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This particular guide you’re reading is part of our on-going series of guides on meta decks. You can find all the other guides and a matchup table on this page.

This guide is dedicated to Scouts – an archetype that has been one of the premier meta decks since the introduction of its signature keyword, even despite numerous nerfs to its cards.

Archetype: Aggro/Midrange.

Scouts are a powerful board-centric deck that relies on its signature keyword, “Scout”, to find advantages. When this deck dominates the board, attacking twice with Scout pushes a huge amount of damage.

Miss Fortune and Quinn are the perfect headliners for this deck that is filled with ways to gain extra attacks. Your champions can level-up very quickly, and once one of them does – you are in a very good position. To peel for these key units, Scouts run quite a few protection spells. Sometimes, a good draw with Miss Fortune can make you feel like you are almost playing a combo deck, even though your list is filled with strong aggro/midrange units.

Scout is a very aggressive archetype, able to close out games very quickly with extra attacks. However, the deck is also able to maintain the pressure for quite a long time thanks to its midrange nature, with powerful combat tricks like Riposte and strong finishers like Cithria the Bold.

Another successful way to build the archetype is to go for a Bannerman build.

This allegiance version really embrace the midrange nature of the Scout archetype, at the cost of some aggressive power. Because you need to have lot of units on board to make your Bannerman powerful, you can’t run as many Relentless Pursuit, neither take a lot of trades early.

General Tips

  • Miss Fortune is the best card in your deck. While Scouts still remain as a powerful deck even when you don’t draw Miss Fortune, there is no arguing that it is MF who really makes the deck shine. Her ability is very strong with Scout units, and the threat of her level-up is considerable. Even in her level 1 form, MF combined with your combat tricks can force the opponent into awkward plays, freeing a lot of space for your other units to finish the job.
    • When you have Miss Fortune, you can play more reactive to try and protect her with combat tricks.
    • Unless under specific circumstances, avoid trading with your Miss Fortune. If she stays alive and levels up she will probably win you the game.
    • Keep track of her level-up condition and plan ahead to level her up as fast as possible.
  • You can’t trigger Scout twice during the same turn, not even with Relentless Pursuit. Because of that, casting Relentless Pursuit during your opponent’s attacking turn is often the way to gain the most pressure out of it, especially when you have a Miss Fortune or a Quinn. However, it can sometimes be worth casting Relentless Pursuit even if it doesn’t enable an additional Scout attack. And later in the game, you will often use it as a finisher regardless of what turn it is.
  • You don’t have burn damage. You are aggressive, but you don’t have a lot of reach (except for Miss Fortune’s ability and champion spell) – so you need to keep the board pressure up in order to win. Scouts’ playstyle is not a “fast and loose” playstyle of a true aggro/burn deck, we act more as a fast-paced midrange deck would. You still want to pressure the opponent and close the game out fast, but you also need to work for good trades and maintaining a solid board.
  • You can easily run out of board space. Because you have a lot of cards that make two units (Quinn, Petty Officer, Island Navigator), it is very easy to find yourself with a full board and not much to do with your mana. Plan ahead: sometimes you should take trades to free space for future units, while other times you have to avoid trades to benefit from board-wide synergies (Cithria the Bold, Ranger’s Resolve, Miss Fortune’s ability).

General mulligan tips:

  • This deck relies a lot on Miss Fortune – you often want to mulligan most other cards to increase your chances of finding her. Don’t be afraid to mulligan away your low-cost units to find her, your deck has a low curve so you’re unlikely to brick.
  • If you already have your key card(s), keep curve-out units and cards that combine nicely with your key cards. Scout units and protection spells are a great way to enable your Miss Fortune.

Be aware that these are just the general guidelines to help you understand the deck’s gameplan. Mulligans are very matchup-dependant – please refer to the matchup section below for more specific advice on mulligans against different meta decks.


Click on the box to read detailed info about a matchup of choice:

Mulligan for: Miss Fortune, Fleetfeather Tracker; Blinding Assault, Sharpsight, Relentless Pursuit, Jagged Butcher, Brigthsteel Protector if you have Miss Fortune.

