Blocking Badgerbear serves as an additional solid unit to play alongside Galio‘s Formidables. The deck aims to curve out with strong units early, and then use Galio and Jarvan as mid-game finishers. The Darkin Spear is also included, providing Anaakca as a fallback option in the late game.

Revna Blocking Badgerbear

This is another Freljord variant that utilizes Revna, the Lorekeeper, and Avarosan Hearthguard in a grindy midrange gameplan. The Blocking Badgerbear deck leans towards a midrange strategy that has late-game punch. Babbling Bjerg ensures that you draw your win conditions like Jarvan IV and Garen. The deck’s permanent buffs allow you to continuously get better trades over a long game.

Although I personally have some doubts about the deck’s strength when compared to pure Elites, the above list boasts an impressive win rate of 68.1% in 47 games.

Badgerbear Miss Fortune Scouts

Blocking Badgerbear has recently breathed new life into one of the classic archetypes in Legends of Runeterra, Miss Fortune Scouts! This archetype thrives on units that can exert board pressure early, and Blocking Badgerbear fits that role perfectly. If your opponent uses resources to deal with Blocking Badgerbear, it creates more room for Miss Fortune and Quinn to level up.

Scouts required a boost after the significant nerfs to Golden Aegis and Relentless Pursuit. Blocking Badgerbear might just be the answer they need to become relevant once again. Another factor contributing to this archetype’s success is Steem‘s buff, which made it an excellent early Scout unit with a bonus Vulnerable effect. The decklist above shows promising results, boasting a winrate of 74.2% in 31 games.

Badgerbear Hallowed Ephemerals

To wrap up this article, we have a very intriguing deck: Gwen Hecarim Midrange. This unique Demacia Shadow Isles list takes a different approach from the popular Gwen Quinn archetype, incorporating a more midrangey strategy. The deck relies on Hecarim and Tianna Crownguard as late-game finishers, while also featuring unconventional choices like Fireth, Reaper of the Sands, Ceaseless Sentry, and Shield of Durand.

Although the deck is still in its experimental phase, the list above has shown great promise with a winrate of 70.6% in 34 games. While I believe that there is still room for improvement, these numbers are a testament to the potential of this deck.

Closing Words

Thank you for reading this article! In my review of Legends of Runeterra Patch 4.2, I mentioned that I believed Blocking Badgerbear had the potential to become a meta defining card. As expected, Elite decks have remained strong contenders in the meta and the addition of Blocking Badgerbear has given non-Elite Demacia decks a significant boost in power. Its impressive statline and bonus effects have made it a force to be reckoned with.

Looking forward to Patch 4.3, I anticipate that Blocking Badgerbear will be a top nerf candidate. If left unchecked, it will continue to be a dominant force in Demacia, especially once card rotations are introduced in the next game update. What is your opinion on Blocking Badgerbear? Do you think it should be nerfed in Patch 4.3?

Thank you again for reading and I hope you found this article both informative and helpful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my YouTubeDiscord, or Twitter.

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