Teemo Sejuani – Freshlobster’s Quick Guide

Teemo Sejuani got stronger with the recent expansion - and in a Demacia-infested meta, it becomes a very lucrative pick.

Heya, freshlobster here with another combination of a written guide & some gameplay examples!

Teemo Sejuani has been around for a long time in various shapes & region combinations. Over time, Bandle City has proven to be the superior second region over Piltover & Zaun, and with the newest expansion a lot of spicy additions made their way into the archetype.

Moroccan card game talent Gouda ddy has recently piloted this deck all the way up to Rank 5 on the European ladder, proving that a leveled Sejuani is quite dominant in a Demacia-infested meta, and that Teemo belongs to the top of the competitive food chain after all 😛

Teemo Sejuani (by gouda ddy) created by freshlobster • last updated 2 years ago

General Gameplan

Teemo Sejuani is a tempo-based midrange deck that focuses on continuously pinging the opponent’s Nexus each turn and then closing out the game with either a leveled Sejuani or activated Murkwolf Shamans, Teenydactyls or Ursine Spiritwalkers.

To make sure we miss as few ping triggers as possible, we play plenty of cheap units with beneficial effects. And since we’re talented players, we always roll the attack token on turn 1 so that Teemo or Inventive Chemist can start doing their magic immediately.

Teemo’s Poison Puffcaps can randomly give us additional Nexus pings later on while Inventive Chemist’s Scrappy Bomb has some perfect timing: it will count down to 0 at the start of Round 4. This will allow our 4 mana units Murkwolf Shaman and Teenydactyl to flip at Round End guaranteed!

Apart from that, Tusk Speaker is a great way to get an early Nexus ping whenever our opponent has the attack token, and will often also get another ping on the subsequent attack due to the Overwhelm keyword. Stone Stackers‘ Impact serves a similar role while Conchologist can do what Conchologist does best and magically pull whatever we currently need out of the Manifest pool.

After we swarmed the board early on, we hit our real power spike around Round 5. If we managed to get Terrordactyl online on Round 4, we can curve right into a Stormclaw Ursine and have two 6-attack Overwhelm units swing at our opponent. Keep in mind that Murkwolf Rager will also get the Overwhelm keyword from Stormclaw Ursine, as well as any small unit that gets buffed by Fury of the North from Three Sisters or Sejuani – even mid-combat!

To ensure our big Overwhelm attacks are actually lethal, we can use Wallop or Entomb offensively to remove whatever high-health blocker our opponent defends with. And if they survive one big attack, we still have continuous pressure from all of the ping effects, Impact keyword, Pokey Sticks and Poison Darts. As a Plan C, we play one copy of Feel The Rush which is especially useful in the Darkness matchup.

Tips & Tricks

  • Keep in mind that our deck is good at stalling as well!
    Wallop and Three Sisters are great at buying us enough time until Sejuani levels, at which point she can take over and chain-freeze the board. Even if we play defensively, our Nexus pings paired with one big attack will eventually close out the game.
  • Positioning matters!
    We usually want to position Stormclaw Ursine to the right so that the Overwhelm aura effect persists as long as possible during combat. Furthermore, be aware of which attacker will first trigger Sejuani’s Frostbite – especially if she still needs to level up that turn! As a rule of thumb, we want to position Sejuani to the right and Teemo or some sacrificial Impact/Overwhelm unit to the left.
  • Know the matchups!
    In some cases, we’ll simply have to go all-in and race our opponent down, while some other decks have no way of dealing with a leveled Sejuani (*cough* Demacia *cough*) and our cleanest path to victory is turbo-leveling her.


  • Vs Aggro
    Early units and removal. Always keep 1-drops and at least one 2-drop, as well as Pokey Stick and Poison Dart. If our hand is solid, we can consider keeping Troll Chant to snowball a board lead and outrace our opponent, or Wallop for better stalling/removal.
  • Vs Demacia
    We play for Sejuani triggers, so we look for 1-drops and Stone Stackers or Tusk Speaker quite aggressively. If we have those, we can consider keeping Teenydactyl or even Sejuani since she is so core to our gameplan. Wallop and Three Sisters can also be a consideration, especially against Pantheon or Attach decks.
  • Vs Control & Combo
    Most of these decks can deal with Sejuani, so we look for an aggressive opener. If the opponent’s deck lacks AoE removal, we just swarm them with 1- & 2-drops. If they lack good single target removal, Teenydactyl and Ursine Spiritwalker can be some of our best pressure tools. And against super slow & defensive decks, we can even consider keeping Feel The Rush.

Tech Choices

Thanks for reading and good luck on your climb!

Let me know what you think of this guide + video format and what you’d like to see more (or less) of. Any constructive feedback helps a lot!


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