Matchup tips:

  • Their gameplan is to put a lot of shrooms in your deck, stall with freeze and force you to draw with Hexcore Foundry, then finish you with Ezreal. While you don’t really have an answer to that gameplan, your powerful pressure is often too much for them to stall long enough.
  • They can greatly accelerate their gameplan by hitting your nexus with Teemo. He is a priority unit to get rid of with challengers.
    • Use Sharpsight to be able to block him.
    • Be aware they are likely to protect him with freezes and Troll Chant.
  • Their freezes are their best stalling tools. When they tap out of their freeze during their turn thinking they are safe, punish them with your Relentless Pursuit.
  • Their win condition is entirely tied with burn damage – be very conservative with your nexus health.

Mulligan for: Miss Fortune; strong curve – if you already have Miss Fortune.

Matchup tips:

  • Miss Fortune really shines in this matchup! You can level her up quickly and they don’t have easy ways to remove her until they’ve played Lee Sin. She also makes Lee Sin significantly worse on defense because her ability breaks his Barrier.
  • With or without Miss Fortune, you can out-pace them with your strong units, and push a lot of damage. However, you can’t really deal with Lee Sin, so the longer the game goes, the lower your chances are.
  • They have a lot of counterspells, and because you don’t have many targets for those they tend to accumulate and rot in their hand. Try to cast your ‘counterable’ spells only once they have tapped out, else you’re giving value to Nopeify and Deny.
    • For example, when they’ve tapped out on turn 2 for a Mountain Goat, play your Blinding Assault immediately on the same turn instead of waiting and playing it on turn 3. This way they can’t Nopeify it.
  • Once they get Lee Sin onto the board, the game gets harder – you can’t easily remove him through his Barrier. However Lee Sin can’t defend well against a large board, so if you have enough pressure you can finish the game before they kill you.
  • Bringing Stony Suppressor to your build can really make this matchup even more favored.

Mulligan for: Miss Fortune; Sharpsight, Blinding Assault, Ranger’s Resolve if you have Miss Fortune; Fleetfeather Tracker, Jagged Butcher, Island Navigator if you have a good hand.

Matchup tips:

  • Because of your strong mid-game pressure, it can be tough for them to hold on until they find a lethal with Elusive units.
  • They have some removals, but only damage-based removals. Hence, they can struggle to go through your protection spells.
  • leveling TF up is their most likely way to bridge through the mid-game and get to the turn they’ll flood the board with Burblefishes. They can level him up very quickly with Pick a Card.
    • You can’t remove TF without the attack token and a challenger. It can make removing TF before he levels up difficult.
    • Relentless Pursuit can give you the attack token when needed.

Mulligan for: Miss Fortune, Jagged Butcher, Grizzled Ranger; Ranger’s Resolve, Sharpsight, Relentless Pursuit, Quinn if you have a good hand.

Matchup tips:

  • Your powerful board presence, multiple attacks, and combat tricks will put a huge amount of pressure on them.
  • They have a lot of cheap board-wipes (Avalanche, Blighted Ravine, Ice Shard, Withering Wail). Don’t overextend with fragile units into them, and/or back up your units with a protection spell to continue pushing damage.
    • Ranger’s Resolve is particularly great against their boar-wipes.
  • Miss Fortune won’t level up most of the time, but she will help you force out their answers. Quinn will then come down and level up pretty often.
  • Your buffs are especially great on your Scout units, allowing you to protect your unit while pushing a lot more damage.
    • Be aware of Flash Freeze.

Mulligan for: Miss Fortune, Fleetfeather Tracker, Jagged Butcher; Blinding Assault, Riposte if you have Mis Fortune; Brightsteel Protector if you have a good hand.

