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Hello everyone, I hope you’re ready for the Darkin Saga: Awakening seasonals! This is the final seasonals before the worlds, and for many people it could be their last chance to get into Worlds qualifiers (like me, top cut or bust). With Seasonals fast approaching, some competitors are still scrambling for their lineups, looking for inspiration. Some have locked in their decks a while ago and have been preparing them. And then there are others, who won’t be competing, but are still curious about which lineups people will bring to seasonals. 

Here, I’ve reached out to a few of my fellow writers for RuneterraCCG to see what they’re planning on bringing to seasonals, and compiled them here. I was able to compile lineups from Raphterra and Sorry, and have supplemented my own lineup to round out the list. We’ve gone for a mix of strong meta lists and decks we’re comfortable on, which is a solid foundation for a seasonals lineup. So without further ado, let’s take a peek at what me and my fellow writers have cooked up. 


Fiora Pantheon created by Sorry • last updated 12 months ago

First off we have Raphterra’s lineup, combining meta standouts Nami Lee and Fiora Pantheon with the comfort pick of Darkness. 

Nami Lee Sin is at the top of everyone’s radar this seasonals, and for good reason. The deck has a ton of winning matchups and is difficult to build a lineup to counter. As a result, most other lineups will seek to just ban it outright. This frees up the other two decks in the lineup.

Fiora Pantheon is another powerful deck that has emerged in recent times. The deck has shown itself to be powerful, and has good matchups into many decks outside of Nami and Lee Sin decks. The deck looks well positioned for this seasonals, and fits really well alongside Nami. 

The final deck in this list is Darkness. While the archetype is still in an ok position, it is not on the same tier as Nami Ionia and Fiora Pantheon. Instead, this bring is leaning into Raphterra’s comfort on the deck. This is a solid choice, as it is easier to perform better on decks you are comfortable with, especially in the seasonals environment. As a result, this seems like a great choice to round out the lineup. 

Overall, Raphterra looks to be prepared for this weekend with a solid lineup he has a lot of comfort with, and should be a force to be reckoned with. I wish him good luck in seasonals.  


Norra Swain created by Sorry • last updated 12 months ago
Fiora Pantheon created by Sorry • last updated 12 months ago

Next up, we have Sorry’s lineup. Here, Sorry went for 3 strong decks in the meta, Norra Swain, Nami TF Lee, and Fiora Pantheon. In his own words, Sorry wanted a lineup he was comfortable on, with a bit of synergy. 

Nami Twisted Fate Lee Sin is essentially the same deck as Lee Sin Nami, with the additional utility that Twisted Fate adds to the deck. It is considered the stronger version of the deck, and since Sorry is not bringing Lee Sin or Twisted Fate in other lineups, using all 3 champs makes sense. It’s hard to effectively target, and will likely be eating the ban hammer most rounds.  

Fiora Pantheon compliments this as a strong second deck. Much like Raptherra’s lineup, these 2 decks form a solid core, being some of the strongest decks currently. This serves as a solid foundation for this lineup, now to just round it out.

The final deck to round out this lineup is Norra Swain. This is one of the multiple Swain decks to emerge after his huge buff. Swain Twisted Fate BW is the more popular version of Swain currently, and is likely to be prevalent at seasonals. This deck counters Swain Twisted Fate while still having game against Demacia decks, making the lineup quite cohesive. 

Overall, Sorry’s lineup is looknig solid and well positioned for this weekend. I wish him good luck in seasonals.


Finally, we have my lineup, which is fully leaning into comfort. I had a hard time deciding on what decks I would bring, so it took me a while to finalize my lineup (i.e. this morning). Additionally, if you do plan on competing in seasonals, I do NOT recommend this lineup, as it is mainly a comfort lineup for me. Anyways, how did I get here?

First off, while I have played it a bit this season, I did not want to bring Nami Ionia to seasonals as I don’t really enjoy playing the deck. Because of this, I wanted to look elsewhere for decks to play. 

Heimerdinger Jayce was the first deck that emerged. It’s a deck I’ve brought to the last 2 seasonals, so I feel confident on the deck. The deck has had a bit of resurgence after some success at the recent Mastering Runeterra tournament. With that in mind, I picked the deck back up and found success, so I have locked it in. From there, I decided to look for other slower decks to round out the lineup.

Veigar Norra came up next. The deck has a lot of stall and removal, and plenty of value from portals and card generation. While I was not originally high on the deck, after playing the deck more the deck started to click and I found it felt pretty solid. This deck also supports the gameplan of Heimerdinger Jayce with a removal heavy deck that’s fine playing a slower, longer game while trying to outvalue.

So, what is my deck 3? That’s a great question (that I haven’t fully answered yet). Currently, I am going to go with Aphelios Viktor, a deck recommended to me by a friend. I’ve been a huge fan of Viktor decks, repping Viktor Karma the last few seasonals. Aphelios Viktor generates a lot of cards, from the big invoke cards like Celestial Trifecta to Aphelios weapons to Ferros Financier. However, the deck has decent interaction, and the Sunburst buff is massive for the deck by giving it a way to answer big threats efficiently. The deck has been enjoyable for me, has potential and fits with the overall game plan for my lineup, so it is currently my third deck. 

Closing Thoughts

Seasonals is just around the corner, with ladder qualification locking in tonight. Then we’ll have to transition from ladder meta to Best of 3’s, which requires a different way of looking at the game. As the final Seasonal before worlds, stakes are high, and I am excited to see which players can come out. If luck is on my side, I might even be one of them.

Thank you all for reading, and good luck to all of those competing this weekend in Seasonals.


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