Seasonal Tournament Decklists – ‘Between Worlds’ Top 8 EMEA & Americas

Check out the best-performed lineups from the playoffs of the 'Between Worlds' Seasonal Tournament.

Between Worlds Season is over, and the last two weekends were filled with the intense competition of the Seasonal Tournament.

In the EMEA region (the updated name for what was formerly known as EU region), the Spanish veteran Painas took home the grand prize with a lineup of Rally Elusives, Sivir Akshan Demacia, and Pirate Aggro.

On the Americas server, it was Blackboss who emerged as the winner with Draven Sion, Plunder, and MF Poppy Scouts.

On this page, we’ve collected the lineups brought to the playoffs by the best EU and NA players this season. Click on the names of the decks below to open up the decks on a separate page, where you’ll be able to inspect and copy the lists.

PlayerDeck 1Deck 2Deck 3
PainasDemaciaIonia Poppy ZedDemaciaShurima Sivir AkshanBligewaterNoxus MF Gangplank
UltramanNoxus Teemo SwainDemacia Poppy LuxNoxusPiltover & Zaun Draven Sion
Ye XiuBligewaterFreljord GP SejuaniNoxus Bandle TreeShadow Isles Darkness
SobekBligewaterFreljord GP SejuaniNoxusPiltover & Zaun Draven ViktorDemaciaIonia Poppy Zed
CarnalityDemaciaIonia Poppy ZedNoxus Riven SwainBligewaterNoxus MF Gangplank
King D AltarNoxus Bandle TreeIoniaTargon Zoe Lee SinBligewaterFreljord GP Sejuani
ASKDemacia Poppy LuxBligewaterFreljord GP SejuaniDemaciaShurima Sivir Akshan
PaveliciiFreljordShurima ThrallsDemaciaIonia Poppy ZedDemaciaShurima Sivir Akshan

PlayerDeck 1Deck 2Deck 3
BlackBossNoxusPiltover & Zaun Draven SionBligewaterFreljord GP SejuaniBligewaterDemacia MF Poppy
KochuaDemaciaIonia Lulu ZedDemaciaShurima Sivir AkshanBligewaterDemacia MF Poppy
CephalopodDemacia Poppy LuxNoxusPiltover & Zaun Draven SionBligewaterFreljord GP Sejuani
MakantorPiltover & Zaun Ez Vi ShellfolkDemacia Poppy LuxNoxus Swain Teemo
CufaNoxusPiltover & Zaun Draven SionDemaciaShurima Sivir AkshanBligewaterFreljord GP Sejuani
FNX Master DoranNoxus Ziggs PoppyBligewater Gangplank TFNoxusPiltover & Zaun Draven Sion
GioShadow Isles DarknessNoxus Bandle TreeDemaciaShurima Sivir Akshan
MajiinBaeIoniaTargon Zoe Lee SinDemaciaIonia Poppy ZedFreljordShurima Thralls
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