Matchup tips:

  • Overwhelm Shurima is a powerful but somewhat slow aggressive deck. Their early game isn’t very impressive, but they use it to prepare a powerful mid-game with Ancient Yeti and Enraged Yeti. Use these first turns to start pulling ahead and build-up pressure.
  • They don’t have any removal – their only way to deal with MF is to force her into combat with the Vulnerable keyword (Exhaust, Ruthless Predator, Rock Hopper, Sejuani).
    • Barriers are great in the matchup, and can guarantee your MF survives the turn – they have no way of removing the barrier before combat.
    • Miss fortune can very easily level-up in the matchup.
  • As the game progresses, they scale better than you thanks to their powerful Ovrwhelm units. They also have a great finisher in Battlefure to win a race.
    • Try to capitalize on your pressure and not give them too much time, you don’t have anything else than speed to counter their gameplan.

Mulligan for: Miss Fortune, Fleetfeather Tracker, Jagged Butcher; Brightsteel Protector, Ranger’s Resolve if you have a good hand; Blinding Assault if you have Miss Fortune.

Matchup tips:

  • Pirate Aggro is a very explosive archetype, looking to play aggressive early units to push damage and finish with burn and powerful finishers (Gangplank, Farron).
    • Be very conservative with your nexus health.
  • They can struggle to deal with your champions. Their only removal is Noxian Fervor, which cost a lot of tempo for them to pro-actively cast on an early Miss Fortune.
  • Because both of you have a very proactive plan, this matchup often ends up as a race.
  • They can level-up Gangplank rapidly. Try to prevent them from spacing their nexus damage over the turns. To do so, you can for example force their Noxian Fervor or kill their Legion Grenadier on a turn you already took nexus damage.
  • Noxian Fervor is their only 3 mana cost spell. If they play Zap Sprayfin, you know they have at least one in hand (note: some version play a copy of Brother’s Bond).

Mulligan for: Miss Fortune, Quinn; Sharpsight, Blinding Assault, Ranger’s Resolve if you have Miss Fortune.

Matchup tips:

  • They can struggle to remove your champion.
    • Boxtopus is their best way to remove a Miss Fortune or Quinn. They can back him up with Hush to counter your protection spells and/or Pale Cascade. Use your own combat tricks to win the fight between your champion and their Boxtopus.
  • Their gameplan is to stick an Aphelios or TF on the board. These champions can snowball the game very effectively, so you should try to remove them with your challengers whenever it is possible. Be aware they have protection spells to try protecting them (mainly Hush, Pale Cascade, Sunblessed Vigor).
    • Be especially careful about TF, leveling him up with Pick a Card is often their most straightforward way to win the game.
  • Be careful about TF’s Red Card. Ranger’s Resolve is a great way to counter it.

Mulligan for: Miss Fortune; strong early curve, Sharpsight, Cithria the Bold – if you have a good hand.

Matchup tips:

  • They want to win through the Star Spring. This is very hard to stop for you because you have neither landmark removal nor any ways to prevent their healing.
  • Even without Star Spring, they can lock you out of the game if you will give them enough time to develop and protect Tahm Kench.
  • Your board flood can be very oppressive for them, use it to push a lot of damage. Apart from the Broadbacked Protector, they don’t have a lot of Nexus healing (only Guiding Touch).
  • Miss Fortune is strong as always, but they do have ways to remove her (Tahm Kench, Boxtopus, and Shakedown).
  • Cithria the Bold is a very powerful mid/late-game finisher, the buff and Fearsome keyword can help to push a lot of damage.

Mulligan for: Miss Fortune; Grizzled Ranger, Island Navigator – if you have a good hand; Blinding Assault, Sharpsight – if you have Miss Fortune.

Matchup tips:

  • Despite the fact that Scouts are an aggressive archetype, the key to this matchup is not as much in pushing early damage as in keeping control of the board.
  • Miss Fortune is another key card in the matchup. She can level up quickly and put an end to the game very early. Neither of you has proper removal, so your only way to deal with her is through Challenger, which is easier said than done because of protection spells.
    • Miss Fortune shapes the game around her. Keep combat tricks up to protect your Miss Fortune, or to help with removing the opponent’s MF.
    • Remember that Miss Fortune’s ability breaks Barriers.
  • Ranger’s Resolve completely negates the effect of Miss Fortune’s ability on units, even when she is leveled-up. However, it still destroys Barriers even if it does 0 effective damage because of Tough.

