Spider Aggro by PokrovacHS – World First Master Deck


Mikulas “Pokrovac” Dio was the first player in Legends of Runeterra to reach Master, the top ladder rank using this Shadow Isles / Noxus aggro deck featuring Elise and Darius.

Moblytics Link: https://lor.mobalytics.gg/decks/booogmjmmcdpas1fkc90

This is an example of of a well-tuned aggro deck that is built primarily around Elise and her spider Followers with the Fearsome mechanic that makes them harder to block (though not as bad as Elusive). Darius is just a good aggressive Champion. The deck is also friendly to budget conscious players, with only 9 Rare and 3 Epic cards required. The Epic cards are highly recommended as they are important to having a decent late game plan.

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