Sun Disc Tempo: Racing with Shurima Cars

In Patch 3.0, Mono Shurima Sun Disc archetype haы received several interesting buffs - Den explores the newfound power of the deck.
  • Origins

In Patch 3.0, several old archetypes have been buffed, and among those is the Mono Shurima archetype. With the Buried Sun Disc now being summoned for free, and Xerath receiving a 1 health buff, the stage is set for a potential return of the Ascended.

With the new buff and the vast landmark support available, Xerath is almost a no-brainer in the deck. However, the choice between Azir and Renekton isn’t such an easy one to make.

In the end, I picked Renekton because he can close games faster, and besides – landmark synergy supports Vulnerable, which helps Renekton level up more naturally. If we were to include an Azir into this deck, the build would require much more efficiency in the way we summon units, which is difficult to achieve alongside the already demanding landmark synergy.

Overall, this deck could be seen as a Xerath tempo deck with extra layers. We can level-up Xerath and win through the landmark synergy, but on top of that, we can also have Renekton acting as a pressure tool – and an immediate finisher if he reaches Level 3.

  • Gameplan

During the first part of the game, we should focus on dealing with the opposing board, leveling our champions, and trying to prevent our opponent’s win condition. In that regard, Xerath’s passive and Vulnerable synergies are our main means of removal early on.

Once we have leveled Xerath, we’ve turned the corner. If we have a shot at leveling Renekton, we should take it as well, as it will help the progress of our Sun Disc, and reaching the final form on either of our champions usually ends the game in the next few turns.

In order to help Renekton level up, the Devoted Council is a good way to keep him healthy. However, to work the Council needs you to have leveled a champion already – hence the reason why we want to focus on leveling Xerath first.

If Level 3 win-con doesn’t seem like a plausible scenario, we can then simply opt to win through the usual means at hand. Using the Desert Naturalist and the landmark synergy, we can still mount a threatening board while Xerath handles the opposing side with its passive ability. Renekton, backed up by Unleashed Energy, will push massive damage for potential lethal.

As a rule of thumb, look to be the one pressuring rather than building a gameplan that relies on being defensive for a long time. Although we can defend relatively well thanks to Xerath and the Devoted Council, these cards truly shine as the support to our own pressure rather than when trying to solely hold back the opponent.

  • Verdict

The Buried Sun Disc getting an upgrade, and Xerath not dying to 3 mana spells anymore, definitely improved this deck a lot.

As for this specific build, I’m not entirely sold on who should be the second champion yet, even though Renekton gets the nod for being easier to enable right now.

For now, the deck’s biggest problem is the Elusive units – Iceborn Legagy Poros and Ahri decks are a nightmare to defend against. These archetypes are also the reason why I believe the deck should be built with the intent to race the opponent rather than hold them off.

I hope everyone is having a great time with the new patch, and make sure to stay tuned as we will have more decks to throw your way!

If you have your own meta-breaker deck and want to share it, feel free to do so on our Discord. If you want me to take a look at your deck, we have a dedicated deck-doctor channel for that as well!

Good game everyone!


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