Mulligan for: Miss Fortune; Island Navigator, Fleetfeather Tracker, Jagged Butcher, Petty Officer, Blinding Assault – if you have Miss Fortune; Brightsteel Protector – if you have a good hand.

Matchup tips:

  • They have a lot of small units and synergies to capitalize on their wide boards. Limiting their swarm will help you contain their aggressive synergies.
  • They don’t have particularly good punishes against developing, so outside of specific circumstances you should develop before attacking. This will also help with trades, which goes further in limiting their swarm synergies.
  • Miss Fortune’s ability is absolutely devastating for them if you pair it up with Challengers. Miss Fortune alongside Blinding Assault can demolish their board quickly.
    • They have Get Excited to try and get rid of Miss Fortune early (Augmented Experimenter can serve that purpose later as well), so you might want to keep mana up to protect her whenever they have 3+ mana.
  • Getting multiple units out of one card (Island Navigator, Petty Officer) can help a lot to contain their board flood.
  • Later on, Jinx can single-handedly win the game if not dealt with. Challenger is your only way to remove her.

Mulligan for: Miss Fortune; Grizzled Ranger, Brightsteel Protector, Riposte, Fleetfeather Tracker – if you have a good hand.

Matchup tips:

  • Their strong mid-game that leverages Barriers can be tough to beat.
    • Whenever possible, offer trades with your smaller units rather than your bigger ones – this way you limit the impact of Barriers.
    • Miss Fortune prevents defensive Barriers.
  • You don’t have ways to prevent a Fiora win condition. If they go for it, your best shot is to try and kill her in combat with the help of combat tricks. Alternatively, you can aim to just win faster than they would achieve Fiora win condition.
  • Be careful to not cast Riposte when it can be answered with a Concerted Strike from them.
  • Relentless Pursuit is unlikely to resolve because they tend to accumulate Nopeify’s and Deny’s in their hand as the game goes on.
  • Take good trades and play around their combat tricks. You need to snowball a board advantage and use this pressure to win the game. Force them into trades without proper support from their combat tricks. This will make their deck very clunky because they need a board presence to leverage their protection spells and synergies.

Mulligan for: Miss Fortune, Fleetfeather Tracker, Jagged Butcher, Brigthsteel Protector; Grizzled Ranger if you have a good hand.

Matchup tips:

  • You can out-tempo them early, but they will often be able to stabilize in the mid-game, and from there finishing can be tough. A well-timed Relentless Pursuit can be crucial in capitalizing on your pressure and winning the game.
  • They often have enough tools to deal with an early Miss Fortune, it is very hard to level her up early in this matchup.
  • While they do have a lot of removals, they can run out of answers for your key units in the mid-game. Running them out of removal is the most frequent way to win this matchup. Your threats that are resilient or inconvenient for them to deal with (Grizzled Ranger, Quinn, Cithria) will help you with that plan.
  • They are very effective at punishing developing in the mid-game (Tri-beam Improbulator, Arachnoid Sentry).

Mulligan for: Miss Fortune; Sharpsight, Blinding Assault – if you have Miss Fortune; Grizzled Ranger, Brightsteel Protector – if you have a good hand.

Matchup tips:

  • Miss Fortune is your reliable win condition in this matchup. They do have some ways to remove her (mostly Trifarian Gloryseeker and Culling Strike, plus Reckoning later), but those are not many and you can counter them (Sharpsight against Culling Strike, Brightsteel Protector against Trifarian Gloryseeker).
    • Even when Miss Fortune does not level up, she can give you a lot of value with her ability – they have several 1-health units.
  • Trading into their units can make their synergies weaker because their deck is made to snowball through their board (Trifarian Assessor).
  • Reckoning is a very potent card and can win them the game, be careful about it. Just as when playing against Culling Strike, you can save some units here with buffs.


Scouts is a deck that has been strong since the introduction of Miss Fortune. Despite numerous nerfs, it has always been at the top, and it is likely to stay there for a long time.

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